Twilight Zone Trailers Send Adam Scott & Kumail Nanjiani Into the 5th Dimension

The Twilight Zone 2019

Kumail Nanjiani and Adam Scott take a trip to the 5th dimension in new trailers previewing two creepy episodes of Jordan Peele's The Twilight Zone. First premiering in 1959, CBS's original Twilight Zone was a landmark anthology show, bringing thought-provoking, well-written sci-fi, horror and supernatural stories to television screens. Created by Rod Serling, who himself became an icon thanks to his wry introductions and cigarette-smoking on-screen appearances, the show ran until 1964.

In the years since the show went off the air, The Twilight Zone has been revived in several forms, to varying degrees of success. In 1984, Twilight Zone: The Movie enlisted big-time directors Steven Spielberg, Joe Dante, John Landis and George Miller to craft four stories in the spirit of Serling's original. The show was first revived on TV in 1985 and later in 2002, and now CBS All Access will again bring back the iconic title, with Us filmmaker Jordan Peele acting as the new Serling.

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With Twilight Zone set to once again haunt audiences beginning on April 1st, CBS All Access has unleashed a pair of episode trailers giving a taste of the creepiness to come. In the first clip, an anxiety-ridden Scott boards an airline flight from hell for "Nightmare at 30,000 Feet," a remake of a classic episode that originally starred William Shatner. In the second clip, comedian Nanjiani gets a visit from a seemingly demonic figure played by Tracy Morgan for an episode appropriately entitled "The Comedian." See both clips below:

Though several teasers have already been released for the revived Twilight Zone, very little has been revealed about the actual episodes, beyond casting and a few tidbits. The two above trailers definitely represent the biggest taste audiences have yet been afforded of what Peele is ready to cook up as he dons Serling's suit and takes audiences on a ride into another dimension. With Scott, Nanjiani, and Morgan onboard, the episodes previewed are definitely not short on acting talent. Indeed, the entire new Twilight Zone series is loaded with impressive performers, including Seth Rogen, John Cho, Jacob Tremblay, Allison Tolman, Zazie Beetz, Greg Kinnear, Ginnifer Goodwin, Steven Yeun and many others. The most recent bit of casting news revealed that Get Shorty's Chris O'Dowd is also hopping aboard Peele's series.

With his latest horror movie Us breaking records at the box office, Peele is undoubtedly one of the hottest names in entertainment, and he's about to become even hotter once The Twilight Zone hits CBS All Access. Given that he was once known for his comedy, it's been somewhat amazing watching Peele transform himself into a modern-day horror maven to rival even the legendary Serling.

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