10 Hysterical Twilight Logic Memes Only True Fans Understand

Twilight is mostly just for the fans, but even they have to admit that sometimes its logic is weird, just like in these memes!

The first Twilight movie was released back in 2008, but even eleven years isn't enough time for us to put Twilight memes to rest. They deserve to be seen, especially as true fans reminisce on every facet of the books covered in the movies. The truth held within their borders will have you laughing until you cry as the truth of the movie is revealed once again.

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There are several logic memes about this movie franchise that are disturbingly hilarious when you stop to think about it. These may not make sense to those who have never dove headfirst into the series, but the real fans will be wiping the tears from their eyes. Keep reading to see ten hysterical Twilight memes only true fans understand!

10 Cold Weather Clothing

It is understandable that vampires need to fit it in with their human counterparts, but in this scene, they are in the middle of nowhere and still decided to put on warm clothes. They do not need to wear anything at all due to their naturally cold-blooded nature, but for some reason, they were dressed for the weather. It still boggles our mind to this day and we question the mindset of the person who decided they should wear these outfits, but we guess it is one of the many unsolvable Twilight mysteries.

9 What Happens When You Watch It Backwards?

It can be quite concerning to think that if you watch it backward, it appears that Bella is running from an athletic stalker. The entire premise of the movie leaves us on our toes as we question Bella's sanity to desire a vampire. The implication of it boggles our minds and some are right in thinking that Bella's choices should have reflected what happened when you play it backward. She should have run for the hills, but instead, she raced headfirst toward danger.

8 They Could Have Cured Cancer By Now

It is obvious that the Cullen family has centuries of experience in their heads, so why have they not figured out how to cure cancer? Carlisle even had a passion for caring for the sick, so one would assume that he could have found a cure for cancer, or at least would have searched for it. It is hard to believe that Carlisle as a licensed professional doctor would have only focused on basic medicine practices, instead of working to better the field for himself and others.

7 When He Watches Her Sleep...

It is made known that Edward sneaks into Bella's room at night and watches her sleep. This at the top of every stalker list, but Bella finds it normal and even encourages the behavior. We all just wanted Bella to realize that this was not normal behavior and she should have put an end to it immediately.

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He might have been a dreamy vampire to her, but in real life, this would not have been okay on any level and she would have called the police. When you think about it, Bella probably would have called the police if it had been Mike Newton sneaking in because she held them to different standards.

6 Why Do They Sparkle?

This is a question on everyone's mind as the vampires in this movie sparkles, rather than disintegrate in the sunlight. There is no explanation as to why they do this, compared to older folklore, but it does play a major role in different parts of the movie.

We watch as Edward seeks the wrath of the Volturi by exposing himself, but again, it is still unclear how the lore behind their species could have grown so muddled as to suggest their death in sunlight. It is understood they had tried to stay hidden, but with that many vampires, there is no way no one had any idea that they glittered like a thousand diamonds.

5 How Bella Should Have Reacted

It was undeniably creepy when Edward revealed that he sneaked into her room every night for months. Bella was okay with it, but any sane person would have kicked him out and asked for a restraining order.

It is obvious that Bella is never in her right mind as she lets things slide that would never fly in the real world and she takes his status as a vampire in stride, but this just isn't right. We fear for her mentally as she willingly accepts the things he does as normal, but that still doesn't stop us from watching the movies over and over again.

4 Bella's True Role

It is a general rule that the main lead in a film or book is responsible for accomplishing something throughout their timeline, but Bella was pretty useless. She was basically nothing more than a dusty old trinket on the shelf and did more harm than good when it came to encountering villains.

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She might have had the ability to shield those around her, but she didn't even get to use it because Alice put an end to it all before the fighting even began. The jury is out according to this meme and their original claim still stands.

3 Jasper's Ability to Manipulate Emotions

Jasper might not have had super speed or super strength, but he could manipulate emotions. They tended to downplay his role in the movies and actually had his abilities shown at the wrong times.

It was insinuated that Jasper could manipulate Bella's emotions, but how is that possible when she was able to shield her mind? Bella should never have been affected by his powers, and we are still left a little confused as to why they thought this was logically acceptable.

2 Beastiality or Necrophilia?

You probably didn't think of it like this, but Bella basically chose between forming a relationship with an animal or a corpse. We are really not sure which one is worse as they are both equally mortifying, but now that this logic is out there we can't get it out of our heads.

We could say this was uncalled for, but the truth is that it is right on the money. The truth can hurt sometimes, and this is one of those moments where it didn't strike home.

1 Our Love For Twilight

When Twilight first came out many of us were ecstatic because we had read the books and fell in love with the tale, but the reactions to the movie destroyed some of that magic. We held our excitement inside and chose not to reread the books in public for fear of someone catching us in the act of liking Twilight.

The good news is that now that many of us are adults, we have rediscovered our old love for the movie. We are now old enough to understand that other people's opinions don't matter and we can now logically gush over the beautiful illogical failures that make up the Twilight movies.

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