Twilight: 20 Behind-The-Scenes Photos That Completely Change The Movies

Some people just want to enjoy movies for what they are, while others want to see what goes on behind the camera. Those who wish for the latter should be careful what they wish for, since there are some things that just cannot be unseen, as movie making can be a dirty process.

The Twilight Saga set teen and adolescent culture on fire for several years while its books and movie adaptations were unleashed upon the public.

No matter where one turned, they were likely to run into the vampire love story in one form or another.

Its fans took the franchise as serious as a heart attack, while its detractors lambasted the franchise with a passionate scorn that would make even the demons from hell's abyss think "dude, calm down, it's just a story."

The massive success of Twilight meant that the movies' productions were well documented by photographers.

As a result, they managed to capture many moments that would give people a new perspective of the films.

Maybe they are candid snapshots of the cast engaging in activities incongruous to their characters or photos exposing the tricks of movie magic, but they all are better left unseen for those who don't want their image of the films changed.

So buckle up and get ready to see these 25 Behind-The-Scenes Photos That Completely Change The Twilight Movies.

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Twilight Paper Stand ins for the wolves
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20 Fake Wolves

Twilight Paper Stand ins for the wolves

Many people are familiar with M.I.A.'s 2008 hit Paper Planes, but few are aware of paper wolves, as showcased in the above photo.

None of the actors seem to be paying them any mind, however. This makes sense as for them this is just another day on the set of a movie about vampires and werewolves.

The paper cutouts are used as stand ins for digital effects that will be created in post production.

This snapshot serves as a solid reminder of the difficulties acting in an effects heavy films.

Reacting to cardboard and men in suits as if they were real supernatural beings is not something just any average Joe off the street can do.

19 Nothing To See Here

Twilight Lifeless body BTS

Few people would say that film making is a simple process. Those who do are objectively wrong and should take a quick gander at this simple shot of a body made up to look lifeless.

All the camera seems to be shooting is a body on the floor, yet there is so much out of frame going on just to accomplish that.

A giant crane is suspending the camera, several large tarps block the sun, and numerous crew members are doing their job to pull off the shot smoothly.

All of this effort combines to get one camera angle that probably only lasts a few seconds. It goes to show that the hardest work goes into the tiniest details.

18 Tackling

Twilight BTS tackling a bag

It is difficult to deduce exactly what is going on in this image, but whatever it is, it sure looks like a lot of fun.

Two people are tackling a bag, one person is flying out of frame, and two people appear to be fighting in the background.

As haphazard as it may look, planning and executing action scenes generally takes meticulous planning to pull off safely.

Unless you are John Woo, then you just tell stuntman to throw themselves over railings and stairs and film it in slow motion with little regard to safety.

Obviously Woo never directed a Twilight feature, but one can still dream, right? Chow Yun-fat is still spry enough to play Edward Cullen.

17 Like The Camera Isn't There

Twilight behind the scenes

More often than not, most actors are not given enough credit for accomplishing a simple, yet surprisingly difficult task - making the audience forget that there is a camera.

Any non-actor would crack under the pressure of not stealing a quick glance into the lens, completely shattering the immersion movies strive for.

As this photo exemplifies, all three actors are stone faced and in character despite everything that is going on around them.

Props also have to be given to the crew members standing just out of frame, valiantly doing their arduous tasks even though the most recognition they'll get is a paycheck and their name slowly scrolling down the screen for a few moments at the end.

16 Belly Flop

Twilight Behind the scenes belly flop

This looks like it was shots moments before a disaster. The man jumping off the springboard appears to be just short of his mark, getting ready to eat the Earth instead of the soft blue cushion.

The man on the floor is bracing for impact, but probably realizes that it is too late to really do anything about it. Finally, the cameramen are there to capture it for posterity.

Maybe the stunt did go off without a hitch and no one was seriously injured. Regardless of what really happened, this photo is still cool.

Hopefully, everybody in the picture was left unscathed once the belly flopper hit the floor.

If there was an accident, somebody would have uploaded it to Youtube by now.

15 Rain Fight

Fight in the rain twilight BTS

Gene Kelly may have popularized singing in the rain, but has anyone tried fighting in the rain?

