Twilight: 25 Things That Make No Sense About Alice And Jasper's Relationship

Twilight is a worldwide phenomenon. The books and movies are extremely popular. And yet, like everything, they have their flaws. Some things simply don't make sense when it comes to the characters and their relationships. One such relationship that doesn't always make sense is the relationship between Alice and Jasper. Though fans love both the characters and the relationship, there are still some things that puzzle them. For example, why do Alice and Jasper share a room if only Alice decorates and uses it? Why don't they pretend to be the same age and graduate together in the books? How are they attracted to each other even though they're extremely different?  These are the questions that haunt many fans.

Alice and Jasper most likely aren't written with so many inconsistencies on purpose. Yet it's still worth it to question them and try to figure out why they might exist. One possible explanation is that since Alice and Jasper are secondary characters, Stephenie Meyer and the writers of the movies did not pay as much attention to Alice and Jasper and their relationship. as they would with, say, Edward and Bella. Another possible explanation is that Alice and Jasper, as characters sometimes do, took on a life of their own. This is easy to believe with Alice since she has such a strong personality, though with Jasper it's slightly less believable. Luckily, for the fans, we are here to attempt to explain the inconsistencies and offer possible explanations for them.

Here are 25 Things That Make No Sense About Alice and Jasper's Relationship. 

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25 Alice And Jasper Share A Room, But Only Alice Uses It

According to Stephenie Meyer herself, Alice and Jasper do indeed share a room. However, according to the author, Alice is the only one who has decorated the room. Jasper apparently has a study that he has decorated to his liking, while Alice decorates their room. Alice has a strong personality, so in a way this makes sense. Yet it also doesn't. You'd think Jasper would want to decorate at least part of the room. He's bound to spend some time in there, after all. One possible explanation is the one given by Stephenie Meyer herself. Since as vampires, Alice and Jasper don't sleep, the room situation is kind of complicated.

24 They're Not Complete Without Each Other

This is kind of cute, but also weird. Not only are they not complete without each other, but they never were, according to Stephenie Meyer.  Alice and Jasper were both incomplete and waiting for their other half to complete them. This is strange, to say the least. Though many people in relationships talk about their other half, most people don't view themselves as incomplete people, just waiting to be completed. The fact that Alice and Jasper would be that way, therefore, doesn't make sense to many fans. One possible explanation for this strange proclamation is that Stephenie Meyer sees Alice and Jasper as a couple that is meant to be.

23 They Only Got Married Once

Alice And Jasper In Breaking Dawn

You would think that Alice would have fun planning multiple weddings. And given her strong personality, that Jasper would eventually give in. Yet apparently not. The couple, unlike their siblings Rosalie and Emmett, have only gotten married once. According to Stephenie Meyer, this shows that Alice and Jasper have the deeper relationship. Yet that doesn't make sense. If anything, renewing your vows over time would strengthen a relationship, not weaken it. So we're going to have to disagree with Stephenie Meyer on this one. One possible explanation, besides Stephenie Meyer's own, for this is that Alice prefers planning parties for others rather than for herself. Also, perhaps Jasper, who is a bit shy, doesn't like the spotlight that a wedding would put on both of them.

22 Alice Is Jasper's Entire Life

Again, this is cute but weird. Of course your significant other would me a big part of your life. But not your entire life. Everyone needs other people and things in their life. Unless Jasper's an exception to that rule but we don't think so. Of course he loves Alice. That needs no explanation. But that he loves her so much that she's his entire life? That's a bit questionable. Many fans are likely wondering why. One possible explanation for why Jasper and Alice were written this way is that, as is mentioned before, Stephenie Meyer views them as a couple that is meant to be.

21 They Disagreed On Bella At First

Kristen Stewart as Bella in Twilight

Although they are a couple, they don't always agree. When Alice and Jasper first met Bella, they had completely different opinions of her. Alice was excited for Bella to join the family and for Edward to finally find his perfect match. Jasper, on the other hand, saw Bella as a threat that needed to be eliminated. Why such different opinions? For such a well-matched couple, you'd think they'd agree on everything. Including Bella. In fact, Jasper's early opinion on Bella is most likely surprising to many fans. One possible explanation for this difference of opinion is that Jasper was taught to eliminate threats. So perhaps he sees them everywhere, even when they're not there.

20 They Don't Pretend To Be The Same Age

Alice Edward and Jasper Twilight

That's right. Jasper pretends to be older than Alice. He even graduates before her in the books. But why? Wouldn't it make sense for them to pretend to be the same age? Especially since they are actually a couple. That way there'd be no obvious age difference for human outsiders to pick on. Although perhaps for a vampire, age differences aren't a big deal. One possible explanation for this is that the Cullens tend to just go with whatever works. Jasper and Rosalie pretending to be biological siblings works, so they go with it. Since Rosalie pretends to be older than Alice, Jasper would need to as well.

