Twilight: 20 Storylines Stephenie Meyer Wants Us To Forget

When Twilight first hit shelves in 2005, it immediately started a phenomenon in the YA genre. Its release also brought with it many fans and many naysayers. For people who read the novels, they either loved it or hated it—there was no in between. However, there was no doubt that this series changed the course of young adult fiction. It spawned five equally-popular films that made fans of the novels flock to theaters to get a first glimpse at who was going to play their favorite characters, and how their beloved novels would be brought to life.

Although the films brought about praises from Twi-hards, it was not without critics. Both the books and movies had some folks scratching their heads. Whether they thought it was poorly written or poorly acted, it did not stop the haters from forming their own harsh opinions. In fact, what many people had a problem with were the storylines throughout the books and films. Some complained about plot holes, while others believed these storylines were just downright cringe-worthy.

From vampires sparkling to a girl who is willing to give up friends and family to be with her boyfriend of only a few months, there were definitely some sticking points with critics. To point out some of these flawed plot points, let's take a look at what parts of the infamous series had people shaking their heads.

Here are 20 Storylines Stephenie Meyer Wants Us To Forget.

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20 Vampires Sparkling

Vampires weren't exactly a new concept before Twilight. Of course, Bela Lugosi went down in history for playing Count Dracula in the 1931 movie of the same name. However, vampires at that time were known for sleeping in coffins and being afraid of the sun and garlic.

However, Stephenie Meyer's novels brought a new feature of vampires. They didn't turn to dust in the light of day, in fact, they sparkled. While this was meant to attract their prey, many thought this concept was hilarious, especially when it was brought to life by a sparkly Robert Pattinson on the big screen. Although there was a logic behind this particular plot point, in the scheme of the story, it just didn't seem necessary.

19 Edward's Dramatic Disappearance

Twi-hards everywhere broke down when Edward broke up with Bella and left her in the middle of the woods. The scene in New Moon was undoubtedly dramatic and, not to mention, a little reckless on Edward's part. The catalyst for Edward's exit did seem justified—after all, Jasper did try to take out Bella—but Edward removing all evidence that he was ever in Bella's life just wasn't realistic.

While this scene was important to establish a stronger relationship between Bella and Jacob, it also seemed a little unnecessary and didn't make a lot of sense in the long run. Obviously, readers knew that Edward would eventually come back—there were two more books after New Moon.

18 Renesmee's Aging

The whole concept of Renesmee's aging is a point of contention among critics. Many look to this as a major plot hole in the whole entire series. Not only are people confused by her accelerated aging, but they also don't believe that she could have been born.

According to Rosalie, vampires are frozen in time and, therefore, women cannot carry their own children. So, how is it that Edward was able to conceive Renesmee? In any case, critics also find it laughable that humans like Charlie are able to overlook the fact that Renesmee is a year old, but somehow looks like she is a fully grown child. Either way, this is a plot point that some just couldn't understand.

17 Party in New Moon

Jackson Rathbone as Jasper in New Moon

Readers are first introduced to Jasper as a member of the Cullen clan who isn't too keen on the whole "vegetarian" idea just yet. Because of this, Alice and Edward make sure he is under control around Bella. However, this goes out the door when Bella is invited over to celebrate her 18th birthday in New Moon. While opening a present, she gets a paper cut, which prompts Jasper to lunge at her out of thirst.

While this may seem like normal vampire behavior, many readers also have an issue with this scene. Some wonder how he is able to go to a school where accidents happen all the time with no issue. For some, this storyline is hard to wrap their heads around.

16 Jacob Kissing Bella in Eclipse

Taylor Lautner as Jacob and Kristen Stewart as Bella in The Twilight Saga Eclipse

The dramatic Twilight series wouldn't be complete without a good, old-fashioned love triangle. In the novels, it took the form of a battle between Edward and Jacob for Bella's heart. This came to a climax in Eclipse after Bella goes to visit Jacob and he kisses her.

Jacob falling for Bella is just a means for conflict throughout the novels, but in the end, his advances prove to be meaningless. In fact, Jacob and Bella's whole relationship doesn't end up impacting the storyline in a major way. Not to mention, seeing Bella and Jacob's kiss brought to life by Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner was another cringe-worthy experience. Also, there is no denying that Bella's unfaithful behavior was definitely not a good example for young readers.