It's probably just as fun and, honestly, people will think you're less crazy than if they caught you singing. Either way, it is important not to dwell too hard on what others may think.

Rain always adds a layer of drama to whatever is transpiring on the screen. However, snow does the trick too.

There's a reason why so many romantic movies like Breakfast at Tiffany's and The Notebook have climactic encounters between the two leads while they are soaked in rainfall.

If any reader needs to deliver a heartfelt apology or proposal, be sure to check the forecast for precipitation beforehand.

14 Playing With Hair

Someone playing with Robert Pattenson's Hair

Some primates check their peers for lice and fleas as a show of affection.

It is highly doubtful that the woman in this photo is doing the same for Robert Pattinson, but this list is not going to speculate about they the famous actor's hygiene.

More likely than not, she is making sure the star's hair is in good condition for the shoot.

Edward Cullen's mop is unkempt and does not appear to need heavy maintenance.

However, this is a movie, and in films even the seemingly messy things take effort and care to look appropriate on camera.

So much work to make something look so messy, as if no work was done on it at all.

13 Happy Pattinson

Smiling Robert Pattenson

Here's a sight that is especially irreversible, even by the standards of this list. This is referring to, of course, the image of a smiling Robert Pattinson.

Maybe the movie star really does have a pleasant demeanor, and the dour attitude of his most iconic character, Edward Cullen, has spilled over into the image people have of him.

It is also entirely possible that he is smiling because this is from the last day of shooting. As many fans are probably aware, Pattinson is not a huge fan of the series.

It may have brought him more fame and money than any other role he has had thus far, but that does not mean he has like it.

12 Women Trio

Catherine Hardwicke, Kristen Stewart, Stephanie Meyer

Pictured here, from left to right, is Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke, Kristen Stewart, and franchise creator Stephanie Meyer.

What many people may not have seen until viewing this photo is just how much Stewart looks like she could be Meyer's daughter.

Meyer is a proud mother of three sons, so it would not be too much extra stress to add a daughter to the mix.

We're not going to say that maybe Stewart is a long lost daughter who was put up for adoption. Instead, we will say that if there were such a rumor, it would not be wholly unbelievable considering how similar they look.

11 A Little Privacy Would Be Nice

Jacob and Bella Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn: Part 1 deals with the dramatic birth of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen's child.

The sequence is filled with action as well as intimate moments between characters the audience has now been following for four movies.

While these moments are one on one in the movie, in reality there are a whole bunch of people packed onto the set besides the actors.

The closest non actors get to bearing their soul in public is during their wedding or a loved one's funeral, and that is something people know is coming and they can prepare for.

In Twilight, every emotional scene is done in front of people. That's the job, though, and usually the pay check is well worth the effort.

10 Still A Hottie

Robert Pattenson silly face

The possibilities are endless for what could potentially be going through Pattinson's mind at this moment.

Is he getting ready to sneeze, realizing how weird it is for someone to be holding an umbrella for him, or did someone just knock him in the head pretty hard?

Haters of the movie star would definitely love this shot, as they relish every chance to make him look foolish.

Looking at it objectively, though, even with that odd expression, he's still a total heartthrob.

Maybe if he flashed this look during any of the five films people would not have complained that Edward Cullen is bland and emotionless.

9 Piggyback Ride

Twilight Piggyback ride

The character of Edward Cullen is probably above sticking his tongue out when cameras are snapping photos, but Robert Pattinson certainly is not.

It is unknown exactly what is happening here, but it looks to be from the sequence in the first movie when Cullen swoops Bella out of his house and takes her on the most extreme piggyback ride of her life.

The guy whose back is facing the camera maybe is directing the actor on the shot, and Pattenson comically overreacts to a soft push.

No one could ever criticize the Englishman for overacting, so seeing this photo shines the actor in a new light, a light that cannot easily be switched off.

8 Proud Bella!

Bella Flexing her muscle

The crew must have strong negative feelings towards behind the scenes photos. If actors look silly, at least in the film they look dashing. all the people working outside of the frame, however, are only shown through these pictures, which can often be unflattering.

A prime example of this has to be the woman behind Kristen Stewart making some sort of weird expression.

