Twilight: 23 Behind The Scenes Photos That Change Everything

The Twilight saga has been out of the spotlight for several years, but those old enough to remember when the books and movies were coming out can vividly recall how the supernatural love story took the world by storm. If one was of young adult age, there was not a school day that passed by without it being mentioned. It polarized the culture, with swarms of adoring fans singing the series' praises at every opportunity, and a vocal crowd of naysayers who reveled in harshly criticizing the films and novels. Whether one loved or loathed it, however, its impact on pop culture cannot be denied.

The five films' productions were all highly publicized affairs, with plenty of cameras doing their best to document the happenings behind the scenes. Some of these photos depict the typical action one would expect to see from a film set, but others are more surprising. For this list, we chose to showcase twenty five snapshots that come a little bit out of left field. Most everybody has their own thoughts on the films and actors set in stone, but these pics will most certainly shake up those preconceived notions, regardless of whether they are negative or positive.

So get ready to lightly glitter in sunlight, because here 25 Behind The Scenes Photos That Change Everything About Twilight.

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Anna Kendrick BTS
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23 Anna Kendrick Texting

Anna Kendrick BTS

Anna Kendrick is a national treasure, so much so that Nicholas Cage might have to steal her in a movie one day. Before becoming a household name with roles in films like Pitch Perfect and Into the Woods, she performed in the Twilight saga. She was twenty three when the first film came, but one would think she was twelve years old from this photo. The actress gets the last laugh, though; at 33 years old, she still looks barely old enough to drink.

22 Billy Burke Hanging About

Twilight BTS Burke

Billy Burke does not sport a mustache in everyday life, but why that is remains a mystery. Some bemoan facial hair for making one look older, but looking a little more experienced is not a bad thing. Also notable in this photo is the old man staring right through the camera and into the soul of anybody glancing at this image. He doesn't know what you did, but he knows you did something wrong and is making you feel guilty about it.

21 Mechanical Wolf

Twlight Greenscreen riding an animal

One knows their film franchise has really made it when it's filming scenes entirely on green screens. Mackenzie Foy only joined the cast for the two Breaking Dawn films, but she doesn't look excited to be there. Maybe she was expecting to ride a real wolf, and was disappointed to find that she would sit atop a prop. Even fans of the films will admit that they should have gone for the real thing, since the technology or budget wasn't quite there to deliver convincing digital wolves.

20 Eaten By The Slates

Kristen Stewart and Slate

The slate has a life of its own. One would think the director and crew dictate when a take is about to be filmed, but this is a farce. It is the slate that ultimately decides what will happen, and everybody else is a puppet. It also gets hungry, and demands a blood sacrifice as pictured here where it is getting ready to eat Kristen Stewart. There is nothing anyone else can do but look on in horror as the ritual runs its course.

19 That's How Flying Works

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Flying scene

Even in this behind the scenes photo, the wires are concealed well enough to convincingly sell the illusion of levitation. The two actors flying in the air have been vocal about their distaste for the franchise, but it must have all been worth it just to float around in the woods. People have done a lot more for a lot less, and memorizing dialogue for five films is a small price to pay in order to fly around on some strings.

18 Kristen And Anna On The Sidelines

Kristen Stewart Anna Kendrick BTS Twilight

That's not exactly the garb one would expect from two respected actresses, but the craft of acting entails wearing clothing one would not typically don otherwise. Still, like the master thespians they are, Anna and Kristen blend into the world, making the audience forget they are performers playing a role. This was easier to do in 2008 before they were famous, but the two could pull off the same effect today, having done so several times after achieving massive success.

17 Free Fallin'

Kristen Stewart Falling twilight BTS

It is unclear exactly which scene is being filmed here, but it sure is a silly sight to behold when all of the effects are taken out of the equation. With Kristen's hair whipped up to the sky while falling, she appears less like Bella Swan and more like a Dragon Ball Z character. Robert Pattinson's emotionless glance does not seem appropriate for the context either, as most people would have some sort of reaction to their loved one leaping off an edge.

16 Two Smiles

Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson smiling

People probably weren't expecting to take this photo, but they had quickly exercise their shooting skills once these two actors simultaneously cracked a smile. Just seeing one of them break out a grin is special enough, but seeing them both do it at the same time is a rarity akin to witnessing a total solar eclipse. It's also possible, and hopefully the truth, that Kristen and Robert aren't as dour in real life as many of the characters they portray.

15 Director And Actor Together At Last

Robert Pattinson Catherine Hardwicke

Catherine Hardwicke did not get the opportunity to continue the series that she helped skyrocket into mainstream popularity. It's not because she was bad - on the contrary, the studio had little faith in the series and her work on the premiere title helped change their mind - but she opted not to direct more films because she wanted more time to work on the script. While she may have parted ways early with the saga, her mark was forever implanted on the popular series.

14 Atypical Attire

Breaking Dawn Part 2 BTS

Pictured here is one of the least fashionable wardrobe choices Edward Cullen has made. The oddity of his clothing is exacerbated even more by how stylish everyone behind him is looking. Even with the baggy hoodie, Robert Pattinson remains as dreamy as ever as he stares at the crew filming the scene. You could dress the English actor up in a paper bag and cover him with garbage, and he could steal effortlessly steal someone's wife on their wedding day.

13 How Did I Get Up Here?

Robert Pattinson stuck ontop of a car

Pictured here is a literal head scratching moment, as if Robert Pattinson does not know how to get down from the car, and is even more confused as to how he got there in the first place. Kristen Stewart is doing her best to comfort the perplexed actor, but she is just as bewildered as he is, and concerned for the English actor's safety. Considering Pattinson is still alive, it is safe to say the situation was resolved and no one was harmed.

