Twilight Sequels Have A Screenwriter

The much anticipated Twilight movie release is coming up November 21st and the excitement is on par with the mid-ocean tidal wave that toppled the Poseidon!

The viral reaction to the movie and the stars in it has not gone unnoticed by Summit Entertainment.  It's like pulling the handle on a slot machine, knowing that it's not only going to pay out, but that it will pay out on the next pull or two as well.

Summit Entertainment has taken note of their slot machine and is betting the bank on future pulls.

They've acquired the rights to the next three Stephenie Meyer books in the series titled New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

If Twilight turns out to be the hit everyone thinks or hopes it to be, then the good news is that they've hired Melissa Rosenberg to write the scripts for the next three.  It's good news because she's the screenwriter for Twilight.

If Twilight doesn't pan out, then... well, never mind!  But how can it not?  Oh, am I falling for the marketing again?

Some Future (slight spoiler) news:

In New Moon, Edward (The vampire played by Robert Pattinson) will leave Bella (Kristen Stewart).  Bella gets bummed and hits it up with a werewolf.  In Eclipse, the love triangle gets complicated and in Breaking Dawn, the plot gets even more complicated when Bella and Edward get married...  oops, did I just type that?

Rosenberg has also written Step Up, and Dexter so she brings a fascinating combination of tale-telling to this fantasy franchise.  In her attempts to keep things as fresh as possible, she's avoided reading the next book in the series so she isn't biased in her representation of the characters present state of being.

Marketing Finally Bites Me

I've almost completely avoided most the promotional material around this movie.  I figured it was too teen-focused for me, but the media is generating attention.

Robert Pattinson caused a big disturbance at an appearance in San Francisco that resulted in some light injuries...  before he even got there.

Or at an appearance where Pattinson had a 7-year-old girl request that he bite her.  The frenzy is there indeed.

Then I accidentally came across the movie trailer, and it seems that I am doomed.  I like vampire tales and other such fantasy franchises.  Just like I enjoyed Joss Whedon's Buffy and Angel series.

I think I'll have to see this.  Well, on principal alone, I hope this teen magnet movie does better than High School Musical.  It would just be so much better on so many levels, I can't even begin to understand it myself.  (I just had to say that.  I feel better now.)

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