The Twilight Saga's New Moon Has Its Heidi

It is a good day for us Canadians! For the second time today, a Canadian supermodel has been picked up for a role in a major feature film. Earlier today, Screen Rant reported that Serinda Swan has been cast in Tron 2.0 and now we have word that Canadian beauty Noot Seear has been cast in The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

Seear will play the character Heidi who’s described in the novel as a vampire who possesses the extra ability to create illusions of a person’s desires. In the story, Heidi is a member of the Volturi guard and her role is to act as the “fisher” and the “bait”, luring human victims in for the coven's consumption.

Physically, Heidi is described as: [Courtesy of The Twilight Saga Wiki]

gorgeous and statuesque with long, lustrous mahogany hair and long legs. It is stated that, like Rosalie Hale (Edward’s adopted Sister), her beauty is exceptional and unforgettable. Her eyes are violet, due to her possibly using blue contacts over red irises, though this was never specified. Her voice is described as silky.

Looking at this picture, she just might be able to pull that off…

Seear’s manager has yet to throw out an official confirmation but it sounds like she is the studio’s choice for the role.

New Moon is currently filming in Vancouver, British Columbia where both Serinda Swan and Noot Seear hail from.

Twilight Trivia: Heidi is named after author Stephanie Meyer’s sister.

What do you think of this casting choice?

New Moon is scheduled to open in theaters November 20, 2009.

Source: E! Online

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