Adversely, as silly as Stewart looks here, she is a key player in all five movies, so she has plenty of glorious screen time.

It still begs the question, what exactly is she doing here? Whatever it is, she seems to be proud of it, judging by the look on her face.

7 Fooling Around

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner

People occasionally treat the camera like a magnet for the tongue. Whenever it is time to strike a pose, they just cannot help but stick it out of their mouths for all to see.

Maybe they are just trying to be cute, but it does not work.

On the plus side, this is probably the closest people are going to get to seeing an enthusiastic Bella Swan.

One cannot ignore Lautner's presence in this shot either. Regardless of what people think of his acting, no one can deny the amount of work he did getting in to tip top shape.

Had he not done that, producers would have recast the role of Jacob.

6 Like A Normal Romantic Movie

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattenson with Coffee and a Bike

This shot looks like it belongs in a love story, but not one of the Twilight variety.

Instead of the obsessive stalker behavior that Edward engages in, maybe the two happen to meet on the street while Edward is walking with his morning coffee and Bella is parking her motorcycle.

Maybe Bella splashed some mud on Cullen's shoes as she pulled up and she profusely apologizes. Edward, being the easy going man he is in this scenario, laughs it off and finds her nervous apology irresistibly cute.

One thing leads to another an the two eventually go out, get married, and have a family together.

A meet cute like this, while adorable, would not have become the phenomenon Twilight is.

5 The Slate

Twilight Woman Doing The Slate

The one handed slate, a technique so advanced only the most seasoned veterans of the slate would have even think of attempting it.

This woman does it without even looking or giving it a second thought. Those just getting into the slate game could learn a thing or two from this photo.

In reality, that is almost certainly not what is going on. It looks a little more like the woman is turning her face in disgust after one of the actors just cut one loose.

Judging by the sinister grin on his face, Pattinson appears to have dealt it. At least they are in an open area so the smell will not linger for long.

4 Wolf suit

Kristen Stewart With Taylor Lautner in a suit

This right here is the epitome of acting. The fact neither of them are breaking into cacophonous laughter is highly commendable.

There's no way that the two of them did not have to spend a good amount of time giggling the ridiculousness of this image out of their system, though.

On the plus side, Lautner at least has to be a little happy with how nice the tight suit makes his muscles look.

In post production, a wolf will be Lautner's place. Luckily, wolves do not have arm pits so the effects crew could not put the pit stain in there even if they wanted to.

3 Strongest People In The World

Twilight Carrying Trees

Why can't real objects be as light as their prop equivalents? If it were that way, life would be so much easier.

When moving to a new home the biggest possessions would be a breeze to transport. As it is now, everything is so heavy and life is so difficult.

At least the props still have their uses, like trying to impress people by looking super strong. The actor in this photo has big enough muscles to make the act of carrying a tree upon his shoulders totally believable.

What is not believable is the rack of clothes hanging in the background. Who leaves their wardrobe sitting unattended in the middle of a temperate forest?

2 Green Screen

Robert Pattenson Walking Towards Green Screen

Some people walk off into the sunset, but Robert Pattinson is too artistic to do something so cliche. Instead, the movie star prefers to walk off into green.

With the markers on the green screen, it looks like it could be an unsettling image from an Alejandro Jodorowsky movie. This is not from El Topo or The Holy Mountain, but from Breaking Dawn: Part 1.

Of course the green screen is just a place holder for a backdrop that will be inserted during post production.

Green screen has gotten so advanced that much of the time it is used and the audience is none the wiser. It saves money and affords the film makers more control over the setting.

1 Chris Weitz

Chris Weitz directing new moon

This particular photo is from the set of New Moon. Chris Weitz was the director of the second entry in the massively popular franchise, and this photo showcases him in full force bringing the popular novel to the big screen.

Weitz previously directed The Golden Compass, another adaptation of a famous book. That film was derided for its deviations from the source material, so it is good to see he got a second chance at translating a novel to theaters.

By all accounts, his second try at it worked better than the first time. His upcoming film is Operation Finale, which is based on the true story of agents capturing escaped Nazi Adolf Eichmann in Argentina.


Which of these behind-the-scenes Twilight photos is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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