'Twilight Saga' Spin-Off Already Being Developed

Twilight TV Show Sequel In Development

In a stunning, and yet completely predictable twist, it seems that Lionsgate isn't just optimistic about The Twilight Saga continuing beyond Breaking Dawn - Part 2: they're already developing the next chapter. Exactly how the Twilight brand will be delivered to the public once the movies wrap up isn't clear, with past rumors ranging from sequels to a complete reboot.

Considering how responsible Stephenie Meyer is for bringing horror, supernatural, and vampire literature to the forefront of young adult fiction, it's not hard to see why Lionsgate/Summit is eager to get the most out of the franchise. But will a TV show, spin-off series or potential sequels be viewed in the same way as the nearly-completed film series? Call us optimistic, but we're not ready to condemn it just yet.

While The Twilight Saga's unwillingness to end has been a given for months now, the confirmation from Moviehole's sources claim that things have moved beyond simple brainstorming. There's little to go on besides the fact that the studio is "already on to the [Breaking Dawn] follow-up," and the possibility that future films could simply be set in Meyers' fictional world, focusing more on the Wolf Pack. Taylor Lautner's star power will certainly be tested if that proves to be the case.

We've been predicting a spin-off following Edward and Bella's daughter, Renesmee since the first hints were dropped at Comic-Con. That direction moving forward makes far more sense than the proposed 'reboot,' since an attempt at simply re-telling the story would be transparent to nearly everyone (we hope). Lionsgate/Summit had shrugged off questions about Twilight's fate post-Breaking Dawn by claiming that the future of the story rested with Stephenie Meyer, the creator of the series. In other words, if she had another story to tell, they'd be interested in bringing it to the big screen.

That impending payday has proven to motivate even the most respected authors into finding another chapter to put on paper, but Meyer's current absence from the proposed sequel raises a few questions. At present the author is seemingly focused on the film adaptations of her follow-up series, The Host, so her direct involvement in whatever Lionsgate/Summit has planned is only an assumption. Whether Meyer find herself writing new books or simply earns a 'created by' credit, it's clear Twilight fans have more to look forward to.

The rise of Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games seemed to position the series as a veritable successor to Bella Swan and Edward Cullen's on-again, off-again romance. The once-competitive studios behind the film adaptations have joined forces, and that alone could be enough for a bit more optimism. With TV credits like Mad Men and Weeds under Lionsgate's belt, there's no reason to think that a Twilight TV series following Renesmee into adulthood must appeal to the same narrow demographic as the films, or that the same names and talent must be attached.

An optimist could say that Lionsgate will bring their own sensibilities - the ones that turned Hunger Games into one satisfying film - to the somewhat lacking Twilight Saga. We're not ready to claim that a TV series using the same fiction holds promise, but we can all agree that it's a better idea than a Taylor-Lautner-helmed werewolf flick. Although that might be worth seeing for its own reasons.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 opens in U.S. theaters on November 16th, 2012.


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Source: Moviehole

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