15 Twilight Stars Whose Careers Flopped After The Movies Ended

The final installment of the Twilight series ended over 5 years ago, and the stars of the films have since gone on to do a wide variety of things, in Hollywood and outside of it. While some stars of the franchise, like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, have moved on to the indie scene and have experienced rather prolific careers with great critical acclaim, other stars from the franchise have not been so lucky.

Although the Twilight films were somewhat of a running joke at the time of release, their success was nonetheless undeniable, and the five films in total grossed over $3.3 billion to date. Even if the acting was questionable, the fact that the second instalment, New Moon, grossed $72.7 million and broke records as the biggest midnight screening and opening day ever (2009), tells us something about the coverage that these stars would have received from starring in the films.

Indeed, at the time in which the films were at their most popular, people had high hopes for many of the films’ stars. Much to everyone’s chagrin, several of the stars from the films actually disappeared from the Hollywood scene post-Twilight. Although they are surely well equipped financially, these stars have not experienced the stardom that we all thought they would.

Read on for the 15 Twilight Stars Whose Careers Flopped After The Movies Ended.

15 Ashley Greene - Alice Cullen

Ashley Greene met her big break with the Twilight films, when she was cast as Alice Cullen, clairvoyant vampire and adoptive sister of Edward Cullen.

For starring in the Twilight films, Greene won 4 Teen Choice Awards personally and one Teen Choice Award shared with the rest of the cast, as well as a Young Hollywood Award for the “Female Superstar of Tomorrow”. She was also nominated for a Scream Award.

Sadly, Twilight is where Greene’s great Hollywood success ended. Since her time portraying the beautiful Alice, Greene hasn’t really done much of anything, acting-wise. She starred in the horror film The Apparition the same year the Twilight franchise ended, in 2012, and starred in the history film about a New York music venue, CBGB.

14 Jackson Rathbone - Jasper Cullen

Jackson Rathbone Twilight

You probably recognized Jackson Rathbone before his Twilight stardom for making one-time appearances in television shows like Beautiful People, Close to Home, and The O.C.

However, it wasn’t until he starred as vampire Jasper Hale, the adoptive brother of Edward Cullen, in the Twilight series that he truly met international fame.

When the Twilight franchise ended in 2012, however, Rathbone sort of fell off our radar. Although he did star in the critically acclaimed Chinese-American mystery/thriller Pali Road, we haven’t heard much of him since the film’s release in 2015.

Rathbone is not just an actor, though. He is also an entrepreneur, and actually ones two entertainment companies: a production company called PatchMo Entertainment, and a record company called Happy Jack Records. Although we don’t hear from him much, we look forward to seeing what Rathbone’s plans are for the future – both in terms of his companies and his acting career!

13 Jamie Campbell Bower - Caius

Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius Volturi in The Twilight Saga

Just under 10 years ago now, Jamie Campbell Bower was a pretty big deal in Hollywood – or at least in teen magazines!

After his foray into Twilight playing the vampire Caius of the Volturi Clan, closely followed by portraying the young Gellert Grindelwald in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, Bower became yet another star from the Twilight films to have pulled somewhat of a disappearing act.

He made an attempt to lead a new YA film adaptation franchise with The Mortal Instruments, but it died an early death after the first big-budget film in the series flopped. He had a supporting role in Will, a TNT Shakespeare series that was canceled after one season.

Since Twilight, Bower has also appeared in a Florence + The Machine music video and modelled for Burberry. He has also dabbled in live theatre and released an album with his band, Counterfeit, in March of 2017.

12 Cameron Bright - Alec

Cameron Bright Twilight

The Volturi clan from the Twilight series were probably one of the creepiest parts of the whole franchise. Starring alongside big names like Dakota Fanning and Michael Sheen, Cameron Bright played the Volturi vampire Alec, who was the twin brother of Jane (Fanning).

Although Bright’s character was a relatively small rolz of the franchise as a whole, his role was essential. Like Fanning, Bright had been a successful child actor - appearing in X-Men: The Last Stand and starring alongside Nicole Kidman in Birth. Unlike Fanning, he hasn't made a smooth transition to an adult career.

Since the end of the Twilight series in 2012, however, Bright has only starred in small, relatively unknown or made-for-TV films and television series.