15 Bella's Reckless Stage in New Moon

Talking about setting a bad example. After Edward leaves in the second novel, Bella resorts to drastic measures in order to see him again. These "drastic measures" include getting on the back of a stranger's motorcycle, learning how to ride a motorcycle, and cliff jumping.

This whole stage shows just how toxic Edward and Bella's relationship is. Bella was willing to risk her life just to see a figment of her imagination. There is no doubting that this attachment was too strong. Although young fans of the series may have thought Bella's intentions were sweet, Stephenie Meyer should definitely help fans try to forget this storyline.

14 Charlie's Knowledge of Vampires and Werewolves

Throughout the whole series, Charlie is one of the characters that viewers feel the worst for. It seems in every book, something bad happens to him. Whether it is Bella leaving in Twilight, Bella leaving him in New Moon, Bella almost dying in Eclipse, or Bella actually dying in Breaking Dawn, he is always kept out of the loop.

Viewers especially feel bad for him in the last film when the Cullens will not disclose Bella's whereabouts and give him vague information about what is wrong with Bella. While readers may be distracted by their happiness about Bella's new state, this is actually a pretty awful situation for a parent. It is also extremely sketchy when Bella says she will tell him everything on a "need to know basis."

13 Jacob Showing Charlie He's a Werewolf

Out of all of the scenes in the series, this next one ranked as one of the hardest to both watch and read. After Bella tells Charlie that she might have to "leave" again in Breaking Dawn, Jacob decides he has had enough secret keep and shows Charlie his "true form."

This scene was cringe-worthy from the start, especially when Jacob removes his clothes in front of his long-time family friend. This scene also represents another unnecessary plot point. Did Charlie really have to know about the existence of werewolves? Probably not. Even if he did, this could have easily been executed in a better way, and not one that would make everyone watching have to look away in embarrassment.

12 Bella and Renee's Relationship

Although fans may feel bad for Charlie, Renee is another character who is sometimes overlooked. After Bella leaves Arizona, pretty much all contact with Renee is cut off. In the films, Bella really only talks to her three times, and she really never lets her in on any part of her life.

Viewers are made to believe that Bella has a strained relationship with Charlie, but, throughout the films, it seems like it is the other way around. Even a trip down to Jacksonville to visit her mother did not sway Bella's decision to stay human. While readers are supposed to feel an emotional connection between these two characters, it just ends up coming out flat.

11 The Cullen "Siblings"

Having the Cullen clan parade around as siblings may have seen like a good idea at first to Stephenie Meyer, but the resulting situation was just odd. Even though two out of the five siblings have different last names as to not raise suspicion, it is still hard to imagine that no one in the town of Forks took issue with their ruse.

While all of these characters are important in their own right, their storylines could definitely have been worked into the plot in a way that wasn't as sketchy. However, no die-hard fans seemed to mind too much.

10 Rosalie and Renesmee's Relationship

Rosalie and Baby Twilight

If there is one thing to note about members of the Cullen family, it's that most of them have interesting and poignant backstories. Out of all, Rosalie's story is one of the more heartbreaking ones.

She tells Bella about the night she was changed in Eclipse, and then admits to her that the one thing she always wanted was a child. This is a pivotal moment in Bella and Rosalie's relationship because readers can finally understand why Rosalie resents her. So, when Bella has Renesmee, Rosalie dotes on the new baby in an almost obsessive way. In one respect, Rosalie got what she always wanted, but in another way, it is kind of hard to watch.

9 The "Vote"

Rosalie Hale Twilight

One of the most disturbing parts of the entire Twilight series occurs in New Moon. After Bella and Edward are told by the Volturi that Bella must be changed, they go to the Cullens for a vote. In other words, Bella and Edward ask the family members if they are for or against changing Bella into a vampire.

In a morbid turn of events, everyone but Rosalie agrees to turn her. When one really thinks about the core of what's happening in this scene, they are basically taking away Bella's life. This overall feeling of this scene is very macabre. The fact that a human is standing a room full of beings that could eliminate her—and then they vote on whether or not to change her—gave viewers a creepy vibe.

