Twilight: 20 Weird Things Only True Fans Know About Renesmee Cullen

While she's only in one of the series' books, Renesmee Cullen is one of the most controversial figures within the Twilight universe. Not only is she the human-vampire hybrid daughter of Edward and Bella Cullen, conceived prior to Bella's transformation into a vampire, but she's the very cause of Edward agreeing to change his wife in the first place. Unwilling to "doom" Bella's soul like his own, Edward refused to give Bella the ability to remain ageless with him until his own kid threatened her life from the womb.

With an eerie precocious conscious even prior to delivery, Renesmee is nearly as creepy as Rosemary's baby or Michael Langdon from American Horror Story. The difference is that she's not a nefarious creature, despite what those who feel threatened by her believe. Renesmee proves herself to be kind and thoughtful, even if she remains unsettling. She redefines what it means to be an old soul, growing too rapidly for her parents to even enjoy her toddler years. Despite these rapid changes, she was played by the young actress Mackenzie Foy throughout each phase of her life.

Renesmee should never have been born, as the vampire ruling class banned human-vampire hybrid babies as being abominations. It's just one of the many ways in which she stands out among Twilight's other characters. Imprinted upon at birth by her mother's best friend, Renesmee Cullen had the odds stacked against her from conception. She still pulled through to the end of the series.

Here are 20 Crazy Things Only True Twilight Fans Know About Renesmee Cullen.

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20 Her Nickname Is Nessie

When Bella discovered that her friend Jacob Black had bestowed the nautical name "Nessie" on her daughter, she was furious. Honestly, given everything else happening in the book, a monster moniker seems like it should be the least of the new mom's worries. After all, Bella was the one who chose to name her daughter an invented combination of her own mother's name along with Edward's-- Renee and Esme.

Nessie actually sounds a lot less weird than "Renesmee," especially if the kid ever makes any friends and has to actually introduce herself. It's a good time to learn how to pick your battles, Bella. Worry about keeping your daughter safe from the Volturi.

19 She's A Mortal Hybrid

Renesmee in Twilight

One of the strangest things about Renesmee Cullen is that she's a human-vampire hybrid, something that sets her apart from the rest of her family. This is due to her conception, which occurred while Bella was still human. She's an unheard of creature, and even when Alice finds another person similar to Renesmee in terms of heredity and growth, she is still quite unique. She has supernatural abilities, for example, while the hybrid Nahuel does not.

Being a hybrid actually saved her life, since the penalty for transforming a child, who will never age and reveal the vampire world to humans much more obviously than a teen or adult vampire, is the most severe, life-ending consequence a vampire may experience.

18 She Was Originally A Creepy Animatronic

Renesmee is such a unique baby that the Twilight filmmakers originally cast an animatronic for her part. It's too bad that they wasted the money on the creepy creature, however, because after filming it they realized it was way too disturbing to use in the film. Its huge eyes, solemn face and general creepiness earned it the nickname "Chuckesmee," an homage to the evil doll, Chucky, that it sort of resembled.

When Rosalie held the creature in the film, it looked much more unnatural and unsettling than intended. Nixing the weird animatronic was one of the best decisions made in the production of the films. Renesmee has enough weirdness in her life without having to look like a nightmarish toy on top of it all.

17 She Can Communicate Via Touch

Renesmee has some keen supernatural powers, just like her parents. She can communicate without words, via touch, which she prefers when she's young since it's easier than expressing herself with words. Luckily she is also an extremely fast learner and seems to be highly intelligent, so this doesn't impede her speaking abilities in any way.

Several vampires in the Twilight franchise are known to have their own sort of "superpower"; an ability that reflects an aspect of they're personalities when they were alive. Edward is telepathic and Bella can shield others from psychic interference, so Renesmee's touch telepathy seems to be related.

16 She Was Delivered By Her Dad's Teeth

Plenty of new dads have had the honor (or the horror, depending on their point of view) of delivering their own children, but how many can say that they've performed an emergency C-section to remove their baby? Given that he had to jump-start due to Bella entering violent labor from a supernaturally strong, thrashing vampiric baby, Edward Cullen is surely one-of-a-kind.

Patients who undergo a crash C-section in an emergency are often given anesthesia to knock them out, particularly if there's high blood pressure and trauma occurring, but Bella was not only awake in horrible pain, demanding Edward to deliver their baby, but she also got to witness her husband use his vampire teeth to help deliver Renesmee.

