Twilight Snags Harry Potter's Release Date

Well it looks like Hollywood abhors a vacuum.

It took all of 24 hours for another movie to swoop in and occupy the date formerly occupied by Harry Potter 6. And while those fans are steaming, another set of fans are going to be very, very happy. A highly anticipated movie is now going to open a full month sooner than expected...


Queue high pitched screaming and squeals of delight. :-)

Originally Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was scheduled to open on November 21, 2008 but yesterday was pushed back eight months to July 2009.  Scheduling release dates is a chess game between studios, vying for not only the ideal weekend but scheduling blockbusters far apart enough so that one film does not deprive another of precious box office dollars.

So having a huge film like Harry Potter vacate a cherished Thanksgiving opening must have started a feeding frenzy at other studios. Well Summit Entertainment wasted no time occupying that slot, announcing today that Twilight would now hit movie theaters a full month ahead of schedule on that same date.

So while Potter fans mourn, Twilight fans rejoice.

Twilight (now) opens on Nov. 21st, 2008.

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