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Money talks in Hollywood and Summit Entertainment will be following in the path of The Hobbit and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by bringing The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn in two parts. That's right folks, The Twilight Saga will stand at least five films strong.

Breaking Dawn is the largest of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series and it comes as no surprise that Summit is taking this route. We knew from reports late last year after the success of New Moon that they were considering breaking it into two and now it's confirmed.

One of the hurdle's in making this happen was bringing back all of the key cast members as they were only contracted for four movies (that and re-negotiating with Meyer). We can assume that they'll each be getting massive paydays for this but Summit doesn't care; they can make these films fast and cheap and make a ton of cash very easily to pay them. Heck, New Moon broke the records for largest single-day sales and Friday opening.

Melissa Rosenberg has been working on the script for Breaking Dawn and now must work on making two, with the first having some sort of appropriate semi-conclusion or cliffhanger/lead-in into part two.

The movies will be shot back-to-back in October for the obvious reasons of saving time and money and getting them out as fast as possible. Summit is apparently looking for a "high-end" director to conclude the series so don't expect directors of any of the previous installments to return. That means, no Catherine Hardwicke, no David Slade (who's in post-production on Eclipse) and no Chris Weitz who was expected to helm Breaking Dawn for Summit.

The biggest concern about Breaking Dawn is the challenge of adapting its graphic and adult content to the big screen for a crowd of fans that contains a big portion of very young individuals.

Summit's only issue with their future plans of the Twilight franchise was the lack of source material to build from. This is one solution to get an extra feature out of it and after that it'll be up to spinoffs.

Now that we know its two movies, the next step is to get both of them in 3D, right?

Expect both parts of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn to release in 2011. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse comes out June 30th of this summer.

Source: Deadline

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