12 The Director

Chris Weitz BTS

Chris Weitz's filmography is filled with writing, directing, and producer credits that cover a range of surprising genres. Few would expect the man who brought New Moon to the big screen to have co-directed American Pie with his brother. Along with that film come a few other notable early aughts comedies, and later down the road was the fantasy adaptation The Golden Compass. His most recent work was Operation Finale, based on the true story about the capture of war criminal, Adolf Eichmann.

11 Creeping While You're Sleeping

New moon BTS photo

Thank heavens for the boom mic in the middle of the frame, otherwise this photo would look more like an overzealous stalker who got bold enough to sneak into their target's house. The woman on the bed has the calmly terrified look of one trying not to let their fear freak them out. Fortunately, nothing nefarious is going on, and it is just a behind the scenes photo from a Twilight film. To be fair, though, the films do have weird stalker vibes all over them.

10 Private Moments

Robert Pattinson Kristen stewart shooting a scene

Its weird to think about; outside the frame of every intimate moment in these films is a crew of people, a giant camera, and loads of equipment. Upon realizing this, one's respect for the art of acting must increase significantly. Few people can be romantic for real in front of so many people, let alone pretending to be in love. Being lustful and risque for the camera is one thing, but faking true emotions is a whole other level of talent.

9 Disinterested Pattinson

Robert Pattinson Eclipse Behind the scenes

This is something people are more used to seeing. Clearly, a funny event just transpired, but Pattinson shows no interest in acknowledging the humor. Instead, he is transfixed on whatever is happening on the floor. Perhaps he is pondering his shoe choice for the day, or deciding what he is going to eat for lunch. The world will never know what he was thinking, but they will know that it was not about whatever everybody else is laughing about in the photo.

8 Director And His Stars

Chris Weitz, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson BTS

The man standing with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson is Chris Weitz, the director of New Moon. From looking at the filmmaker, one would assume he brought a slightly different vibe than Catherine Hardwicke did, but he proved the right person for the job when the film was released to massive success. Judging by Kristen and Chris' jackets, it would seem that Pattinson would be freezing his butt off in this snapshot, or maybe vampires do not mind the cold.

7 Long Hair Crew

Taylor Laughtner Kristen Stewart Nikki Reed BTS

People with long hair roll deep, but little did Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed know that Taylor was hiding a lie. Those long locks are not a natural creation, but a wig. To the delight of the actor, Jacob's flowing hair was ditched in the sequels for a shorter, more stylish look. We're not saying men cannot look great with long hair, as some of the most beautiful studs in the galaxy sport long, glorious locks, but less hair was a better choice for the character.

6 Whisked Away

Twilight BTS Hook on Taylor's back

Look out Taylor! Someone, or something, is coming to snatch you up, and it's happening too quick for anybody to do a darn thing about it. Kristen is pleading with everybody to be on their guard or else be grabbed by the hook, but no one wants to listen. They'll learn soon enough when one of their stars is consumed by whatever evil force is on the hunt. Like most horror stories, nobody wants to listen until it is too late.

5 Field Of Flowers

Twilight BTS in a flower field

How romantic; two lovers alone in a field, enjoying precious fleeting moments with one another. At least it would be sweet if there wasn't a whole crew setting up a shot. Just how do actors ignore all the ado around them and focus on their lines and actions? It's a mystery to most who aren't involved with the craft, but audiences are thankful that they do it so effortlessly. Most of the time, viewers forget there is a camera shooting the action.

4 Nothing To See Here

Twilight Saga Eclipse BTS

Of course, on the rare occasions when Robert Pattinson cracks a grin there is a lifeless body in the foreground. It's a nefarious smile as well, almost certainly solidifying his guilt in whatever took place. Hopefully the two actors are drinking plenty of hot cocoa, ensuring they stay warm while they are standing in snow, sans jackets. Many readers are probably catching frostbite just looking at this snapshot. Enduring extreme temperatures is just one of the sacrifices thespians must make for their art.

3 Taylor, Nikki, Kriste

Taylor Laughtner Nikki Reed Kristen Stewart BTS, this time Taylor has short hair

There is already a picture of these three actors above, but this one shows them a little older and with a different look. Kristen Stewart looks mostly the same, but Nikki Reed has her natural brown hair and Taylor has abandoned the infamous wig. The actor was vocal about his disdain for the hairpiece and was ready to get rid of it at the first opportunity. Why use a wig in the first place, considering the actor's hair is fine enough on its own.

2 Laughing Pattinson

Robert Pattinson Laughing

Given the frequency at which candid photos show the actor laughing or cracking a beautiful smile, it is starting to look like the man is more joyous than his onscreen personas would have one think. After all, actors are usually charismatic people. Commanding an audience is not something shy, reserved people often do. The extroverted behavior can sometimes be a lie, but the actions and gestures are still there. Whatever the case is, we just hope that Robert Pattinson is happy.

1 Wacky Face

Robert Pattinson Funny Face

The face alone would be grounds for adding to this list, but the posture really makes this snapshot stand out. We've all been here; leaning in with the intent of supporting one's self on a wall, only to misjudge the distance of said wall, creating an awkward leaning stance. Like everything Robert Pattinson does, though, he owns it and makes the gesture look effortlessly stylish, wooing anyone who glances at it for even a second and destroying marriages in the process.

What are your favorite moments from the Twilight films? Let us know in the comments!

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