Being just 25 years old, we still have high hopes for Bright. If not, he’ll always have the glory of his Twilight days to fall back on!

11 Jodelle Ferland - Bree

Jodelle Ferland

You can’t necessarily say that Jodelle Ferland’s career plummeted after her short lived stardom in Eclipse.

Rather, you can say she hasn’t starred in anything as big since that time. At the time that Eclipse was released in 2010, Ferland and her character, vampire Bree Tanner, became very popular among teen girls. Although we initially think she is a promising character meant to continue throughout the series, she is eventually killed off by the Volturi, sadly ending Feland’s short-lived time as a Twilight star.

Even though she remains not a big name in Hollywood, she has actually appeared in a number of thriller and horror films. Now we just have to wait for one of those to get really big, and this young star will be back on everyone’s radars!

10 Rachelle Lefevre - Victoria (1.0)

Rachelle Lefevre Twilight

The beautiful Rachelle Lefevre starred in the first two instalments of the Twilight series as the vampire Victoria Sutherland. However, in the third film, Eclipse, she was replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard.

That’s right, Lefevre chose to star in the movie Barney’s Version over Twilight! Apparently she didn't realize the overlap in filming would get her booted from Eclipse.

Although Barney’s Version was a very good film - nominated for a Golden Lion award at the Venice International Film Festival back in 2010 - it was never as popular as Twilight.

Lefevre met the same fate – she never grew as popular as she was during her Twilight days, starring in smaller television dramas and some low-budget films.

However, just in 2017, Lefevre was cast onto season 2 of the Canadian series Mary Kills People– so we hope to hear from her soon!

9 Kellan Lutz - Emmett Cullen

Kellen Lutz Twilight

Kellan Lutz portrayed the big and burly Emmett Cullen, who was recognized throughout the series as the jokester of the family.

Although Lutz did appear in a variety of films prior to the release of Twilight, such as Accepted, Stick It, and Prom Night, as well as a variety of television shows including Heroes and CSI, Twilight was truly his big break. And, unfortunately for him, his biggest break to date.

Although critics had high hopes for him when he was cast as Hercules in 2014's The Legend of Hercules, the film’s critical failure disappointed fans around the world, pretty much marking an end to Lutz’s great fame.

Lutz has been pretty quiet since Twilight and the ensuing failure of Hercules, but we can only hope that he’ll reappear eventually, funnier (and fitter) than ever!

8 Peter Facinelli - Carlisle

Peter Facinelli Twilight

Peter Facinelli portrayed the loving, wise, and rather attractive Carlisle Cullen for the entirety of the Twilight series. Carlisle Cullen is a fan favourite for his warm personality (for a vampire, that is), and we expected Facinelli would meet substantial success post-Twilight for such a big role in the films.

Sadly, this was not the case, and although Facinelli did appear on the first season of Supergirl, he hasn’t done much since.

To be fair to Facinelli, he has, over the last few years, gone through a divorce with his now ex-wife Jennie Garth, with whom he shared 3 children, and been engaged and broken his engagement with Jaimie Alexander.

Given how busy he’s been with his personal life, we hope his absence from the Hollywood screen is just temporary.

7 Elizabeth Reaser - Esme Cullen

Reeser Elizabeth

The loving, motherly Esme, wife of Carlisle, was also a key character in the films – played by the stunning Elizabeth Reaser.

Since her time playing Esme, we haven’t seen or heard much from Reaser. Although Reaser has an impressive roster of film and television appearances up her sleeve, since the end of Twilight, her roles in Hollywood have been rather underwhelming.

From portraying a waitress named Diana on Mad Men to making a one-time appearance on Law & Order, we definitely had higher hopes for this actor. In 2016 she appeared in the surprise hit horror movie Ouija: Origin of Evil but that movie never reached the heights of Twilight.

Maybe Twilight set up a lot of these actors with such a healthy salary that many of them didn’t really need to do much post-Twilight, if they didn't want to!

6 Maggie Grace - Irina

Maggie Grace first saw critical success in her breakout role as Shannon Rutherford in the hit ABC television series Lost, and soon thereafter appearing in the blockbuster Taken alongside Liam Neeson.

Sadly, starting around the time where she began to appear in Twilight films, Grace began to lose the fame and legitimacy she had gained from her previous acting work.

