20 Mistakes Fans Completely Missed In The Twilight Movies

Twilight Breaking Dawn Sequels

The Twilight movies aren't perfect — and not just in terms of plot. There are plenty of mistakes you may have missed over the course of the five movies. Maybe your focus was somewhere else on the screen. Maybe you tricked yourself into thinking you didn't really see something (or not see something).

Multiple takes and editing go into making the final product of a scene as it appears in a film. Sometimes, when those takes are put together, not everything is an exact match each time. Maybe a prop is in a different place — or not there at all — or a part of a costume or a hairstyle is different. The more obvious the change, the worse this kind of mistake is.

Maybe it's simply just easier to not have something happen all the time, like vampires sparkling in the sun. Maybe it's something that's done all too often in movies and television shows. When that's the case, maybe they just thought fans wouldn't notice. Or they thought they'd be so used to it, they'd accept the glaring mistake.

It's possible some of these mistakes could have been missed entirely, if not for the focus of a scene. In some cases, they were part of the central action and the camera zoomed in on the character involved.

Most of these mistakes should have been caught in editing and not been part of the final product. It might not have been possible for some to be changed, depending on the takes available. However, some could have been fixed.

Here are the 20 Mistakes Fans Completely Missed In The Twilight Movies.

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20 Vampires Don't Always Sparkle in the Sun

As is established with these vampires, they sparkle in the sunlight — at least when it's necessary for the plot. Edward sparkled when he revealed that ability to Bella. He also sparkled when he wanted to get the Volturis' attention so they'd end his life. He thought Bella had lost hers because Jacob told him Charlie was preparing a funeral.

However, there were many times in the movies where there should have been enough sunlight for a sparkle or two from one of the vampires.

For example, in Twilight, when Bella first saw the Cullens entering the cafeteria and when she and Edward were walking into school after she knew the truth.

In New Moon, it looked sunny enough for a ray when Edward joined Bella outside school.

In the field bookending Eclipse, Edward should have been sparkling the entire time.

19 The Disappearing Backpack in Twilight

Bella spent the first part of the first movie only suspecting something was different about Edward. Then she put the pieces together, did some research and figured it out. Instead of going into school one day, she walked into the woods, and he followed her.

She threw her backpack down by some trees, and then the truth came out. The focus was on their conversation, but her backpack — or lack of — in the background was distracting.

Throughout the scene when they talked about what he is, the bag appeared and disappeared from where she dropped it. Color can be seen among the tree branches and logs in a couple shots, but not all. This was true even when the camera was at the same angle.

18 The Boom Mic in Bella's Truck Window in Twilight

Bella's father got her a pickup truck as a homecoming present when she came to Forks, Washington. She drove the truck to her first day of school.

When she first pulled into a spot in the lot, there's a reflection of something in the window on the driver's side. It looked like a boom mic. If it was, it was likely there to pick up the sounds of conversations, including Bella and Tyler's exchange.

It lowered out of view in the window as the camera zoomed out as Bella got out of the truck.

If it was a boom mic, it could have been removed in editing. Either someone didn't realize what it was (or at least looked like) or missed it.

17 Bella's Hair Changed When Edward Saved Her in Twilight

Robert Pattinson as Edward and Kristen Stewart as Bella in Twilight

Bella was distracted in the school parking lot when Edward saved her life. She had headphones in and was looking at the vampire across the lot when a car almost hit her. Tyler lost control while driving and would have hit her if Edward hadn’t gotten between her and his car.

Her hair was outside the hood of her coat when she was first at her car and throughout the almost accident. It was outside the hood while she and Edward were staring at each other.

However, before Edward got up to leave, her hair was suddenly inside the hood of her coat. It stayed that way through the end of the scene while everyone else checked on her.

16 The Disappearing Grey Vest in Twilight

Twilight Tyler

When Bella first arrived at the high school, everyone noticed her as the new kid. Tyler sat against the car parked across from hers. His only outerwear was a red hoodie.

"Nice ride," he said of her truck — and was suddenly wearing a grey vest over the hoodie.

That vest disappeared by the time she said "thanks" a moment later. It was only seen when he commented on her vehicle.

It's likely he only had it on for one take, and they cut that exchange together from multiple takes. Someone simply didn't catch the continuity error.

If Tyler had just been another character in the background, maybe no one would have noticed. But he wasn't.

15 The Disappearing Book in New Moon

Twilight Book

At the beginning of the second movie, Bella dreamed about her aging while Edward looked the same. When she woke up from the dream, there was a Romeo & Juliet book on the pillow next to her.

