Twilight: 10 Hilarious Jacob Memes That Are Too Funny

The Twilight saga is so beloved that it has spawned so many memes, any of them featuring Jacob!

The Twilight saga will go down in history for a lot of reasons. The hysterical fans. The sparkling vampires. The ridiculously ripped teenage werewolves. And it doesn't really matter what your opinion on the books and movies is, they ended up being a commercial success that marked an entire generation. A great testament to this is the fact that, even though it's been over a decade since the first installment of the series hit the screens, people still remember it vividly.

And one of the greatest things the many ridiculous aspects of the movies has brought about was an avalanche of great memes. Many characters were the target of this Internet language, particularly the main couple, Edward and Bella. But let us not forget the third member of Hollywood's hottest love triangle, Jacob. Every teen-girls' favorite werewolf sparked the inspiration of many in this sense. So let us take a look at ten Jacob memes that are laugh-out-loud funny!

10 Show Us The Abs!

Before the second movie of the saga, New Moon, premiered, both producers and fans of the books were skeptical about signing Taylor Lautner to keep playing the character of Jacob Black. This was due to the fact that New Moon would mark Black's transformation into a werewolf. Which, as we all know, includes a six-pack clause in the contract.

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Against all odds, Taylor delivered and returned to set ripped like an athlete. Obviously, it became a recurring gag that he took his shirt off in situations where one would normally keep their clothes on. One of the greatest examples of this is the meme represented above. Because there's no other way to save a damsel in distress than to show off your pecs, right?

9 The Crossover

One of the best things about social media and memes is the fact that now more than ever, audiences have the power to combine more than one pop culture moment and create something that's nothing short of a masterpiece. And when it comes to iconic pop culture references, nothing will ever beat the power of the chick-flick Mean Girls.

Edward and Jacob had the kind of rivalry that doesn't really make a lot of sense. Bella's attitude didn't really help, but their arguments sure were entertaining. We only wished they actually fought using nothing but spoken-work poetry in the form of Mean Girls quotes. By the way - on Wednesdays, we wear fur.

8 Lighting Is Misleading

Let us just make a disclaimer that no one here expects actors to keep their ripped physics in their everyday lives. It's one thing to go all Christian Bale for a role and put on 200lbs of pure beef. It's a whole different thing to keep the crazy diet and exercise regimes that allow someone to look absolutely ripped.

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But with that being said, we can fully appreciate the hilarious quality of this meme. Particularly because directors and producers involved with the Twilight franchise made such a big point to constantly shove Taylor Lautner's abs in our face. We all know the power of lightning when it comes to capturing our best angles. So maybe let's keep the shirt-taking for the evening, shall we?

7 What The Heck Did You Just Say To Me?

One thing that still makes people slightly indisposed is the fact that Jacob ended up imprinting on Bella and Edward's daughter. And even though Meyer made a point to emphasize Jacob and Renesmee's relationship would be nothing but platonic while she was a child slash pre-teen, we all knew what would happen once she grew up. Bella's face kind of says it all here.

6 Oh, Hello There!

Okay, we know we've been a little harsh on the whole Jacob's physique thing. But we can't deny that the moments he chose to have his shirt off were kind of inappropriate at times. Like when it was pouring rain and he was just standing there. We know you can't feel the cold man, but you could at least comply with the norms of basic human etiquette.

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Either way, no one in the audience was exactly complaining when he did. At times, actors and actresses serve the purpose of being good old eye candy for the fans. And Taylor Lautner did that perfectly. Plus, now that we think about it, if we were that ripped, we'd probably take our shirts off all the time too. Even at Sunday lunch.

5 The Crossover: Take 2

Yikes. We still cringe recalling that scene in Eclipse when Jacob kind of forces Bella to kiss him so he wouldn't go into battle. You know, just some innocent emotional manipulation. Who hasn't been there, right?! Okay, let's try to move on from this horrible stain and find solace in the fact that he'll fall in love with Bella's baby. Wait, what?

Anyway, we cannot argue with the significant improvement this meme makes on the actual scene. Especially because it includes a cult from yet another pop-culture favorite, Disney's Frozen! She's engaged to another dude, Jacob. And his abs sparkle like diamonds. Go find someone else to manipulate, please.

4 How You Doin'?

Hats off to the casting directors of Twilight and all the subsequent movies. Stephanie's description of her characters made it seem completely impossible to find actual human actors who could live up to the most beautiful being on Earth. But in spite of the earlier backlash, they did pretty well in the great scheme of things.

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And that scheme includes, of course, Jacob Black. We feel kind of bad for the man, being in love with someone who's kind of eternally in love with someone else. And he looks good. Like, really good. We bet that if Bella gave him a shot, she would actually prefer him over Edward. But hey, now they are a happy, dysfunctional family, so who cares?

3 Stop Saying That!

Sorry, sorry, but we really have to talk about this whole imprinting-on-the-child-of-the-woman-I-love thing. We understand that Stephanie Meyer wanted to give all of her beloved characters the happy ending they deserved. We're right behind her on that one! But there had to have been a better way to do it, right?

It probably didn't compute in the minds of many younger fans at the time. But as time passes, we began to realize that something here was off. A re-watch of the last two movies would probably send a sane human being over the edge. Couldn't they just find a cute wolf-girl to spend eternity with him? You know, a grown-up one?

2 A Wild Jacob Emerges

Another thing the team behind the Twilight movies should be commended for is the special effects. Honestly trying to make werewolves who can read each other's minds a slightly believable thing is not an easy task. Using real wolves wouldn't work, mostly because they wouldn't match Meyer's description of them.

All in all, we had some pretty decent action scenes featuring the wolves. We also got to witness them doing their weird communication thing. Honestly, we watch them a lot. So it's no wonder that at some point in time, major fans of the franchise actually started seeing Jacob heads every time they saw random animals. Right?

1 Buy It Now. Right Now!

But hear us out here - how awesome would it be if this Gillette meme was an actual ad? It kind of makes sense. It's straight to the point. And it's absolutely hilarious. Win-win-win!

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