Although she did appear in Taken 3, the film was sadly the least well received by critics and fans alike.

Although Twilight fans still idolize the beautiful Irina, we’re disappointed to see how Grace's acting career sort of dwindled post-Twilight. Whether it was Twilight’s fault or as a result of the third installment of the Taken series, we can only hope that Grace’s disappearance from Hollywood is only temporary.

5 Nikki Reed

Nikki Reed Twilight Joins Sleepy Hollow

Nikki Reed made her acting (and writing and producing) career debut when she was just a teen with the film Thirteen. She also made a few appearances in 2007 as Sadie in The O.C.

However, Reed’s big break was with Twilight, where she portrayed Rosalie Hale, the adopted daughter of Carlisle and Esme Cullen, and the adoptive sister of Edward Cullen, having married Jasper Hale.

Rosalie is portrayed as being extremely beautiful in the films (and books), and fans and critics expected Reed to continue on this path of success in Hollywood with further modeling and acting.

However, post-Twilight, Reed has remained pretty low key in the acting world – although appears in a substantial amount of tabloid magazines, with drama regarding her relationships with the stars of the CW’s Vampire Diaries. Specifically, stories regarding alleged spats between herself and Nina Dobrev, and of course, her marriage with Ian Somerhalder.

4 Bronson Pelletier - Jared Cameron

Bronson Pelletier Twilight

Bronson Pelletier was somewhat of an up-and-coming heartthrob when The Twilight Saga: New Moon was released.

New Moon was all about the werewolves, and Pelletier, who portrayed werewolf Jared Cameron, certainly did not disappoint in terms of being werewolf eye candy for the scores of Twilight fans.

Although Jared Cameron was a background character, Pelletier’s good looks and easy-going personality that shone through his character meant he had a substantial fan base back in 2009.

Since the films ended, however, Pelletier has laid pretty low. Apart from being involved in a scandal at the LAX airport in December of 2012 that involved his public urination on the floor of the airport, Pelletier is pretty unknown in Hollywood.

Just this past May, however, he did sign with Shakir Enetertainment Management. Hopefully we catch wind of what Pelletier’s up to, soon!

3 Xavier Samuel - Riley Biers

Xavier Samuel Twilight

Xavier Samuel had his big break when he was cast as the vampire Riley Biers in Twilight’s Eclipse.

He soon gained immense popularity among teenage girls, and won himself an MTV Movie Award in 2011 for Best Fight sSene alongside Robert Pattinson.

Much to the disappointment of many (Twilight fans, that is), Samuel never reattained the same amount of fame that he gained for those glory years surrounding the release of Eclipse.

He has starred in a few Australian films since Eclipse, but nothing has really hit the ground running in the US. Although die-hard Twilight fans surely hoped for more from Samuel, we are not expecting much, considering how low he has been lying since his foray into Twilight.

2 Cam Gigandet - James

Cam Gigandet

As if you did not already know Cam Gigandet for his iconic role as Kevin Volchok in The O.C., you certainly can remember him for his role as the very evil James, who enjoyed killing humans and animals for pure enjoyment, only.

Portraying the antagonist of the Twilight series meant that Gigandet’s already established acting reputation as a "bad boy" only increased upon the release of Twilight, and Giganget went from being idolized by a few to many.

Unfortunately, since Twilight, Gigandet has not graced us with his presence nearly as much as he used to in the early 2000s. Although he has starred in a few low-budget films as well as playing a minor antagonist in The Magnificent Seven, Gigandet seems to live a pretty quiet life on the acting front.

1 Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner as Jacob Twilight

Following the release of the first instalment of the Twilight series, Taylor Lautner soon began gracing magazine covers, television screens, computers, phones, books, calendars, clothing – and pretty much anything else the advertisers of the movies could get their hands on.

Lautner became the ultimate teen heartthrob as a result of the Twilight series, although he sadly did not remain so well-known after the series finished.

His attempt to become the next young action star failed when his starring role in Abduction failed to connect with audiences. Although he did appear in the second season of the TV series Scream Queens (which was canceled in May of 2017), we haven’t heard much from Lautner since.

Given that he was ranked as the highest paid teen actor back in 2010, we can’t imagine he would really need to do any more acting at this point in his life!


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