Then her father entered her room with birthday presents from himself and her mother. The book was no longer on her pillow, and there wasn't a moment she could have moved it.

Bella took the camera he gave her and opened the scrapbook from her mother. Then, the book was back on her pillow after she opened her gifts. There was no explanation for what happened to it.

It was likely the result of cutting multiple takes together for the scene, but it should have been caught in editing.

14 The Changing Scarf Knot in New Moon

Twilight Alice Scarf

Though Bella didn't want to celebrate her birthday—or for anyone to know it was—Alice did. She jumped over the stairs at the school to wish her a happy birthday and give her a present.

Alice had already seen her open it and said she loved it. She also told her she was coming over to the Cullens' place for a birthday celebration. Alice then joined Jasper and walked away.

Throughout Bella and Alice's conversation, the knot on Alice's scarf changed, from loose to tight.

The positions of the ends of the scarf changed as well, from spread open to closely together.

It's a pretty obvious mistake because the camera focuses on Alice multiple times during the conversation.

13 The Placement of Jacob's Tattoo Between New Moon and Eclipse

Before Jacob's werewolf side was triggered, he was just the long-haired lovable best friend of Bella. Then, he was supposedly sick—at least that was what Bella thought—and she went to check on him. He'd changed by that point, and one of the changes (including a haircut and impressive body) was a tattoo.

When Bella and the audience first saw the tattoo, it was high on his arm in New Moon. It was almost at the top of his shoulder.

It seemed to move a bit lower on his arm in Eclipse. That was especially obvious when Bella went with him for protection. There had been an unknown intruder in her room, and they thought she'd be safe with the werewolves.

12 Jacob's Changing Shirt in New Moon

Jacob and Bella spoke about him becoming a werewolf and how his kind changed when vampires came to town. As they walked on the beach, his shirt changed color multiple times.

The only possible explanation for that is they put together multiple takes in editing for the scene.

As they spoke about vampires triggering the change, his shirt was grey. It changed to a shade of brown when she told him she didn't like his kind taking lives.

It was the grey one again when she worried the vampires he went after could hurt him. It was brown again when he said they ended Laurent's life.

It was grey again when he brought Bella home.

11 The Bandage on Bella's Cut Arm in Eclipse

Twilight Bella Edward Bandage

When Victoria had Riley assemble an army of vampires, she didn't enter the fight until mid-battle. Both she and the younger vampire she manipulated found Bella at the campsite where she was hiding with Edward.

Edward and Seth fought off Victoria and Riley, but they didn't always have the upper hand. To help them and save Edward, Bella cut her arm under her shirt sleeve. It did the job she intended it to do and distracted the two vampires.

After the fight ended, the line on her shirt where Edward ripped it to bandage her arm was visible. He also bandaged her wrist, where the blood had only dripped, not where the cut was. That would have done nothing to help her.

10 Victoria's Eyes After She Lost Her Head in Eclipse

Twilight Victoria

In the third movie, Victoria targeted Bella. She wanted Edward to lose the one he loved just like he took the one she loved from her. He and the rest of the Cullens took James' life in the first move to save Bella.

Edward fought alongside werewolf Seth against Victoria and a vampire she created, Riley. While Seth dragged off Riley, Edward took Victoria's life.

After she lost her head and it fell to the ground with her body, her eyes were wide open. When Bella then looked at her body and head, however, her eyes were closed.

There was no reason for that in the realm of Twilight. Vampires' eyes were open following the ends of their lives in the past, and that never changed—except with her.

9 Edward's Missing Ring in Breaking Dawn Part 1

The first part of the two movies for the final book of the series featured Bella and Edward's wedding. Following the ceremony and reception, they went off on their honeymoon, and the first stop was Rio. In the cab, he was wearing his wedding ring.

Then, they got out of the cab to explore the streets of Rio. When Edward kissed Bella, he wasn't wearing his wedding ring. He was wearing it again when they arrived at the island where they stayed for the next two weeks.

There was no explanation for that. Bella took off her engagement ring at times, which was understandable considering the size. However, that moment in Rio was the only time Edward didn't have on his ring.

8 Bella's Disappearing Sneakers in Breaking Dawn Part 1

Twilight Bella Edward Chess Game

Bella and Edward went to an island off of Rio for their honeymoon. In addition to hiking, chess and various activities, they went swimming. They went up onto the top of a waterfall, where Bella wore a bathing suit and a pair of sneakers. She jumped on Edward's back and still wore the sneakers.

However, when he jumped off the waterfall and into the water, she was barefoot. She was also barefoot when they were swimming in the water.

It made sense she wouldn't be wearing shoes in the water. They'd weigh her down — she wasn't clinging to Edward in the water — and take forever to dry.

