20He Imprints On Renesmee Way too early

The fact that he imprints on Renesmee so soon after birth is strange, to say the least. Imprinting is when a werewolf finds his soulmate, forming an unbreakable bond with the object of his affections upon making eye contact. The imprinter forms a sibling-like bond when the imprintee is still

young, and that seems to be the case for Jacob and Renesmee when she’s just a child. Jacob imprinting on Renesmee is what keeps her safe from himself and other werewolves, who had intended to end her life.

That being said, there is canonical potential right from the start for Jacob’s love for Renesmee to become romantic. Yes, imprinting is involuntary, but you’ve gotta admit, having the potential for romance in such circumstances is creepy.

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