15 She's Immune From Alice's Powers

Twilight Alice Scarf

It's incredibly frustrating for a vampire with supernatural abilities to meet someone who is immune to their powers. Bella's immunity to Edward's telepathic skills were a major complaint of the brooding vampire when they first fell in love, especially since it was his first time encountering a person whose mind he couldn't read. Alice can still predict Bella's future, however, which is why it was such a bummer for her when she discovered that Renesmee was immune to her powers of prediction.

Since Alice can't "see" hybrid futures, Bella's pregnancy removed her from Alice's vision, making her sister-in-law panic and call to confirm that she was still alive during Edward and Bella's honeymoon.

14 She's Imprinted With Jacob Black

Imprinting, or connecting with one's soulmate at first sight, is something unique to Jacob Black's Quileute shape-shifting family. He describes it not as love at first sight, but as becoming whatever that person needs, "whether that's a protector, or a lover, or a friend." Between two consenting adults it might seem quite romantic, but the way it happens with baby Resnemee and the young adult Jacob is weird. Plus, Jacob was just in love with Bella-- or at least thought he was. Was he just sensing the parts of Renesmee that Bella shares?

The protector and best friend elements were added to soften the nature of the relationship between Jacob and Renesmee, but his destiny to be her lover remains canon. We even get to see a vision of their future together as mates.

13 Jacob Black Also Almost Offed Her

You know it's true romance when your soulmate attack. That's the message we've received over and over from Twilight, including at the moment of Renesmee's birth. Jacob loved Renesmee's mother Bella and when he believed that giving birth to Renesmee had ended her life, he wanted to destroy Renesmee. Her life was saved when he imprinted as he looked into her eyes.

As alarming as it is that Jacob, believing that Renesmee's birth had resulted in the loss of Bella's life, decided to off the newborn baby right then and there out of revenge, it's really just a Twilight tradition.

12 Her Existence Nearly Got Her Family Extinguished

Michael Sheen as Volturi elder Aro in The Twilight Saga: New Moon

It's frustrating to witness how powerless the Cullens, a coven of humane vampires, are when it comes to the Volturi and their bloodthirsty ways. The Volturi's outdated laws and standards clearly need to be changed.

The Volturi nearly took out the entire coven because of Renesmee's birth, believing her to be a made vampire rather than a natural-born human-vampire hybrid. The Cullens were able to assemble many other vampire friends, some with cool abilities, to help provide testimony to her non-threatening nature and they made it through the encounter alive, but many fans wish they could have just taken out the Volturi in the process.

11 She Sleeps And Her Heart Beats

As a hybrid vampire, Renesmee has several features that the rest of her kind aren't able to enjoy. She has a rapidly beating heart, which might assuage her father's guilty conscious and obsession with being an evil creature who is damned to hell. Her veins and heart pump her own blood, giving her a much more human-like appearance than her family. Her skin, which isn't as hard as her parents', also doesn't sparkle like diamonds in the sunlight, but merely gives off an ethereal glow instead.

Renesmee is also able to sleep, which her parents might be envious of. While she does prefer human blood, she is able to survive on both animal blood and human food.

10 She's The Cause Of A Rare Great Vampire Gathering

In order to prove that their daughter is no threat to vampire, Edward and Bella assemble a large gathering of vampire friends to meet and attest to Renesmee's character and development not as a stagnant, vampire baby, but ad s growing child. While friends and acquaintances of the Cullens gather to meet the young hybrid and her mother, readers get to meet a wide variety of vampires from around the world.

For a kid who was pretty much just born yesterday, Renesmee is changing the vampire world in a huge way, serving as the catalyst for gatherings like this one and proving that outdated policies need revisiting. Perhaps there's hope that she could change the methods of the Volturi someday.

9 She Could Walk By Three Weeks Of Age

Renesmee's rapid development means that she does everything much earlier than a normal baby. Renesmee will never be the same weight or height as other babies her age because she'll have outgrown them all by years by the time her three-month checkup rolls around.

By three weeks of age, Renesmee is already walking, beating normal babies by months, and she can speak in full sentences by the end of her first week of life, when most babies can only cry and make random noises. By the time other babies are speaking, Renesmee is running, jumping, and wearing clothing from the children's department.

8 She Made Her Mom Crave Blood

Bella Swan Twilight Kristen Stewart Sick Face

Anyone who's been pregnant before knows what a battle it can be to provide adequate nutrition for a developing baby. Not only do you need to avoid certain foods and attempt to take in sufficient vitamins for yourself and the baby, but your body works against you, providing the developing fetus with vitamins before your body is able to access them.

