10 Times Twilight Ignored Its Own Canon

We're talking about Twilight once again! Whether you're a fan of the series, you love to hate it, or you just genuinely hate it, there are still plenty of things to investigate and look at when it comes to this franchise. At the end of the day, no matter how you feel about the books and movies, they are an undeniable part of our pop culture.

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For better or for worse, Twilight is a permanent part of the lexicon and nearly everyone has some kind of experience with it. That said, there were several times when the series ignored its own established canon and we're taking a look at them right in this list.

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10 Jasper is somehow able to alter Bella's emotions

One of the reasons Edward initially became attracted to Bella was because she was unaffected by his mind-reading powers. It soon became common knowledge in the Twilight canon that Bella was impervious to all the special gifts vampires have. So then, if that's the case, then how is it Jasper was able to manipulate Bella's emotions on one more than one occasion?

Are we to believe that Jasper's emotional manipulation powers are more powerful than the Volturi vampires who couldn't effect Bella Swann? It doesn't seem realistic that Jasper is somehow more skilled than vampires much older and stronger than him.

9 Bella didn't follow any of the newborn vampire rules

From the very first book, newborn vampires were a thing to be feared. They were supposedly more vicious, cruel, and had insane strength and speed. Newborns would take years to be able to control their bloodlust and decades to blend in with humans, if ever.

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This was one of the big reasons Edward feared turning Bella into a vampire. He knew if she ever accidentally hurt someone while in her frenzied state, she would never forgive herself. Yet when Bella becomes a vampire, she is able to adapt to the life of being an immortal being with a weird amount of finesse and hardly any side effects.

8 Were Alice's vampire senses forgotten about?

In the first book and movie, there is a moment when Bella is coaxed into going to visit James alone. Obviously, he is after Bella and hopes to get her away from the Cullens so he can feed on her and ultimately kill her. He threatens to kill Bella's mother if she doesn't comply with his demands.

However, this entire conversation takes place on a phone while Alice is merely in the next room. You would think she could just use her super-heightened vampire hearing to listen in on Bella regularly, or in general, and make sure nothing happened to her or no one tried to get in touch with her from the outside beyond Edward.

7 Vampires are not supposed to be able to have children

It is stated in canon that vampires cannot procreate. Considering the fact they're dead and have no running blood to speak of, it's hard to figure out how they are even able to have relations, to begin with. But overlooking that, since romance has long since been a part of vampire lore, how was the canon so radically shifted to allow for Edward and Bella to conceive a child in the fourth book in the series?

It's a pretty massive breaking of the rules instituted by this universe from the get-go. Did the author simply not care anymore? Not much was done to explain how this medical mystery happened, it just does.

6 How are vampires able to have any physical contact with humans?

Another big part of the vampire descriptions in the universe is a repeated phrasing that they are built hard as stone. Even Bella claims kissing Edward was a little like kissing a statue made of marble.

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If this is the case, then not only does it make it hard to imagine hugging or kissing someone like that, but how is Carlisle able to do anything as a doctor and have no one catch on to the fact there is something supernatural about him? Think about it, he deals with touching people and examining them on a regular basis. Wouldn't it be weird to have someone with hands hard as rocks probing your skin?

5 Werewolves don't actually care about human lives

Part of the reason the werewolves considered themselves so superior to the Cullens, and all vampires for that matter, is due to their empathy and love for humans in the area. Except, the truth is, the werewolves don't pay any more attention to human affairs or human deaths than the Cullens did.

The only humans they really care about were the ones immediately in their inner circle, those they loved or cared about. Otherwise, the greater Forks area at large was on their own when it came from outside threats. Sure, the supernatural creatures would try to stop it but they never stopped to show much empathy for the victims.

4 Jasper was able to control his bloodlust then suddenly he can't

It's not a surprise that Jasper has the most difficult time out of all the Cullens with controlling his bloodlust, he's the youngest Cullen so it makes sense. However, his bloodlust has been written inconsistently multiple times in the Twilight universe.

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The tipping point comes when Bella gets a paper cut at her birthday party and Jasper tries to attack her, which causes Edward and the Cullens to pick up and leave town because he's afraid of her getting hurt. But before that, Jasper would go through regular school days with blood all around him and when James attacked Bella and she almost bled out, he didn't react nearly as badly as he did to a minor paper cut.

3 Dmitri can't track Bella but James could

In Breaking Dawn, the vampire Dmitri struggles to track Bella because of her ability where she can block people out of her mind. That's not weird or out of the ordinary. We know Bella has a special gift that allows her to be immune to any and all vampire abilities (supposedly).

However, in the first book, James was able to track Bella because of her scent. Why would he have been able to track her and Dmitri cannot? Even if Dmitri was using a "gift" and James wasn't, then theoretically he could use her scent. Something about these two events doesn't match up.

2 Alice can't see werewolves in her visions until she can

This was actually originally pointed out years ago by MTV, but in Breaking Dawn, one of the most climatic scenes in the film is the ending when Alice has a premonition of how the final battle will play out between the Cullens, their friends, and the Volturi.

The thing is, it was established far earlier in the series that Alice is not able to see werewolves in her visions. Prior to this point, werewolves always showed up as a blurry patch for her. Yet during the portrayal of this vision, suddenly all the werewolves are there in HD quality. So what gives?

1 The sparkling is inconsistent

The big famous thing about Twilight is that the vampires sparkle. Even people who may not have ever seen the films or read the books probably know that fact. If the vampires go in direct sunlight, they will be so blindingly luminescent, it is impossible for people to think they're human any longer.

When the days are extra sunny, the Cullens would go on hunting trips and skip school. But even when they were in the sunlight, you would think they might sparkle at least a little bit, and they don't. The only time we ever see them sparkle is when they deliberately try to show someone, like when Edward shows Bella, making it seem more like a choice than anything else.

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