8 Bella's Obsession with Vampires

As soon as Bella discovers the Cullens' secret, she is immediately immersed in the world of vampires. Not only is she surrounded by them, but also obsessed with the idea of them. Even by the very end of Twilight, she already has her heart set on becoming one of them.

The desire to become a vampire overtakes her so much that she is willing to abandon family and friends to do so. Not to mention, she puts her own life in danger multiple times at the expense of Edward. Although, in the end, Bella was near gone when she was turned, the remainder of her human life was consumed with wanting to become a vampire.

7 Bella's Gift

It is Edward's theory that characteristics that people possess while they are human will carry over even after they are changed. However, Bella's gift doesn't make much sense throughout the whole franchise.

Although Bella is a "shield," she still isn't immune to some vampire's gifts. Jasper can still influence her emotions and Alice can still see her future. Because of this, many consider this plot point to be a plot hole. While Meyer has tried to explain this as Bella can old shield from defensive talents, some find that this still doesn't add up. Due to this, Meyer should definitely want fans to forget about this storyline.

6 Bella and Edward's Marriage

Some fans might overlook this next storyline because of how in love Edward and Bella are. However, the two were only 18 and "17" when they got married in Breaking Dawn. A few jokes are made throughout the series about getting married young, but it doesn't seem to faze anyone else in Forks—except maybe Charlie.

What's more, Edward does seem creepily forceful with the marriage idea. After all, he says he will change her only if she marries him, which leaves Bella with no option but to marry him. So, it should make readers feel a little uncomfortable that Bella was practically bribed into marrying Edward. However, it seemed to work out for them in the end.

5 Carlisle Left Before Renesmee's Birth

One would think because of Carlisle's abilities as a doctor that he would have stuck by Bella's side in the days leading up to having Renesmee, especially because of her rapid growth rate. However, this was not the case.

Instead, Carlisle and Esme were hunting when he was needed most. Although this might seem trivial, would him being there and successfully delivering Renesmee been that detrimental to the story? It's not likely. Rather than creating a dramatic scene in the final novel, Stephenie could have easily had him be there rather than risking Bella's life. But, where's the fun in that?

4 The Baseball Game

Twilight Emmett Cullen Baseball Scene Kellan Lutz

Yes, vampires are allowed to have fun too, but the baseball scene was somewhat comical. For one thing, it isn't exactly necessary that they have to play during a thunderstorm. Loud noises happen all the time, and it wouldn't have drawn attention seeing as they were far from any heavily-populated area.

However, this is a minute detail compared to the other discrepancies throughout the books and films. It was also a way for Meyer to introduce James, Victoria, and Laurent into the series, which was an important plot point. Overall, though, the scene did not really add much to either the book or movie.

3 Jacob Imprinting

When it comes to the entire series, Jacob imprinting on Renesmee—and imprinting as a whole—raises a lot of questions. Although fans formed alliances to Team Edward and Team Jacob, everyone knew that Bella would end up with Edward. But, who was out there for Jacob?

Albeit, the scenario does make some sense, it still is controversial. What's even worse is watching the moment that Bella finds out about this come to screen. Whether you were a fan or not, you had to cringe hearing Kristen Stewart blurt out, "You nicknamed my daughter after the Loch Ness Monster?" Again, Meyer could have gone about this scenario in a completely different, and less creepy way.

2 Alice's Lack of Communication

Throughout the novels, Alice is the only other person Bella is close to besides Edward and Jacob. So, it came as a surprise when her and Jasper both up and left without telling anyone. Instead, they left cryptic messages for Bella that told her what to do.

This storyline doesn't make much sense either. Because of Bella's gift, she could have told her in person what her intentions were. In actuality, she could have told the whole family what she was up to. More importantly, because readers did not know why she left, it seemed like she had just abandoned the Cullens and left them to the Volturi.

1 Bella Finding out about Edward

Although vampires have been able to keep their existence semi-quiet for millennia, a teenage girl is able to figure out their secret within a month. Revealing this secret violates the law put forth by the Volturi, but yet somehow tribes of people still believe in their existence or know of their existence.

That's why Edward revealing himself to humans isn't that big of a deal either. Even on a larger scale—when Victoria was creating an army—they did not act. So, in the end, one girl finding out about their secret didn't have a big impact on the fate of their world.


Which of these storylines are you trying to forget from Twilight? Let us know in the comments!

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