19 Alice Gave Jasper Hope From The Beginning

Jasper and Alice Twilight

It's sweet, it really is. But how? How does this work? How can Jasper trust Alice so easily given his past? These are questions that likely haunt many fans. One possible explanation for this is that when writing the books and the movies, the writers of each respectively did not think that much about Alice and Jasper's relationship. The story is about Edward and Bella, after all. Alice and Jasper are secondary characters. For plot reasons, Jasper needs to trust Alice and so he does. Another possible explanation is that Alice gives Jasper hope and so he throws caution to the wind. Although that doesn't make much sense either. More on that later.

18 Alice Waited So Long For Jasper

This is also kind of sweet, but strange. Why didn't Alice go find Jasper earlier? Was she not ready to meet him? Did she not have enough visions of him in order to find him? One possible explanation for this is that Alice wanted to prepare for their new life before meeting Jasper. She wanted to be the perfect vampire to join Carlisle's family. Another possible explanation is that Alice sensed that Jasper himself wasn't ready to meet her yet. Whatever the case may be, Jasper certainly made Alice wait.

17 Jasper Is Overprotective Of Alice

It would be kind of sweet if it wasn't so strange. In cases where one person can't take care of himself or herself, it makes sense to be a bit overprotective. But in cases where both people are perfectly capable, it doesn't really. One possible explanation for this is that Stephenie Meyer believes that being overprotective is an attractive trait in a man. It shows how much he cares about his significant other. Yet it still doesn't make much sense. Jasper knows that Alice can take care of herself in any situation and his actions should show that.

16 Alice Takes The Lead In Their Relationship

Alice in Twilight

This is pretty cool, don't get us wrong. Yet it doesn't make much sense. Given Jasper's past as a leader, you'd think they'd be more balanced in that regard. Instead, Alice is in control of the relationship all the time. One possible explanation for this is that Stephenie Meyer wanted to suggest that Jasper is the more reserved and less controlling one in the relationship. Or perhaps she wanted to turn gender roles on their head and show a woman in control of her destiny and a man simply accepting his.

15 They Are Attracted To Each Other Even Though They're So Different

If you look at them closely, Alice and Jasper seem to be opposites in many ways.  For example, Alice has a very strong personality while Jasper is more reserved. Alice likes to just have fun while Jasper prefers more scholarly pursuits. Of course, opposites can attract but this much? It makes many fans wonder if the couple would even be a couple in reality. They're so different that it seems nonsensical sometimes that the two of them could get along so well.

14 They Seem To Fit Perfectly And Have No Issues

Alice And Jasper Graduate Together In The Twilight Saga Movies

Every couple has their issues. Unless you're Jasper and Alice. Sure, they disagreed on Bella at first, but that soon changed and the two of them voted for her to join their family.  They tend to present a united front most of the time, and don't really seem to argue over much. Given how different they are, this doesn't make much sense. They're bound to clash sometimes. One possible reason for this confusing representation of a relationship is that Stephenie Meyer believes that it makes Alice and Jasper look like a better, healthier couple.

13 Jasper Goes "Vegetarian" For Alice

It's sweet, but would it work, realistically? Would Jasper truly be able to maintain a "vegetarian" vampire lifestyle if he wasn't dedicated to it himself? Given what we know about vampires in the Twilight universe, it seems unlikely. Vampires go into a kind of frenzy when around human blood. The "vegetarian" vampire lifestyle is a sacrifice that the Cullens make because they want to. So Jasper doing it for Alice doesn't really work, does it? With this kind of thing, you'd have to do it for the right reasons and for yourself, not for someone else.

12 Jasper Stays With The Cullens For Alice

Again, it's sweet, but would it work? Probably not in reality. Joining the Cullen family and embracing their odd--for a vampire in the world of Twilight--lifestyle would have to be done voluntarily. It would have to be done for the right reasons and for your own reasons, not anyone else's. So Jasper going to the Cullens because of Alice doesn't quite make sense. What would make him stay with them if he only went with them for Alice in the first place? What would keep him there and what would make him embrace their odd life?

11 Jasper Never Questions Alice

This one really makes no sense. Given Jasper's past, you'd think it'd take time for him to break his walls down. To truly let someone like Alice in and trust them. Apparently not. This can again be explained by plot reasons. Jasper needed to trust Alice so he did. Although it would have made more sense if it was a gradual thing, rather than instantaneous. Jasper slowly learning to trust would have made for a much more interesting and more realistic backstory.

10 They Aren't As Affectionate In The Books

This makes no sense. Stephenie Meyer builds Alice and Jasper up to be this couple that is fated to be together. They're so compatible it doesn't even make sense. And then they're...somehow against public displays of affection? Many fans likely find that hard to believe. Though some may say that Alice and Jasper are just trying to blend in and sell the whole sibling thing, that's somewhat hard to believe. Especially when it's sort of an open secret. If everyone knows anyway, why not go for it and show some affection in public? It can't hurt.

