Twilight: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Jacob Black

Twilight's resident werewolf and best friend, Jacob Black, doesn't always make the most sense.

Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? That was the most pertinent question of any Twilight fan throughout the 2000s. While some fans enjoyed Edward's all-encompassing love for Bella Swan, others grew tired of it quickly. When searching for another mate for Bella, they looked no further than her best friend, Jacob Black. Some fans were more than happy to replace Edward with Jacob, and a feud began between two very entrenched camps.

Why was Jacob considered to be the perfect relationship for Bella? Some point towards his physical transformation as the main reason. Over the course of Twilight, Jacob transformed from a mild-mannered teenager to a very buff man due to his internal transformation as a shapeshifter. Others say that he always had a deeper connection with Bella than Edward, due to their personal history. Fans also say that Jacob treats her much better than the over-protective Edward. Even if a fan identifies themselves as Team Jacob, there is one thing that cannot be denied - there are some things about the werewolf that make no sense at all.

No one is saying that Edward Cullen is perfect. However, despite being portrayed as a perfect foil for Bella, Jacob is not without his flaws either. In fact, there is a lot revealed about Jacob's personality, demeanor, and physicality that do not make any sense. Perhaps if Stephanie Meyer could provide some clarity on some of these, she would have another entire book series on her hands.

Here are 20 Things That Make No Sense About Jacob Black.

20 He's always the second choice

Taylor Lautner as Jacob and Kristen Stewart as Bella in The Twilight Saga Eclipse

It is no secret that the relationship between Jacob and Bella is decidedly one-sided. Bella is certainly entitled to her own feelings, but Jacob seems to ignore the truth. The relationship between the two began to blossom when Edward left Bella behind. When Bella thought that Edward was not coming back, she embraced her feelings for Jacob. For a brief period of time, it seemed that they would end up happy together.

As Stephanie Meyer herself reveals, Bella had certainly fallen for Jacob, but all it took was one message from Edward to pull her away from him. Despite deciding on Edward, she continues to string Jacob along afterward. Instead of letting him know her final decision, she is non-committal and continues to give him hope. Wouldn't it have been better if she just told him her true feelings?

19 He Only Loves Bella Because He "Senses" Renesmee

It is evident early on that Jacob has feelings for Bella. Those feelings are very intense, even though it has been a very short period of time. Fans wondered how he could end up head over heels so quickly. It seems that there was much more beneath the surface than could be understood. Jacob's feelings really stemmed from something that did not exist yet. Bella would only become pregnant later in the Twilight series, but Jacob could sense his eventual twin-flame.

It turns out that Jacob's intensity was not for Bella at all, but for her unborn child.

If this was supposed to be cute, rather than icky or confusing, it didn't work out that way.

18 He Ruins Bella's Wedding

Nothing says "I love you, Bella" like crashing her wedding. Twilight and Team Edward fans everywhere rejoiced when Edward and Bella finally tied the knot in Breaking Dawn.  Jacob's feelings for Bella were so strong that he had no intention of attending her wedding, and disappears without notice. He does eventually arrive to meet Bella privately after the ceremony.

Jacob cannot control his feelings and winds up making a scene in front of everyone.

If he had truly loved Bella, he would have wanted to ensure that her wedding day went wonderfully. Instead, he almost ruined it through his own selfish actions.

17 He Is Over Protective Like Edward

Tyler Latner as Jacob and Robert Pattison as Edward in Twilight - Most Memorable Movies

One of the main criticisms that fans have about Edward Cullen is his overprotectiveness of Bella. There are numerous times when he will not allow Bella to make decisions for herself. Instead, he manipulates and forces her in to going along with what he thinks is best.

If fans consider Edward to be overprotective, they must see that Jacob is guilty of this as well. While some say that is due to his wolf nature, others say that he is just a hot-head. Each time that Bella attempts to make a choice for herself, Jacob is right beside her to tell her that his way is better. Bella should be trusted to make her own decisions. She does not need a man (or a wolf) to help her decide what is best.

16 He Forces Himself On Bella

Love can make people do crazy things, but Jacob took things too far. When Jacob learns that Bella has accepted Edward's marriage proposal, his temper hits the roof. In an attempt to have Bella rethink her choice, he asks her to kiss him. When she obliges and kisses him lightly, he kisses her more passionately against her will. Due to his mind-reading, Edward senses this instantly and comes to her rescue. While he understands if Bella wanted to kiss Jacob, he is furious that Jacob took advantage of her feelings for him.

After a fight ensues - including Bella punching Jacob - he realizes his error, but the damage has been done.

It seems that those on Team Jacob want to forget this part of the Twilight series. Unfortunately, it only serves to damage Jacob's character.

