'The Twilight Zone' Movie Gets a New Writer

the twilight zone movie writer

The last time we really checked in with this upcoming movie version of The Twilight Zone it was over a year ago when we heard that the film had snagged a screenwriter to bring it to fruition.

Today Deadline is reporting that a new writer has been brought onboard to to pen The Twilight Zone movie, which is being developed by Warner Bros. and Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way.

The new Twilight Zone writer is reportedly Jason Rothenberg. His filmography to this point is pretty scant, but is filled with some promising projects currently in development - most notably the remake of Colossus: The Forbin Project, a sci-fi tale about a supercomputer gone berserk, which is being developed by Universal and Imagine Entertainment, with Will Smith set to star and Ron Howard set to direct.

As for Rothenberg's work on The Twilight Zone: Details are scant, but longtime fans are no doubt wondering if this feature-length version of Rod Serling's 1950s TV series will incorporate storylines from that classic show (see header image), or introduce a brand-new tale that is more of an homage to the classic version's tales of the strange (and often ironic).

The Twilight Zone is undoubtedly one of those properties that is generally held in high regard and is slavishly adored by its inner circle of hardcore cult fans. Needless to say, this upcoming film has a lot to prove, and  it would seem that the project's former writer, Rand Ravich, wasn't taking the project in the desired direction (though that is purely speculation on my part).

No word yet on how far along this Twilight Zone movie is in development, or when it is expected to hit theaters. Though, if they're going back to the drawing board with the script, one would imagine it will be awhile yet before we hear that eerily familiar theme song playing on movie screens everywhere.

Source: Deadline

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