20A Difficult Pregnancy 

Being a human throughout her month-long pregnancy with her child, Bella’s body went through the proverbial (and literal) ringer. Most of the actions that a fetus does during a pregnancy are involuntary, so Renesmee didn’t mean anything by it. Even so, the physical drain of a rapidly maturing half-vampire fetus

coupled with stronger-than-average kicks wasn’t exactly smooth-sailing for Bella.

Renesmee broke her mother’s ribs. It is a tremendous toll on Bella’s body as well. When she goes into labor with her daughter, Bella is emaciated and had only been drinking blood rather than eating food. The delivery itself was pretty traumatic: Bella’s spinal cord snapped, her ribs were destroyed, and she lost a lot of blood. Luckily, she was injected with vampire venom in time to save her life.

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