15 His Awful Smell

Among many other qualities, Twilight reveals that vampires have a very acute sense of smell. Not only are the adept at sniffing out a "meal" from very far away, but they are able to recognize humans by their own individual scent. While the Cullens are complimentary of Bella's human scent, they are not so kind to others-- namely, Jacob.

Due to his Quileute heritage, Jacob has a wolf inside of him. According to the Cullens, this means that he always has the scent of "wet dog" around him. It seems that no ordinary human can sense this, but Bella finally does when she turns in to a vampire herself. If he smelt that bad, wouldn't other people have commented on it before? Or are the Cullens just looking to make fun of him?

14 Jacob In Alice’s Visions

Twilight Alice Scarf

Alice Cullen is one of the most powerful members of the Cullen family. Her combined strength and psychological abilities gives her an edge over any opponent. However, her powers do seem to have some limitations when it comes to Jacob.  When trying to view Bella's future, Alice comments that she "can't see past the werewolves." Due to Jacob's involvement in Bella's life, he is clouding what Alice is able to foresee. While this rule is established early in the series, it seems that Stephanie Meyer forgot about it halfway through.

There are several other times where Jacob and other Quileute members are involved, but she is able to foresee things just fine.

Alice is known for withholding information at times, but it seems that this was more of an inconsistency with the series.

13 He Reveals His Powers To Charlie

Without warning, Charlie Swan is thrust in to a supernatural world that he had no knowledge of. To be honest, he takes it fairly well. In Charlie's own words, he is shocked to see "a kid I'd known his entire life turn into a very large dog" when Jacob reveals his powers to him. Jacob lets a human know his secrets in an attempt to ensure that Bella can remain in contact with Charlie. Letting Charlie know that she is a vampire is forbidden, but Jacob is able to reveal his shapeshifter status.

Jacob takes it upon himself to do this without Bella's permission. As the end result is that Charlie gets to stay in Bella's life, things are not all bad. However, his lack of awareness for other people's feelings is a quality that just does not make sense.

12 He Is Much Shorter In The Films

Finding an actor to portray the hulking beauty of Jacob Black must have been difficult. Stephanie Meyer had described him as a mecca of a man, and the filmmakers did their best to live up to that expectation.

Jacob is described as shooting up in height after his first transformation, reaching a height of 6 feet, 7 inches.

He is meant to tower over everyone, including Edward. This powerful display of masculinity is meant to show his dominance over others. However, it seems that the film missed the mark slightly. While directors initially wanted to recast Taylor Lautner due to the physical transformation, he stepped up and packed on a lot of muscle ahead of filming. However, one thing he could not pack on was height. According to IMDB, Lautner is only 5'10", which is shy of what Jacob's height.

11 He Endangered Bella On A Motorcycle

Despite being incredibly overprotective of Bella, Jacob does put her in a very dangerous situation. While Bella is trying to get over Edward, she becomes much closer to Jacob. Though she is genuinely enjoying her time with Jacob, she also discovers that by putting herself in life-threatening situations she is able to have visions of Edward. She uses Jacob for his access to a motorcycle. It may be difficult to fathom, but Bella has no experience with motorcycles, which makes her adventure very dangerous.

How does it make sense that Jacob would be willing to endanger the person he loves? He is well aware how dangerous motorcycles could be, but he lets an inexperienced rider go off on her own. Or was he just trying to position himself to be a hero and save her?

10 He Threatens To Take His Own Life

Jacob may be very strong physically, but he certainly needs a lot of emotional support. It has already been established that Jacob has a tough time dealing with Bella's decision to become a vampire. While rational people may deal with issues by speaking to has upset them, Jacob decides to go a different route.

Just like when Edward almost dealt with losing Bella by unveiling himself to the Volturi, Jacob threatens to end his life.

Considering that Jacob has so much to live for - family, friends and a full life ahead - it makes no sense that he would throw it all away for Bella.

9 He Has An Awful Temper

One second Jacob can be crying in the rain, and the other he can be looking to tear someone apart. There may be two sides to every coin, but Jacob flips to different ones without notice. Jacob's animalistic nature - and his feelings for Bella - leaves him open to incredible mood swings. Bella tends to see a smiling and happy Jacob who enjoys joking with her, but if something sets him off, then his mood is likely drastically.

While Jacob was transitioning into his shape-=shifter status, his emotions were running wild. He even snapped unprovoked at Bella's friend Mike while they were out at a movie. Considering Mike's human nature, this would have been a big misuse of Jacob's power. He may have learned to control his emotions, but there is still an animal lurking inside him.

8 He Must Spend A Fortune On Clothing

Taylor Lautner in the Twilight franchise

This could actually go either way - he could spend a lot of money on clothing, or he could not be buying any at all. Most of the time when Jacob transforms into a wolf, he does not shed his clothing. Instead, his wolf transformation rips the clothing in to shreds and he is left with nothing by tattered rags. Sometimes he has the wherewithal to remove them in advance, which means that he would just need to pick them up later.

