Twilight: 10 Things In The Movies That Only Make Sense If You Read The Books

There are several movies based on a book series, but there is always the question of whether or not it is better to read the books before watching the movie. The Twilight Saga is one book series that should definitely be read first because it fills in a lot of the plot holes you might have been confused about while watching the movies. It even adds depth to the characters and explains their actions in ways you might not have realized otherwise.

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We have compiled a list of instances in the movies that would not have made sense to anyone who didn't read the books. These could be plot holes or explanations of a character's actions that would help a viewer grasp the deeper meaning behind certain circumstances. Keep reading to learn about ten things in the Twilight movies that only make sense if you read the books.

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10 Bella Did Other Things Besides Just Being With Edward

The movies make it seem like Bella's life revolves around Edward and her romantic life with him, but it is just not true. Bella ends up finding a job at the Newton's outdoor shop called Newton's Olympic Outfitters.

Her life also consists of studying and also taking care of things at home. These things were left out of the movie, making it appear that her life consisted of only Edward, but her character was actually more complicated than she appeared.

9 Bella's Clumsiness in the Books Help Make Her Lies More Believable

The first movie in the series shows Bella's clumsiness as she slips on ice or pricks her finger, but they definitely downplayed this facet of her character. People who didn't read the books might find it hard to believe that Bella fell down a flight of stairs, which was used as her excuse to explain what happened to her at the ballet studio.

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The books portray her as barely able to walk on her own two feet without encountering a disaster, but the movies veer aware from this as time goes on, and this fact might leave some movies watchers confused.

8 Bella Faints at the Sight and Smell of Blood

Something else that is in the Twilight book and not the movie adaptation is when Bella's biology class is required to give blood. The book describes how Bella faints at the sight or smell of blood, which ends up sending her to the nurse. It also shows another reason why Edward and Bella are so incompatible, as blood is the one thing Edward needs to survive.

The film also downplays the scene where Bella pricks her finger, then slices her arm on broken glass, as in the books it causes her to almost faint amidst the chaos.

7 Esme's Past About Losing a Child Explains Some Things

There is a scene in the New Moon movie where the entire Cullen family votes on changing Bella. The only two who vote "no" are Edward and Rosalie, which is strange when you consider Esme's past life. The movies do not share why Esme was changed, but it happened when Carlisle found Esme after she had attempted to commit suicide after the death of her baby.

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Esme had already watched Edward try to commit suicide once when he thought Bella was dead, and that would have destroyed Esme as she viewed all of the Cullen children as her own. Esme could not bear to lose another child and the only way to remedy this seemed to be to change Bella. This shaped her vote and this was something else that made a lot more sense in the books. Readers knew the reasoning behind her decision.

6 Alice and Edward Gave Bella a CD for Her Birthday

Alice From Twilight

This important factor was left out of the movie, despite it being such a major emotional breaking point for Bella after Edward left. Edward and Alice gifted it to her on her birthday, and the CD contained the lullaby Edward had written just for her.

She loved the CD and when he hid it from her after he left, she was heartbroken that she couldn't even have that piece of him to hold onto. This detail helps viewers understand just how thorough Edward was in making sure she had nothing left to remind herself of him, and how it furthered her mental breakdown.

5 Edward Owned a Motorcycle

Edward found out that Bella had been riding motorcycles with Jacob while he had been away, but the movie doesn't show that he attempted to do this with her. Edward bought himself a motorcycle but gave it to Jasper after he realized it was singular to Bella and Jacob's friendship.

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Edward knows it is something that he and Bella will never share, and it furthers his character arc as he learns to tolerate and trust Jacob Black.

4 Edward Pushed for Bella to Go to College

The movies showcase this a little bit, but the books really divulge Edward's desire for Bella not to miss out on anything that humans get to experience. Edward wants Bella to go to college and even fills out applications for her. She ends up being accepted into the University of Alaska, but Edward wants her to choose something more prestigious like Dartmouth.

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Edward cares about her education and experiences, but the movie seems to neglect this side of him at times when the books shine a brighter light on this facet of his image.

3 Bella Cooks All of Charlie's Meals

The movies show Bella and Charlie eating at the diner, but the truth is that Bella cooked all of the meals. She was actually more like Charlie's caretaker as she cleaned up the house and made him eat healthier. This showed how much Bella cared for her father and her ability to fend for herself as an independent woman.

The movies seemed to only show Bella as a hopeless girl who needed a man to save her from herself, but they failed to shine a light on what she was actually capable of doing.

2 Alice and Bella are Close Friends

The movie touches on this at parts as Alice buys Bella gifts or helps Bella plan her wedding and graduation party, but their relationship ran so much deeper than that. The movies made us believe that they were friendly toward each other, but at times it seemed like Bella somewhat tolerated Alice's antics.

The books, on the other hand, show the side where Bella and Alice would hang out together, and she even stayed over for a sleepover. It added a new dimension to her character and people might not understand this if they didn't read the books.

1 Charlie Wanted Bella to Choose Jacob

When Edward leaves Bella and sends her into a depression, Charlie wants nothing but Edward's head. Charlie is even less pleased when Edward comes back and Bella returns to his arms, but the movies downplay Charlie's emotions. Charlie, along with Billy, was rooting for Jacob and Bella to be together.

When Jacob kisses Bella in the books, Charlie doesn't reprimand him and instead congratulates him for doing it. It shows the rift that has formed between Bella and her father as she is forced to choose between her family and Edward, but this is something movie watchers may not fully understand unless they read the books.

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