Twilight: 10 Hilarious Bella Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Twilight is one of those movie franchises which is just begging to have memes made about it. Here are 10 of the best about Bella Swan.

Since the release of Breaking Dawn Part 2, much of the hubbub surrounding the Twilight Saga has died down. During the series, Bella (Kristen Stewart) did a convincing job of playing the damsel in distress most of the time, to the point of annoying fans everywhere. While she was a young teenager in a new town that got caught up in the supernatural crowd, her naiveté was a touch much.

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She had the potential to be a good role model but failed to live up to the hype in several ways. However, this did make for plenty of newsworthy moments that have since transpired into hilarious memes; namely, 10 hilarious Bella memes only the true fans will understand.

10 How Twilight Should Have Ended

The hilarity of this meme is the fact that most fans would probably be on-board with this idea.

Note the presence of the Winchester brothers of Supernatural in the background, ready to take down a werewolf and a vampire and save the unpretentious human in the process. Perhaps we should've just spared ourselves the pain and pretended the Winchesters ended the forbidden supernatural love triangle once and for all.

9 An Eternity Of Sleepless Nights

Emmett's (Kellan Lutz) got a point, here. Once you go vampire, you can't go back. This includes an eternity of sleepless nights to come.

While they seem to function well enough without sleep (they get crankier without blood), that isn't to say they wouldn't have a few bouts of grumpiness every so often. Vampires aren't perfect (even sparkly ones) and Bella herself was screaming at Jacob (Taylor Lautner) moments after she woke up from becoming a vampire over his choice of nickname for her daughter. That's not exactly reassuring.

8 The Real Reason Her Mind Is Impenetrable

The more cruelly funny of the memes, this makes fun of the fact that no one, not even Edward (Robert Pattinson), can get an inside read on Bella. She's immune to all vampire powers, most notably Edward's mind-reading power.

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This is probably a good thing, considering Edward's already creepy enough (particularly when he watches her sleep). If you read the books, you knew exactly what Bella was thinking, but it wasn't always logical or practical. It could be downright scary sometimes. Perhaps Edward's not missing out on much after all...

7 The Big Eyes

The true genius of this meme is the fact that it's making fun of Edward's tendency to watch Bella. Not lovingly or affectionately, but on something of a creepy scale. Borderline stalker creepy.

When he first meets her, he eyes her like she's his last meal. Not exactly a promising first impression, but Bella's still infatuated anyway (even after she finds out he watches her sleep). Well, everyone has their faults...Bella's just willing to overlook Edward's particularly disturbing one.

6 Risky Humanity

Again, Bella isn't the most logical being. This meme takes one of her quotes and shows us how ridiculous it is (even though we realized how ridiculous the declaration was when she said it). Her resolution to the pain she feels following Edward leaving her is to do stupid, crazy, insane things to put herself in danger in order to hear his voice and feel alive.

Someone really should have intervened (Jacob tried, but he could only do so much). Well, this particular instance led to Bella reuniting with Edward, so in an ironic, dark way her near-death actually led to her being with the love of her life again. That's Twilight for you.

5 Family Dysfunction On Overdrive

Bella and Jacob had a complicated friendship that bordered on romance, mostly on Jacob's part. She primarily used him as a means to distract herself from the loss of Edward, and then abused his feelings severely afterward simply because she didn't want him to go anywhere. She broke Jacob's heart.

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Still, it's disturbing that she and Edward would to any degree be okay with him hanging around when he develops a major crush on their newborn daughter. Not to mention that Jacob used to love Bella in that way.

4 A New Brand Of Heroin

What is this supposed to say to young impressionable kids and teenagers that are just watching the Twilight Saga for the first time? Nothing healthy.

3 Not A Feminism Win

This meme points out the fact that Bella isn't what you'd call a heroine. She's pretty much that girl in the horror movie that screams her head off and gets killed halfway through. She can't fend for herself and she doesn't have any sense of independence, self-worth or self-preservation.

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While the other women in this meme are better heroes and have a more positive means of motivation, Bella just lies to the side and lets everyone else save the day. There's a reason why Edward's the masochistic lion and she's the stupid lamb.

2 Respect The Cleanliness

This meme has hilariously taken an otherwise serious and potentially tragic moment to make it laughable. Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) essentially goes nuts the moment the blood drop from Bella's paper cut hits the floor. You'd think that with a house full of vampires, she'd be more careful and thoughtful of her surroundings. Clearly, she doesn't appreciate their struggle.

Turning this moment instead into Jasper being angry at Bella for staining the carpet after he'd just cleaned it is pure downright comedic genius.

1 A Bad Role Model

Bella's not the best role model for many reasons. She falls for a vampire that pretty much stalks her. She essentially turns suicidal when said vampire leaves her. She abuses the feelings of a werewolf, a creature that has a tendency to be volatile. She marries young and pretty much calls it quits on life to join the undead, sacrificing everything for the man she loves.

While this could be considered romantic, it's also too big a sacrifice. She nearly dies in childbirth, and the undead life resulting thereof is painted over as a fantasy instead of what would be the reality. The masquerade of it all is frankly concerning and disturbing.

Try Anne Frank and Eleanor Roosevelt before you decide to nominate Bella as your role model.

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