Twilight: 10 Storylines That Were Never Resolved

Regardless of how you feel about the Twilight franchise, there is no arguing that Stephenie Meyer's book series birthed a cultural phenomenon. It was released during the height of the vampire craze and played a large part in repopularizing the creatures in the mainstream.

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The series spawned four books and five films with talks continuing on that there could be another film in the future, possibly an adaptation of the unreleased companion novel about Edward's point-of-view, Midnight Sun. Twilight even helped birth another lucrative franchise in 50 Shades of Grey which started out as Twilight fan-fiction. But there is something else Twilight is infamous for, plot holes and unresolved storylines, this list contains a few of the biggest ones.

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10 For sparkling vampires, they didn't sparkle much

One of the main reasons the Cullens moved to Forks, to begin with, was because of their natural ability to sparkle when the sun was out. Forks, Washington is known for being a dreary, rain-cloaked place, so they didn't have to worry about being in direct sunlight too much due to cloud coverage.

Except, Forks wasn't always raining. And even if it was, the sun was still out on most days. The Cullens should have still been sparkling naturally. Sure, they take off on days where it's super sunny but the sun is always present in some capacity. You would think they always had a slight sparkly sheen. It probably would have been in their best interest to not be around their prey on a daily basis in public spaces.

9 How did the Cullens function at school every day?

Speaking of the Cullens attending high school, how on earth did these blood-sucking vampires function by being around all those teenagers on a regular basis? Remember how crazy Jasper went the one time Bella got a paper cut in a small room?

Well, I would imagine being in a high school would mean they were surrounded by minor injuries on the regular. Not to mention all the teenage girls getting their periods. Why would they put themselves through that every single day and how did they manage to not lose their minds on the regular?

8 Why is Jasper able to affect Bella?

Part of the reason Bella became so alluring to Edward, and many of the Cullens in general is because she was the sole human he was unable to use his ability on. It's common knowledge that the Cullens aren't your typical vampire family.

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A majority of them have special gifts that make them different, not just from humans, but their own kind. Edward was unable to read Bella's mind. Yet somehow Jasper was able to influence her emotions from time to time. How is that possible if she was immune to vampires even as powerful as the Volturi?

7 Carlisle: the world's least-dependent doctor

How was Carlisle able to keep his job and status as one of the best doctors around? He constantly took days off work to go on trips with his family. Was he using his glamor every time he had to leave work and cancel all of his appointments on a moment's notice? In real life, if a doctor did that they would lose most of their patients.

Not to mention how touch-and-go his skills are in any realistic setting. How many times has he whipped out morphine as if its the cure-all to everything when it can make people overdose or asphyxiate and die?

6 Why did Edward travel to Italy to kill himself?

When Edward is experiencing a serious bout of depression due to thinking Bella is dead, he goes all the way to Italy to step into the sunlight so he can reveal himself to the masses and have the Volturi kill him. Revealing oneself to humans on a grand scale is against their laws.

But why did he go through something so dramatic to have himself killed when there were numerous options state-side? He had an angry batch of werewolves not too far away that could have finished him off if he broke the treaty without question. Instead, he chose the most difficult and obnoxious way to die possible.

5 What makes Bella's blood so intoxicating?

The entire basis of the Twilight franchise is that Bella is special. She has magical blood that can make vampires lose their minds even after years of eating "vegetarian." But the problem is, for such a big component of the story, Twilight never properly explains what exactly it is about Bella's blood that makes her irresistible.

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It comes up time and time again, vampires go crazy for her blood. She is stalked, harassed, and almost murdered on multiple occasions just so they can get a taste. But WHY!? I could have bought weird scientific reasons, maybe a flaw in her genetic code or a predisposition to be vampire bait, I guess we'll never know the full truth.

4 No one actually cares about protecting humans

Both the Cullens and the werewolves claim they care deeply about protecting humans and keeping them safe from harm. The Cullens want it known they're different from other vampires because they don't hunt and kill humans. The werewolves essential purpose is to be adversaries to the Cullens and try and keep vampires from hurting humans.

Yet, in spite of all this, both sides are only shown to truly care about human beings when the human in question is Bella. There have been several occasions where Edward is shown being callous about other humans in dire circumstances. Many humans died throughout the course of the series and none of the supernatural beings ever seemed all that bothered by it.

3 What was the deal with Jacob imprinting on Renesmee?

This is more of an issue with the writer not realizing, or not caring, how creepy the whole imprinting thing was but it does raise numerous questions about the morality of Jacob, Bella, and Edward. When Renesmee is born, Jacob imprints on her. Imprinting is something that happens to werewolves when they meet their soulmate.

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It's involuntary, but it tethers them to that person forever. Since Renesmee is a child, Jacob becomes a guardian and a friend to her. But the indication is always that when she is old enough, Jacob and Renesmee will be together romantically. How is that not a form of predatory grooming!?

2 What happened to Bella's mom?

It's kind of crazy that Bella named her daughter after her mother and yet essentially plans to never see her again. Because of her status as a vampire, it would be too dangerous for Bella to visit Renee so she tells her she's going away to a distant school.

Presumably, they will stay in touch over the phone. Still, why not just tell her mother the truth? Surely as her daughter, she would eventually come around to the idea the same way Charlie did. Does Bella really think her mom will be content to never see her daughter again?

1 How did Bella get pregnant?

This is probably one of the biggest questions people have about Twilight at the end of the day. How on earth did Bella get pregnant with a child by a dead man? Not only that, but how does Edward even manage to get an erection when his body is supposedly frozen?

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Vampires aren't able to change anything about themselves and they definitely don't have blood running through them as a regular human does. They don't even need to breathe. So the science of Bella's pregnancy doesn't make sense on multiple levels. What made Edward so special he was able to procreate?

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