Twin Peaks: What is in David Lynch's Comic-Con Video?

Sure, the ratings haven’t been great, although the series’ return did lead to a spike in subscriptions to Showtime’s streaming services, and it's not like ratings matter so much for a limited series on a premium network. So, naturally, there was a Twin Peaks panel this week at San Diego Comic-Con- and it came with a video visit from David Lynch himself.

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Since didn't not appear at the panel himself, the director presented a short film, consisting of surrealism, jokes about horses, and even a surprisingly timely O.J. Simpson joke. The video has not been released online, but Screen Rant's Ben Kendrick was present at the panel, so we are able to provide a description of what he saw:

The first shot is just complete static before fading in to David Lynch staring directly at the screen. He lifts up a golf ball and says "this is the golf ball O.J. hit before he went to prison" before the screen returns to static. It fades in - again to Lynch's face: "I want to thank you for joining us here and spending some time with us. Today you're going to meet some great actresses and actors and I hope you have a very enjoyable--" the screen gets fuzzy again any Lynch looks past the screen to something on the other side of the room. He begins yelling "Hey! You can't bring that horse in here! What are you doing?" The sounds of a horse crashing around the room can be heard. "Manuel! Take that gun away from her!" He suddenly jumps up as the crashing intensifies. "Hey, that was a damn good lamp! You're moving my stuff! Get the horse out of here!" The crashing subsides. "Oh, thanks a lot, your horse stepped on my cat! Come here, honey." The scene returns to static to the sounds of the cat hissing and scratching at Lynch.

Chrysta Bell and David Lynch in Twin Peaks Part 10

That video sounds very, well, Lynchian, and hopefully it will see the light of day eventually. Twin Peaks may have been known for its suspense, it’s stylishness, it’s weirdness and a whole lot of other things, but its humor, and that of its co-creator, has always been somewhat underrated. Lynch has even shown comedy chops elsewhere- remember his guest spot on FX’s Louie?

Among other things, Twin Peaks: The Return shows that David Lynch, who hadn’t exactly had any major triumphs in the last 15 or so years, has still got it, even in his early 70s. The video is more proof of that.

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Twin Peaks: The Return to continues to air on Sunday nights on Showtime.

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