Twilight: 10 Vampire Logic Memes Only True Twi-Hards Understand

Oh, Twilight. Some people absolutely loved it, some people absolutely loved to hate it, but it was a cultural zeitgeist unlike anything else that had ever been on the film or book series scene before. This saga authored by Stephenie Meyer was both silly and soulful, and these romance novels for a modern era set the hearts of girls and women of all ages on fire for quite a long time.

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Understandably the fervor for Twilight started to fade after all of the books and movies had been released, but clearly there are still a lot of hibernating Twi-hards out there in the world just waiting for their comeback to arrive. And as it happens, Twilight has had a bit of a resurgence as of late, at least it has in the meme community. Twilight is the kind of project that was made to be memed, and here are 10 of the best Twilight memes out there.

10 Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda

And to be honest, this could be applied to like every single member of the Cullen family. Yes, presuming that any of them is intelligent enough to figure out the cure for cancer is assuming a lot, but it's not assuming a lot to say that they could use their billions of accumulated dollars to legitimately save the world. I mean, congrats on not eating human beings, but you're really setting a low bar for yourselves, fam. At the very least they could have repeated college instead of high school, high school is like the worst possible portion of school to do even once, let alone over and over again for an eternity.

9 Felt Vs. Sparkles

Edward and the rest of clan Cullen has figured out ways to keep themselves a secret despite the fact that their skin is sparkly, but if the Cullens decided to live anywhere even slightly sunnier then Count Von Count might sincerely have an easier time blending into society.

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Also here's a little interesting tidbit about the Count. Old vampire lore said that vampires would obsessively count things, so if you wanted to evade a vampire then just throw grains of salt at them and they'll be compelled to count them. Which means that Count Von Count is probably more faithful to vampire lore than Twilight.

8 How Do I Begin To Describe Edward George

So I guess Edward Cullen is the Regina George in this scenario? It's kind of hard to see, but I guess as the only single sibling of the Cullen squad he accidentally fell into a bit of a leadership position, and we all know that he can be catty as hell too. But if we may add a few critiques here and there.

First off, Jacob being the one to say that Edward is flawless? Hard to believe. And secondly, James? Kind of underplaying the interaction between you and Edward dude, he punched you in the face and then ripped your body apart and set it on fire.

7 Cedric Reborn, But Sadder

Okay first off, everyone noticed him in Harry Potter. Cedric is an icon and deserved a better ending than being collateral damage in one of the many showdowns between Voldemort and Harry.

However, Edward is undeniably the most emo vampire to ever emo, and it would make some sense if he was just Cedric Diggory who was killed and sent to this hellish world where he's the saddest immortal on the planet earth. But thank god sad little Cedward managed to find love in the unlikeliest of places, and perhaps the sudden joys that life provided will make him ease off of his emo attitude.

6 Dream Big, Aro

Aro is such a gleefully nutty and bizarre character that it almost feels like he belongs in a completely different film. What We Do In The Shadows maybe. But we do know that for all of Aro's hilarity and unpredictability, he does love a good vampire superpower.

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It's presumably the only reason that he let Bella Swan live, because he hoped she would have an exceptional power and hoped that he would be able to add her to the Volturi vault at some point. And honestly it's not that hard to believe that he might be rocking out to Carly Rae Jepsen in his down time either.

5 Do Not Besmirch The Good Name Of White Chicks

Stephenie Meyer, the author of the Twilight saga, is Mormon. And while everyone has their own personal passions and tastes, it's safe to say that vampire lore and Mormonism aren't two things that feel like they go together very well. So it shouldn't come as a huge surprise then that the Twilight vampires seem like they're vampires in name only.

Yes, they drink blood, but pretty much all of the other Twilight vampire mythology is a completely random hodgepodge of abilities and weaknesses (if you can consider being sparkly a weakness). White Chicks is an absolute masterpiece of film making, though.

4 It's Awkward Cause It's True

Savage, but true. It's fair to say that Bella really couldn't do anything even when all of the drama was going on, because while she was caught up in shenanigans with sparkly stone vampires and werwolves the size of draft horses she was a regular human.

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Actually, an exceptionally weak and un-athletic human. But realistically speaking, most of Bella's experience in her relationship with Edward was kind of her just waiting for him to do things and just reacting or hoping that it all went well. Thankfully Bella got into the fray once she became a vampire, because watching her stuck on the bench while everyone else played was a bummer.

3 It Would Have Been A Much Shorter Movie Then

Granted, the Cullen family and maybe the Denali clan were the only vampires in the Twilight universe that actually didn't deserve to die, but things would have been a whole heck of a lot more interesting if there were some Blade-style hunters in the Twilight universe.

Blade clearly would have been pretty conspicuous if he had shown up in Forks, but it seems unlikely that any vampires could have gone toe to toe with them. Also it's pretty weird that when you think about it, Blade and Renesmee Cullen are basically the same species, or the same type of hybrid at least.

2 Twilight Is Eternal

Well, it's called a renaissance for a reason. For quite a while there it looked like the whole Twilight saga and the Twi-hard fandom was permanently dormant if not completely dead, but suddenly Twilight made its glorious meme comeback.

It shouldn't come as a huge surprise in the end though. Twilight was a wildly popular series when it was released, but more importantly it's one of the most meme-able franchises in the history of books and film. Twilight was always completely unashamed to be it's totally bizarre self, which is probably why all of its fans were completely unashamed to love it too.

1 That's Not Because You're A Vampire, It's Because You're A Person

Who of us can't relate to that. And while Jasper is presumably so constantly uncomfortable because being surrounded by walking blood bags 24/7 kind of stresses him out, it's also safe to assume he's a pretty awkward dude no matter the circumstance.

I mean, if he wanted to avoid the discomfort of blood in his presence then he could just, you know, not go to high school anymore. However, he keeps going. And maybe it's because he wants to chill with the rest of his family, but maybe he is just the kind of person who is uncomfortable with merely existing.

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