New Twin Peaks Posters Commemorate the Death of Laura Palmer


February 24th is Twin Peaks Day. While that fact might not necessarily be widely known or recognized, fans of the cult show certainly remember the date that Special Agent Dale Cooper first told Diane he was heading for Twin Peaks to work on a murder case. The unexplained murder of Laura Palmer kicked off what quickly became a cult TV series and subsequently a movie, from the minds of David Lynch and Mark Frost.

The first season of Twin Peaks aired twenty six years ago, and now the show is set to return for a third season, with eighteen episodes, all directed by Lynch, airing on Showtime this May. To commemorate Twin Peaks Day, Showtime have chosen this occasion to release two new posters for the series' return, both with a rather retro feel.

Accompanying the posters was also a tweet from the Twin Peaks Twitter account, with Agent Cooper's opening account to his now famous tape recorder. Take a look at the images, below.

There's been a body found in WA state, Diane. A young

woman, wrapped in plastic. I'm headed for a little town called #TwinPeaks. - Cooper

— Twin Peaks (@SHO_TwinPeaks) 24 February 2017

The posters focus on the two main characters; the infamous prom photo of Laura Palmer which was splashed everywhere after her disappearance, and a new picture of Kyle MacLachlan as Dale Cooper in the second. Both run with the tagline "It's happening again," in reference to the show's return, of course, but that line was also uttered several times throughout Twin Peaks by The Giant, who appeared to Agent Cooper during the show. It has also been featured in previously released teasers.


This being Twin Peaks, that phrase could also hold significance because during a dream sequence, Laura Palmer tells Agent Cooper "I'll see you again in 25 years." Given that this long-awaited third season is set 25 years after Agent Cooper first arrived in the small town, "It's happening again" could prove to be very ominous indeed.

Twin Peaks season 3 is, according to Showtime President David Nevins, "about Agent Dale Cooper’s odyssey to Twin Peaks." The show will see the vast majority of its original cast returning with the aforementioned MacLachlan, including Sheryl Lee as Laura Palmer, Machden Ameck as Shelley Johnson, and Dana Ashbrook as Bobby Briggs. The list of new castmembers is vast, and includes Ernie Hudson, Amanda Seyfried, and Michael Cera.


To promote the new season, Twin Peaks is also set to host a special event at SXSW, including a Double R Diner pop-up shop and plenty of cherry pie. MacLachlan is also scheduled to appear at the event as the countdown to new episodes of Twin Peaks continues.

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Twin Peaks season 3 premieres on Sunday, May 21, 2017 @9pm on Showtime

Source: Twitter

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