13 Couples That Saved The Twilight Franchise (And 7 That Hurt It)

The Twilight franchise spanned four years (2008-2102) and five movies. First came Twilight, then New Moon, then Eclipse, then Breaking Dawn. The last movie was broken into two films, released one year apart. Even though the series was written by one writer in book and screenplay form - Stephenie Meyer and Melissa Rosenberg respectively - four directors helmed one each of the movies.

A script for Twilight had been in development since 2004, and it was drastically different from the book. Paramount sold the rights to Summit Entertainment, who promised Meyers a close and near-direct adaptation of her novels.

Regardless how the book would have translated to the screen, one thing that most likely wouldn’t have changed was the number of couples in the Twilight franchise. As the movies progressed, the number of characters and groups of people (both human and supernatural) increased quickly.

Everyone who’s seen the Twilight films or crossed them in passing are probably aware of the main relationships, but there are also minor couples that contribute vastly to the lore and plot of all five movies. That sort of contribution may not be obvious on one or two viewings.

Whether a main character or secondary couple, they've all had an opportunity to be a positive or negative force in the movies. Some relationships did hurt the movies, but some were positive enough to save a scene or single movie - or even the whole franchise.

Here are 13 Couples Who Saved The Twilight Franchise (And 7 Who Hurt it).

20 Saved: Carlisle & Esme Cullen

Carlisle and Esme Cullen should be called “Love Mentors.” They are esteemed members of the Olympic coven in the Twilight franchise, but they don’t let that go to their head.

The rest of the coven, especially non-family members, look up to Carlisle and Esme as the perfect parental figures.

That’s not an overstatement. The couple is quick-thinking, smart, and funny, playing off each other in amazing ways. It’s like they are one person when they are together.

But most importantly? They love each other and have no qualms about displaying this love in public or in front of others. The spontaneity makes their feelings true.

19 Saved: Alice Cullen & Jasper Hale

Jasper and Alice Twilight

Alice Cullen has the ability to see the future, and Jasper Hale is pathokinetic, someone who can manipulate and feel others’ emotions. And because of Jasper’s ability, he fell in love with Alice.

Alice came up to Jasper in a diner like they already had known each other for a long time. She said to him that he’d “kept her waiting a long time.” Although confused by this woman, he felt the joy in Alice’s emotions, and it impacted him immensely.

He did act like the new Cullen member he was - shy and reserved - but he changed a lot for Alice to be with her and her family. He became a vegetarian and found it a better lifestyle than he was already living. In effect, Alice saved Jasper from negative emotions of “victims” when he had to feed.

18 Hurt: Jacob Black & Renesmee Cullen

Jacob and Renesmee Twilight

Although Jacob Black had been in love with Bella, she ultimately chose Edward. As a “shape-shifter” in the Quileute tribe, he has an extremely unique ability to imprint. Imprinting is an internal mechanism - and involuntary - that allows the Quileute to seek their soulmates.

By itself, imprinting is fine, but when it’s done like Jacob does it, it’s strange.

When Bella had her daughter, Renesmee, Jacob imprinted on her when she was a baby.

It’s important to realize that Jacob isn’t in love with her in the traditional sense, but he will be a brother to her - that is until Renesmee “comes of age.” At this time, Jacob and Renesmee might develop deep, romantic feelings for each other. This is just flat-out creepy.

17 Saved: Edward & Bella

Edward and Bella's Wedding, The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part One

Whether you hated Edward and Bella as a couple (played by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart respectively) or not, the films’ focus on them was critical. Yes, they were the main two people the Twilight franchise was about, but why they saved the movies went deeper.

Some viewers disliked the actors; some fans found the characters on-screen too angst-ridden and whiny. And yet, their eternal love for each other was evident from the first moment Edward and Bella saw each other. The two never deviated from their convictions, and they kept their motives pure.

I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him,” Bella says in Twilight. She knew it, and if you rooted for Edward, then you jumped on the Team Edward train.

16 Hurt: Sam & Leah

Leah Clearwater

Sam Uley and Leah Clearwater dated for three years. She was deeply in love with him, but one day, when Leah was a junior in high school, Sam vanished. That devastated Leah.

After two weeks, Sam returned, not giving any reason for disappearing. It was clear to Leah that something had changed in Sam. Leah did give him some space to figure things out, but all that went out the window when Emily came to visit. Sam imprinted on her immediately and broke up with Leah the same day.

Sam's rejection of Leah changed her. She became bitter and closed-off.

A man doing that to someone he was supposedly in love with isn’t the showcase of a model relationship.

15 Saved: Emmett Cullen & Rosalie Hale

Emmett Cullen and Rosalie Hale share the same birthday, and they are very similar in other ways as well. Both are “physical people” and would prefer to “take action” instead of “thinking firsthand” and do anything necessary to “achieve their goals,” according to Stephenie Meyer.

Their love wasn’t shallow, and they weren’t “obsessed” with each other. When Bella and Edward got together, they even found common ground there! Both didn’t care for Bella, even though Emmett came around first. Rosalie disliked Bella mainly because Rosalie wanted a human life.