Before Bella gave birth to Renesmee, the baby's need for human blood spread into her mother, who discovered that she needed to drink it in order to give her daughter the nutrients that she needed to live. While Bella didn't need the blood for her own survival, she does drink donated human blood before she becomes a vampire in order to give Renesmee nutrients.

7 She's Non-Venomous

One of the side effects of being a human-vampire hybrid rather than a full vampire is that Renesmee is non-venomous. Like the other hybrid female vampires, she doesn't carry the poison used to make new vampires, making her even less dangerous to the vampire community than the Volturi and their supporters suspected in the first place.

While Renesmee may have some healing capabilities, she won't be able to completely heal herself in the case of a large wound, like dismemberment, as a male hybrid is able to do. She might still smell like a vampire, but her non-venomous nature is thought by many fans to reflect her human side.

6 She Develops Consciousness And Makes Decisions In The Womb

One of the wildest things about Renesmee Cullen is her ability to not only communicate with her father, but to reason with him while inside the womb. It's may baffle us, but it reassures her dad, who, up until this point, treated her as a hostile parasite inflicting harm on his wife.

When Edward was able to sense Renesmee's love for her mother, he realized that she wasn't attempting to off her; she simply couldn't help her strength. Edward is also able to tell his daughter that she's harming her mother, and she's able to reason with the information and stop doing so much damage.

5 She Broke Her Mom's Ribs

Even those who don't like Bella Swan couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor woman during her wildly abnormal pregnancy, which not only progressed at an extremely rapid rate but also resulted in her nearly biting the dust in the process.

Renesmee might be a cute, sweet kid, but as a unborn baby she put her mother through the ringer. She drained Bella close to lifelessness, beat her up from her own powerful movements in the womb, and even managed to break her mom's ribs. It definitely wasn't an easy pregnancy, if such a pregnancy even truly exists in the first place.

4 She'll Be Fully Grown By Age Seven

Mackenzie Foy as Renesmee, Taylor Lautner as Jacob, Robert Pattinson as Edward, and Kristen Stewart as Bella in The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2

The fact that it will only take Renesmee seven years to reach adulthood makes no sense. There's no explanation given for this timeline, nor for why her age will freeze in young adulthood. It's senseless and random, seemingly designed only to age her up for Jacob.

Lots of writers find the daily struggles of parenthood too tedious for entertainment, leaving them to write kids in sporadically, aging them rapidly, or otherwise glossing over the kids' existence in the parents' lives. Bella and Edward have a pretty easy parenthood ahead of them once they manage to keep their daughter safe from the Volturi.

3 Jacob gave her a very personal Christmas gift

Many fans cringed at the thought of Jacob Black giving Renesmee the equivalent of a promise ring during her first Christmas. What should have been a time for playing with toys and enjoying what little childhood she had instead became a moment of weird romance that felt inappropriate to many people.

Jacob didn't gift her a ring, but the charm bracelet that he gave Renesmee was his tribe's equivalent of a promise ring, so it had the same implications. Her other gifts, such as a locket and MP3 player, are also much too old for a first Christmas, but appropriate for the rapidly ageing Renesmee.

2 Her First Act As A Newborn Was To Bite Her Mom

Many a new mom has experienced the pain of receiving a bite during breastfeeding, but not as many can claim the honor of having their newborn bite them in search of blood rather than milk. Renesmee Cullen might be a hybrid, but she certainly thirsted for blood, and once she smelled her mother's she instinctively bit down.

She automatically senses that her mother Bella is human and therefore food. This is a pretty distressing moment. Edward then hands off his baby to Rosalie in order to care for his wife, who is rapidly fading away after the painful ordeal of Renesmee's birth.

1 She Forms A Truce Between The Vampires And Werewolves Before She Can Walk

There's an ongoing bitter feud between the werewolves and vampires of Forks, with an uneasy truce. The wolves and vamps still abhor one another, and while Bella attempted to get her Quileute friends and her vampire family to play nicely together, the moment she was turned, she threatened their precarious alliance.

Her daughter, however, formed a truce between the vampires and werewolves before she could even walk. This was simply due to Renesmee imprinting with Jacob Black. He became her bodyguard, best friend, future husband, and so forth. As weird as that was, it did help create a stronger truce between the clans, since no wolf could harm a member's imprinted partner.


What other trivia do you know about Renesmee in Twilight? Let us know in the comments!

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