How does he afford to continue to purchase clothing if he keeps ripping it every time he transforms?

Considering that Jacob is never shown working a part-time job, he must have difficulty keeping his closet full. Or perhaps he came across an abandoned truck of tight-fitting t-shirts and will never run out of stock.

7 Competition With Nahuel

Even though fans do not want to admit it, Jacob could have competition for Reneesme's affections later in life. Despite having a very little part in the Twilight series, Nahuel has a big impact. He is the reason that the Volturi do not continue their assault against The Cullens. By revealing him as half-human, half-vampire, the Cullens are able to prove that Reneesme is not a threat. While the Volturi are fascinated, they believe the explanation and flee without a war. While Nahuel's prescience did stop any fighting, he may have inadvertently made an enemy out of Jacob Black.

Due to both Reneesme and Nahuel's humanity, it makes them highly likely to seek each other out later in life.

Imagine if Jacob had to fight someone else for his imprint's affections.

6 Julie Black

Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black in Twilight

Ever imagine what it would be like to recreate the Twilight universe? Stephanie Meyer recreated her own series in a different way - she switched all of the genders of her characters and retold the Twilight story. What resulted was a fun reimagining titled Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined. It also resulted in fans seeing characters in a different way - which is where Julie Black enters the story.

Julie Black is a mirror image of Jacob, just in a female form.

Julie is strong and beautiful, but also emotionally fragile and hot-headed. While she has not achieved her shapeshifter status, it is hinted that she has the powers hidden in her. If Meyer were to go further with the reimagining, it would be very entertaining to see what would become of Julie.

5 He Crashed Bella’s Prom

Does Jacob not want Bella to experience any happiness? Long before he reveals his true feelings for her, Jacob is always lurking in the shadows trying to undermine Edward. When he learns that Bella is still attached to Edward despite the violence that has been brought on her, he tries to warn her to stay away from him. He knows exactly what Edward and the Cullens are, and he is trying to save his friend.

Bella is less-than-receptive to his warning, and he only succeeds in crashing her prom date. Perhaps if Jacob had been more subtle about his hatred for Edward, Bella would have listened to his warnings. Instead, he only pushed her away further.

4 Makes Up The Awful “Nessie” Nickname

Besides being one of the most awful uses of CGI in film history, Renesmee was also given the worst nickname.

Upon Bella meeting her baby for the first time, she discovers that Jacob has imprinted on her. There is even more to the story that angers the brand new vampire. It appears that Jacob has branded her with the nickname of "Nessie." Some may see it as cute-- and an actual improvement on Renesmee-- but Bella certainly did not. In fact, she attacked Jacob over it. While some see her just as an overprotective mother, other say that Jacob deserved it for making up such a horrible nickname.

3 He Cuts His Long Hair Without Explanation

When Jacob is first introduced in Twilight, he looks much different than he eventually does in Breaking Dawn. At this point, Taylor Lautner was not only far from incredibly buff, but was also sporting a very long wig. Jacob's hair was longer than Bella's, so it likely took him a very long time to grow.

However, when he began his transformation in to a wolf, he suddenly cut his hair to a more manageable length. While he likely saved a lot of money on conditioner, the sudden hair cut did not make much sense, and happened without explanation.

2 He Puts Seth In Danger During The "Final Battle"

If something bad were to ever happen to the youngest Quileute member, the blame would be solely on Jacob. During the finale of Breaking Dawn, a climactic battle takes place between the Cullens and the Quileute against The Volturi. While it is revealed that this battle was a projected vision by Alice and did not actually take place, it did reveal some unfortunate endings for many characters.

One of the saddest moments in Alice's vision was the unfortunate demise of young Seth Clearwater.

In comparison to the other Quileute wolves, Seth is much smaller and weaker, but he insists that he be involved in the fight. Jacob agrees to bring him in. This means that any of Seth's blood that was spilt is because of Jacob. Why would Jacob have let him partake in battle if he knew it would end poorly?

1 He Almost Took Reneesme’s Life

While the entire concept of imprinting may have freaked out most fans, it was revealed in a very sinister way. Reneesme's birth is not without its tragedy. While her daughter is in good health, Bella's body was drained from the rough pregnancy and did not look like she was going to last. When things look most desperate, Jake sees Bella's lifeless body and thinks she is gone.

In a deranged state, he believes that the only way to avenge her is to get rid of her new baby. He comes in to the Cullen house ready to do something unspeakable to the infant, but thankfully his senses get the better of him. In fact, he falls in to a deep form of love with Reneesme instead. Some may see imprinting as beautiful, but there is no denying that his intentions before this were very bad.


Is there anything else that makes no sense about Jacob Black in Twilight? Let us know in the comments!

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