However, it’s clear that Rosalie would never enjoy being a human without the love and friendship of Emmett.

14 Hurt: Jacob & Bella

Mackenzie Foy as Renesmee, Taylor Lautner as Jacob, Robert Pattinson as Edward, and Kristen Stewart as Bella in The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2

For the most part, Jacob was obsessed with Bella, but it was more of an infatuation when you dissect his attraction to her.

In New Moon, Jacob and Bella become close. Looking at the way their friendship evolves on screen, it could definitely classified as complicated.

Jacob knew Bella was involved with Edward, but it didn’t stop Jacob from pursuing her.

Over time, however, their bond became brother and sister-like.

At least Jacob found the strength to keep his feelings inside while he protected her during Edward’s absence.

13 Saved: Sam & Emily

Sam and Emily Twilight

If you can forget how Sam and Emily’s relationship started, then it’s easy to see why this couple helped the Twilight franchise. Emily's cousin Leah was Sam’s girlfriend for 3 years, but Sam ultimately imprinted on Emily, which started their relationship.

Sam had actually injured Emily during an argument when Emily was trying to force Sam back with Leah. Distraught over what he’d done, he wanted Emily to tell him to do whatever was necessary so he wouldn’t feel pain from what he’d done. At that moment, Emily understood how connected she and Sam were. And she realized she wasn’t complete without him.

Emily also stood up for Sam’s tribe after she was hurt so they wouldn’t be exposed - and Sam wouldn’t get in trouble.

12 Hurt: James & Victoria

James and Victoria

Antagonists to Edward and Bella (and the Cullen family), James and Victoria never had the natural desire for each other that some couples had in Twilight. James has the ability to track anything while Victoria expertly evades danger.

Most of the attraction came from Victoria: she loved his power and felt he had a strange honesty in his intentions and confidence.

James just wanted Victoria around for her ability.

Victoria’s devotion is much clearer in the movies than James’s was.

When James is dispatched in Twilight by the Cullen family, Victoria swears revenge and goes hunting for Bella so Edward will feel the same pain she did. Eventually, because of the Quileute wolves, Victoria’s plans are thwarted, and she disappears.

In the books, Victoria and James became bitter enemies.

11 Saved: Charlie Swan & Sue Clearwater

Charlie and Sue Twilight

Although Charlie Swan and Sue Clearwater didn’t become a couple until Breaking Dawn, their companionship is compassionate, loving, and strong. This helps greatly because Charlie slowly loses the support of his best friend, Billy Black, throughout the series

His daughter Bella was worried about Charlie’s loneliness until Sue came into the picture.

She said, “I’m so glad Charlie’s found someone to take care of him.

Sue is there in so many capacities. Charlie still has trouble adjusting to the new world of vampires and werewolves and leans on Sue for help in learning and coming to grips.

Most important in this relationship is that Sue keeps him company. And she does everything in her power to keep Charlie safe from the Volturi.

10 Hurt: Mike Newton & Jessica Stanley

Mike and Jessica

You had Team Edward and Team Jacob, but there was a small faction of fans who were Team Mike.

Played by Michael Welch and Anna Kendrick respectively, Mike and Jessica were the least stable of nearly all the couples in Twilight.

Mike was quick with a joke, flirty, and became one of the more popular ones in high school. He did date a number of the popular girls and was interested in Bella when she started attending the same school. Jessica also was popular but was never completely loyal to those she hung out with.

In the films, they dated in their sophomore year, broke up, then apparently got back together some time before Bella and Edwards’ wedding. Mike was smitten by the Denali sisters (Tanya, Kate, and Irina), while Jessica was jealous of Bella for “winning” Edward’s love.

9 Saved: Benjamin & Tia

Benjamin and Tia Twilight

In the 1800s, Benjamin and Tia went under the care of the same caretaker. During this time, they became close. Benjamin eventually disappeared for some reason, and Tia’s uncle passed away. It was assumed Benjamin was no longer alive.

Tia worked as a clerk, married, and lived in Suez. Se didn’t love her husband, although her life was a little better and she was happy. However, Benjamin couldn’t stay away from Tia. He returned to her and explained everything that happened and was prepared for Tia to live out her life as a human.

Tia decided to become a vampire the minute he came back to be with her.

The couple was witness for the Cullens when the family stood in front of the Volturi.

8 Saved: Angela Weber & Eric Yorkie

Eric and Angela from Twilight

Do you like cute couples? Then look no further than Angela Weber and Eric Yorkie. This relationship was only in the Twilight movies. In the books, the characters were with other people.

Eric did have a crush on Bella in the first movie Twilight until Angela asked Eric to prom. Angela was confident when questioned about it: “I just asked him. I took control.

They don’t make many more appearances after the first movie, but the scenes they are in are beyond adorable.

Their prom pictures show them as a couple in love (even though in New Moon, Eric still has an odd infatuation with Bella.) Their banter back and forth in later movies are fun. In a deleted scene in Eclipse, you learn that Eric is attending a college close to Angela’s.

