Twilight Sequel Already In The Works?

Rob Friedman, CEO of Summit Entertainment is already preparing for the sequel to this November's Twilight movie. New Moon will be based on the second novel in Stephanie Meyer's hit book series.

Twilight reportedly cost a mere $37 million to make, and with all the hype surrounding this film (mainly from female audiences) the movie will easily make that back.

So it comes as no surprise that a sequel is already in the works. The film is breaking all sorts of records with its soundtrack already ranked in the top 5 best-selling albums on Amazon (and it's not even out yet... it will be released on November 4th) and the newest trailer has landed 3 1/2 million views in less than 48 hours after hitting the net.

It's risky business planning a sequel based on hype before anyone's even seen the first film. We have no idea what the reaction of fans and critics will be and despite a built-in fan base from the book-buyers, it's still difficult to predict box office numbers.

The studio estimates $20 million for opening weekend and many think they are low-balling with that number so that anything higher makes it look like a big win. While it's probable that Twilight will make that much or more, it still could fall short if it flops and doesn't hit members of any other demographics.

Me? I'm not going to see Twilight, but I know a lot of ladies who are already planning their evenings for opening night. I think no matter how good or poor the movie may end up being, the "fangirls" will be there for the sequels too, so long as they follow the books.

What do you think? Plan all sequels now now now! or wait until the first comes out?

Twilight hits theaters November 21st.

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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