9 Alice Fell In Love With Jasper Because Of Visions

Alice Premonition Twilight

How does this make sense? How could Alice fall in love with Jasper without really knowing him? Sure, stranger things have happened in the world of Twilight, but this still doesn't make sense to many fans. This is another situation where a more gradual approach would have worked better. Alice being intrigued by Jasper and wanting to know more about him after her visions makes perfect sense. Falling in love? Now, that's stretching it a bit. One possible explanation for this is, again, that Stephenie Meyer sees Alice and Jasper as a couple that is meant to be together.

8 Alice Is So Sure Jasper Will Go Along With Her When They Meet

Alice in Disguise Twilight

Yes, Alice had seen visions of Jasper. Yet how was she so sure that he'd accept her into his life? How was she so sure he'd even believe her? These are the questions that haunt many fans. One possible explanation for this is again that plot took precedence over characters. Jasper needed to trust Alice for the plot to work and so he did. Another possible explanation is that Alice gave Jasper hope from the beginning. Though that doesn't make much sense either, it's possible that Jasper just decided to trust Alice based on the feeling of hope she gave him.

7 Jasper Fell In Love With Alice Incredibly Fast

Jackson Rathbone Jasper Hale Twilight 10th Anniversary

Again, you'd think it would take a lot longer for Jasper to fall in love, given his past. You'd think he would need time to let his walls down and truly fall in love with Alice. Apparently not. This may be another case where a more gradual approach would have worked better. If Jasper had slowly gotten to know Alice and fallen in love that way, it would have made a lot more sense. It would have fully respected Jasper's past and shown that with time, everything can heal.

6 They Don't Have The Same Last Name

Of course, Rosalie and Jasper pretend to be related, but why not make Alice a Hale too instead of a Cullen? Perhaps the Cullens are just going with what works. But it still doesn't make much sense to many fans. Why get married in the first place if you can't even share a last name? Perhaps Alice and Jasper don't mind. After all, their relationship is meant to be. So maybe they don't need all of those external things to show their love. Yet many fans likely question it and wonder why.

5 They Are Married Even Though They Can't Be

This one makes no sense. There is no reason why Alice and Jasper need to be married. The Cullens don't care that much about legalities and it can't be to blend in with the humans since the couple aren't publicly married. Perhaps they're worried about their souls and think the only way to save them is to make sure they're married before truly entering into a relationship. But that doesn't make a lot of sense either. Many fans are likely wondering what the point of Alice and Jasper being married is. Especially when they can't flaunt it or even mention it in public.

4 Alice Is Able To Control Herself Around Blood Better Than Jasper

Alice Baseball Twilight

Yes, Jasper is newer to the whole "vegetarian" vampire thing, but you'd think he'd be used to it by now. Also, surely Alice is slightly new to the whole "vegetarian" concept as well. So how come she can control herself better around blood than Jasper can? Is that another superpower of hers? Many fans likely wonder how this works within the world of Twilight. Yes, the Cullens, including Alice, choose not to drink human blood but it is a sacrifice and should be equally difficult for all of them. Shouldn't it?

3 They Left During Breaking Dawn

Twilight Alice Note

This makes no sense. Alice and Jasper leave during the events of Breaking Dawn, leaving behind only cryptic notes written in Bella's copy of The Merchant of Venice. Yes, it does turn out that they left for a good reason but it still doesn't explain the way they left. You'd think they'd want to tell their family where they were going and why. Not leave their family without an explanation. One possible explanation for this is that Stephenie Meyer wanted the Cullens to believe Alice and Jasper had gone for good. For the readers to believe it. So that the maximum amount of emotion would be achieved.

2 They Have A Stash Of Money Hidden In Their Room

Have Alice and Jasper not heard of banks? It would make sense for them to keep their money in a secure place like a bank rather than just in their room. What would happen if someone robbed the Cullen house while they were all out hunting? That wouldn't be good for Alice and Jasper. Perhaps they just wanted easy access to the money and didn't want to hassle with a bank. Yet it would've made more sense if they had kept the money in a more secure place. Perhaps a place where only they and their family could find it.

1 They Pretend To Be Siblings While In A Relationship

Even though they're not biologically related, it's still weird. Surely the Cullens could come up with some other kind of cover story. Jasper could still be Rosalie's brother, Alice could just be his wife publicly instead of them pretending to be siblings. One possible explanation for why the writer didn't go this route is that it would make the Cullens have to leave a place quicker if all of the Cullen "children"  couldn't pretend to be teenagers for a while. Although this could be avoided by making all of the "children" except for Edward older, perhaps more college-age instead of high school.

Know anything else that doesn't make sense about Alice and Jasper from Twilight? Let us know in the comments!

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