Twin Peaks Book Reveals More of Audrey's Story

A new Twin Peaks book written by series co-creator Mark Frost will reveal more details on Audrey’s storyline in the recent revival series.

Twin Peaks Audrey Horne

A new Twin Peaks book written by series co-creator Mark Frost will reveal more details on Audrey’s storyline in the recent revival series. Twin Peaks: The Return featured many of the original cast reprising their roles, from Kyle MacLachlan’s Agent Cooper to director David Lynch returning as Gordon Cole. Sherilyn Fenn also came back as fan favorite Audrey Horne, but the character's story during the new season left many confused.

Audrey didn’t show up until episode 12, where she’s constantly trying to convince her downtrodden husband to take to the Roadhouse. When they finally arrive, Audrey performs her famous dance from the original series - before seemingly waking up in some kind of hospital room. Her story is entirely separate from the main action, and she doesn’t even share a scene with evil son Richard Horne.

Her cryptic story left many baffled, but a new canon book called Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier (via Vulture) fills in various blanks for the character between the end of season 2 and the beginning of The Return. The book reveals Audrey was left in a coma following the bank explosion at end of season w. During her near month-long coma, she was raped by Agent Cooper’s evil double, leaving her pregnant with Richard.

Twin Peaks Audrey Dancing

Following this, Audrey largely withdrew from others in Twin Peaks. She opened a beauty salon in town, and when Richard turned 10 she suddenly married her accountant, but according to the book it was far from a happy marriage, with “troubling accounts of public scenes, heavy drinking, verbal abuse, and sexual infidelity.” Four years prior to The Return, she closed the salon and withdrew from public life completely, with unconfirmed rumors claiming she went to a private care facility.

The above information seems to confirm certain fan theories about Audrey’s whereabouts, with the character being committed to a private care home. This storyline was one of the most speculated upon from the series, with neither Lynch nor Fenn being drawn on what Audrey’s scenes meant. The Final Dossier book promises to reveal more secrets from the show, for those who want to dig a little deeper into series lore.

The Return left plenty for viewers to chew on, from open-ended mysteries to the finale's abrupt ending. Frost recently commented on the intention behind the Twin Peaks: The Return's ending, where Cooper finds himself in a strange alternate reality with a woman who looks exactly like Laura Palmer. While a new season of Twin Peaks is far from certain, both Frost and Lynch appear open to the idea; they just need a break from the show for now.

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Source: Vulture

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