But at no point did she take off the sneakers.

7 Bella's Lock Screen Call in Breaking Dawn Part 1

Twilight Bella Rosalie Call

During their honeymoon, Bella and Edward realized she was pregnant. While Bella focused on the impossibility of a baby, Edward worried about how it would affect her. He told her Carlisle would get the "thing" out of her, and they left the island to return home.

At the airport, Bella called Rosalie from the car for help.

However, all she did was push the button on her phone to turn on the screen. The lock screen was still visible, even while it was supposedly dialing Rosalie's number. They didn't even try to pretend it was a real call by bringing up the Contacts or Recent Calls screen.

This happens all too often in movies and television when it comes to phone calls.

6 The Blood on Edward's Face in Breaking Dawn Part 1

Twilight Edward Face

Bella’s pregnancy wasn’t an easy one, which was understandable since she was pregnant with a half-human, half-vampire baby. It only got slightly better for her when they realized the baby wanted and needed blood as nourishment.

When she went into labor, their doctor, Carlisle, was away hunting, leaving it up to Rosalie — then Edward, with his teeth — to perform a C-section. That led to blood getting on his face.

However, the blood changed after Renesmee’s birth.

At first, it was just around his mouth. Then there were faint dots on his cheekbone under his right eye. As the scene progressed, the blood under his eye became two smudges in a moment without him touching it.

5 Bella's Eyes As Edward and Jacob Tried to Save Her in Breaking Dawn Part 1

Kristen Stewart as Bella in The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1

Going into labor was just as hard on Bella as being pregnant was. From the beginning, it was a very real possibility that she'd lose her life during it. A woman who looked after the house they stayed in for their honeymoon predicted a grim outcome for Bella.

When Bella went into labor, those around her at the time did everything they could to deliver the baby. After the baby was out, however, things took a turn for the worse for her.

Bella saw her baby one time before they lost her. Edward and Jacob tried to bring her back to life, during which the position of her eyes changed. At first, they were wide-open in a couple shots. Then they were half-closed while Jacob performed CPR and Edward injected his venom into her heart.

4 Bella's Hair During Her Transformation in Breaking Dawn Part 1

Twilight Bella Hair

The Cullens were ready for Bella to turn into a vampire after she gave birth. Once he got their baby out of her, Edward injected his venom into her heart and bit her. Though it took a while, she did change.

Once they knew she was, they changed her into new clothes and waited for her to wake up. When she was lying down, however, she was lying on her hair, which was also under her shoulders. During her transformation, her body — and the position of her hair — changed.

Somehow her hair moved from under her to on top of her shoulders.

While she looked like she got a makeover once she was a vampire, her hair never moved.

3 Smudges on Alice's Note in in Breaking Dawn Part 2

Twilight Alice Note

After Alice had one of her visions, she and Jasper left the family before they all set out to find witnesses. They wanted people to attest to the fact that Renesmee was not an immortal child. She had been born, not turned into a vampire.

The only one Alice clued in on on her plan was Bella, because Aro couldn't read her mind. She left the family a note to gather witnesses and when to be ready on a page from The Merchant of Venice.

The paper was clean when the Cullens received the note. It was also clean when Bella looked at it again in her and Edward's home.

However, moments later, when Bella went to the bookcase to retrieve the book, there were smudges around Shakespeare's name on it.

2 Renesmee's Fingers on Aro's Face in Breaking Dawn Part 2

Though Aro saw the truth about Renesmee in her father Edward's mind, he wanted to meet the child. He held out her hand to her, but she reached up and touched the side of his face. That was her way of communicating and how she showed people things.

When the camera was looking at Aro's face, her fingers were below his sideburn. When the camera was behind him and looking over his shoulder, her fingers were higher on his face, on his sideburn.

Her fingers were also curled a bit when lower on his face and flat against him when higher up.

Her hand never moved, so the only explanation could be they used multiple takes.

1 Bella's Boots During the Possible Battle in Breaking Dawn Part 2

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

It's very common that women just don't wear appropriate footwear during action scenes in movies and television shows. This was true for Bella and the fight that could have occurred in the final Twilight movie. She apparently had time for a shoe change mid-battle.

She was wearing boots with heels when Aro threw her. She also had on heeled boots when she and Edward were on the ground planning their attack on Aro.

However, when Edward threw her at Aro, she had on flat boots. She was wearing those boots when she kicked the Volturi vampire as well.

A possible explanation is a stuntwoman was wearing the different shoes, but they shouldn't have made that costume mistake.


Can you think of any other mistakes that fans completely missed in Twilight? Let us know the comments!

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