TV News Wrap-Up: Jack Ryan TV Series Picked Up By Amazon, Black Sails Season 3 Trailer & More

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Robert Knepper joins Twin Peaks; Powers casting update; Jack Ryan TV series picked up by Amazon; Vanessa Williams joins The Flash; Starz signs deal with 50 Cent; Black Sails Season 3 Trailer; Elisha Cuthbert joins The Ranch; and Rob Schneider returns to TV


Robert Knepper has joined the cast of Showtime's upcoming Twin Peaks revival series.

Robert Knepper Prison Break

Details about Knepper's character are being kept secret for now, but he is rumored to have a recurring role in season 3. Knepper joins Amanda Seyfried as another (possible) newcomer to the town of Twin Peaks. Many of the original cast members are expected to return, though as of now Kyle MacLachlan is the only actor confirmed to reprise his role. Production began on the series two weeks ago, so casting updates should be forthcoming.

Knepper is widely known for his role as Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell in FOX's Prison Break. The actor recently joined the season 2 of iZombie in a recurring role as the father of Blaine (David Anders).

Twin Peaks is expected to air on Showtime sometime in 2017.

Source: Deadline


Enrico Colantoni (Person of Interest) and Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs) have joined Powers for the upcoming season 2.

Enrico Colantoni Michael Madsen Powers

Inspired by the comic series of the same name, the show follows Christian Walker (Sharlto Copley) and Deena Pilgrim (Susan Heyward), two homicide detectives tasked with investigating cases involving people with superpowers. These extraordinary people are known as "Powers."

Colantoni joins the series as Senator Bailey Brown, an advocate for Anti-Powers legislation. Brown was a former Power himself, known as Cobalt Knight, before he retired and stopped using his abilities once and for all.

Madsen will be playing SuperShock, one of the world's most famous Powers. SuperShock is the prototypical superhero, essentially a Superman analogue. He was the most popular hero of all time, serving on a team called Unity (similar to the Super Friends). However, in the source material, he has gone insane in his old age. The character plays a major role in the development of the series, causing irreversible damage to the world's status quo.

Production on Powers season 2 is currently underway in Atlanta, Ga. Season 1 showrunner Charlie Huston departed at the end of the season and has been replaced by producer Remi Aubuchon (Falling Skies).

Powers season 2 launches on the Playstation Network sometime in 2016.

Source: Deadline; Deadline


Amazon has given a series commitment to a Jack Ryan television series from Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes.

Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit

The series is based on the character Jack Ryan, who was first created by author Tom Clancy in the 1980s. The character first appeared in Clancy's The Hunt for the Red October and would later be featured in ten more novels. The character has evolved from a marine to a CIA agent to the President of the United States over the course of his history.

The series was created by Graham Roland (Almost Human) and Carlton Cuse (The Strain) and comes from Platinum Dunes and Paramount TV. The character has already been featured in five films (all produced by Paramount) and was most recently portrayed by Chris Pine in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. The series is not expected to tie directly to any previous iterations of the character.

Source: Variety


Vanessa Williams has joined the second season of The Flash as the mother of Iris West.

Vanessa Williams The Flash

Details about Williams' character are surprisingly scarce, with even her first name being kept under wraps. The character was presumed dead after Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) and Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) bonded over their shared experience with losing their wives. However, the series has already introduced time travel and will explore the concept of multiple dimensions in the next season, so there are plenty of options for the story around Mrs. West.

Williams joins her Candyman co-star Tony Todd on the show, who is providing voice work for this season's big bad. Currently there's no information on when Williams will debut in the series.

The Flash returns for season 2 on Tuesday, October 6, at 8pm on The CW; Arrow returns for season 4 on Wednesday, October 7, at 8pm on The CW; DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is expected to air on The CW in early 2016.

Source: Variety


Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson and G Unit Film and Television, Inc. have signed an overall exclusivity deal with Starz.

50 cent Power Starz

After the success of Power, Starz has signed a two-year exclusive deal with producer Curtis Jackson. Under the deal, Jackson will develop premium television series for Starz while serving as executive producer of on season 3 of Power.

Jackson had the following to say:

"Starz has been the perfect partner to make 'Power' the success that it is and I am looking forward to developing many more record-breaking series with them."

Power season 2 set a number of records at Starz, with the finale being the most watched episode of any previous Starz series. Production on the third season is currently underway in Brooklyn.

Source: Starz


Starz has released a new trailer for the upcoming Black Sails season 3.

Black Sails follows Captain Flint, the most feared pirate of his time, after the burning of Charles Town. Flint wreaks havoc across the new world, but John Silver (Luke Arnold) will try to quell the Captain's rage before he goes too far. The upcoming season will add one of the most iconic pirates of all time: Blackbeard played by Ray Stevenson. Little is known about how Blackbeard will be portrayed in the season, but it is likely his introduction will cause a major shift in the current power dynamic.

The Emmy-winning series returns for a ten-episode season 3 in 2016 and has already been renewed for season 4. The series was created by Jonathan E. Steinberg (Jericho) and Robert Levine (Touch) and is executive produced by Michael Bay.

Black Sails returns to Starz in 2016.

Source: Starz


24 actress Elisha Cuthbert has joined the cast of Netflix's upcoming comedy series The Ranch.

Elisha Cuthbert Happy Endings

The Ranch stars Ashton Kutcher as Colt Bennett, a former semi-pro football player who returns home to his family's ranch in Colorado. Colt is going to help is brother Jimmy (Danny Masterson) run their family business. Cuthbert joins the series as Colt's ex-girlfriend, a former cheerleader.

The series was created by Jim Patterson and Don Reo, who worked together previously on Two and a Half Men. The two will serve as executive producers on the series, along with Kutcher. The Ranch also stars Debra Winger and Sam Elliot as Colt's parents.

Source: Deadline


Rob Schneider's new series Real Rob is coming to Netflix this December.

Rob Schneider Real Rob

Schneider wrote, directed, produced and starred in the series, which is partially based on the actor's life. Season 1 of the scripted comedy has eight episodes and follows Schneider as he "manages the ups and downs of a Hollywood career." The series will mix scripted sequences with the comedian's stand-up performances, in the style of FX's hit series Louie.

The series will also star comedian Jamie Lissow as his assistant Jamie, along with Johnny Jenkinson as Max, Schneider's frequent stalker. The series will premiere exclusively on Netflix.

Real Rob launches on Netflix on December 1st, 2015.

Source: THR

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