7 Hurt: Paul Lahote & Rachel Black

Paul and Rachel Twilight

Rachel Black is the older sister of Jacob Black and daughter of Billy and Sarah Black. Paul Lahote is the 3rd in command of the Uley pack; he also has a temper that was enhanced when he was changed to a shape-shifter.

Paul imprinted on Rachel and told her all about the pack and the tribe’s magical ability. Rachel had no issues with this and stayed in La Push - albeit reluctantly - to see how the couple would progress. Her expectations still revolve around Paul leaving with her one day.

Some of Paul’s temper has subsided, but he still does things without telling Rachel. For example, Paul tries to get Jacob to hit him and wants Jacob to promise not to let Rachel know.

6 Saved: Peter & Charlotte

Peter and Charlotte Twilight

Peter and Charlotte are close friends with Jasper Hale. This couple comes from the Mexican vampire coven and are basically nomads, roaming the United States. They appeared in Breaking Dawn, Part 2.

The couple met when Peter’s leader of the coven, Maria, was recruiting for her “army.” Charlotte was in the wrong place at the wrong time and turned into a vampire. However, Charlotte was having issues with the transformation. Potentially, she could lose her life and Peter wanted Maria to save her. Maria refused.

They escaped together, made it to the northern U.S., and started a new and peaceful life.

They stuck together for the rest of the series, even when witnessing for Bella and Edward about their daughter despite the danger of doing so.

5 Saved: Laurent & Irina

Laurent and Irina's attraction to each other was obvious.

She tried to help him get used to his new vegetarian diet, and he made an effort for her, but occasionally cheated when the urge to feed became too strong. Victoria asked Laurent to find Bella as a favor to her, and it was supposed that he would return to Irina when that task was completed. The bond between Laurent and Irina was just that strong.

When he was eliminated by the Uley wolf pack, Irina blamed the Cullens. She tried to convince the Volturi that Renesmee was immortal so they would deal with the child and Cullens, but the Volturi discovered she was lying.

4 Saved: Eleazar & Carmen

Eleazar and Carmen Twilight

Another pair of vegetarian mates are Eleazar and Carmen, who were played by Christian Camargo and Mia Maestro. Eleazar first met Carmen when he was part of the Volturi, but Carmen wasn’t invited in because she didn’t have any skills or powers.

Growing weary of the Volturi, Eleazar detached from the group. He and Carmen found a life with the Denali sisters.

Edward describes them best, saying, “When Eleazar found Carmen, he found his place in this world.

They both seemed like lost souls, becoming stronger when they were together.

Edward adds, “They are very similar people, both very compassionate for vampires.” This couple also becomes a witness for the Cullens during the Volturi trial.

3 Hurt: Quil & Claire

Quil from Twilight

The relationship between Quil and Claire hurts Twilight for similar reasons Jacob and Renesmee’s does. Quil was early in his transformation as a shape-shifter when Claire and her sister visited their cousin Emily. Quil stopped by while the children were there and imprinted on Claire, who was just a toddler at the time.

This shocked Emily and the wolf pack because the myth about shape-shifting tribes imprinting on children was now true. Some of the characters find the imprinting and relationship odd and creepy, like Bella, but Jacob is quick to reassure everyone that Quil is just a big brother for now.

By Breaking Dawn, Claire is more possessive of Quil. It’s still possible that they won’t become a couple, but the fact that children are imprinted on is still creepy.

2 Saved: Kate & Garrett

Kate and Garrett Twilight

Kate and Garrett don’t meet until the Cullens ask for their help. Soon after, they fall in love.

Kate has the power of creating an electric jolt to anyone that touches her. Kate is part of the Denali cover, but Garrett is a nomadic vampire.

Right before the Volturi confrontation, Garrett is heard telling Kate, “If we live through this, I’ll follow you anywhere, woman.” One testament of their love was when Kate’s sister Irina is eliminated by the Volturi.

Garrett holds Kate back, even though he’s being constantly shocked by her.

He’s willing to endure this to save her life.

Garrett joins the Denali coven for her. The biggest challenge to their relationship is that Garrett must adapt to be a vegetarian and Kate must try for monogamy for the first time.

1 Saved: Amun & Kebi

Amun and Kebi

Amun and Kebi have been together for a long time - perhaps millennia. They are high up in the Egyptian coven and survived when their coven was destroyed by Volturi. They appear in Breaking Dawn, Part 2, played by Omar Metwally and Andrea Gabriel.

Amun helped start the Egyptian coven and chose Kebi to be his mate. An Egyptian slave, Kebi had a beauty and loyalty that impressed Amun. During Kebi’s vampire transformation, Amun fell deeper in love with her.

At first, their relationship wasn’t based on them being equals, but that changed when they survived the attack. Kebi followed Amun and helped start a new coven with new members who had powerful talents.

Although it’s clear they love each other eternally, it’s also clear that Kebi listens to Amun without issues and follows Amun’s direction without question.


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