Twilight: 10 Hilarious Eclipse Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

The film adaptation of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is almost ten years old now, and it's wild to look back and remember what a massive phenomenon the entire Twilight franchise was. This fluffy and romantic tale of Bella Swan, the hundred-year-old vampire and the werewolf boy who were constantly vying for her affection captured the hearts of girls (and some boys) all over the world.

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Although the Twilight mania obviously died down after the books and films concluded, The Twilight Saga has actually undergone a bit of a renaissance in the world of online fandoms. This renewed appreciation for the series was completely unexpected, but not unappreciated. And, just like anything that gains a bit of internet popularity, Twilight became the subject of many internet memes during this renaissance. Every movie was blessed and cursed with its own memes, and here are the 10 best memes about The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

10 Not The Same Eclipse

Look, when it comes to romantic relationships, it needs to be a give and take kind of situation, and you ultimately have to accept that you win some and you lose some.

An actual solar or lunar eclipse is clearly more exciting than the movie version of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, but if your girlfriend (or boyfriend, because it's not just girls that enjoy a little Twilight every once in a while) wants to watch an hour and a half of incredibly sanitized romance between a bunch of supernatural beings then maybe just let her live her best life for a little while.

9 That's Not Romantic, It's Creepy

To be totally frank, the mystique of Bella Swan is entirely mystifying, because she is an admittedly beautiful – but ultimately very boring – individual. But what really leaves us asking questions about Bella's magical magnetism is why exactly she seems to attract such utter creepers.

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Edward and Jacob are undeniably smoking hot, but they're quintessential nice guys who don't know how to actually listen to what the girl they supposedly love is saying. Jacob is totally the type of guy who will be a girl's Valentine whether she wants him to be or not, but Edward Cullen is the exact same way, and Bella is incredibly unlucky to have these two borderline stalkers believe that they're in love with her.

8 Minion Love

Yeah, we can't lie, if someone remade The Twilight Saga but used minions in place of all of the characters – we would 100% be watching it. And not to besmirch the writing of Stephenie Meyer, but, to be totally honest, you could just as easily switch out all of the dialogue between Edward, Bella, and Jacob with the incomprehensible gibberish that is the minion language and the story wouldn't have to change all that much.

We also have to give props to the creator of this particular meme, because the detail work is fantastic. The abs on Jacob and the chest hair on Edward are spot on.

7 Who Can't Relate To That

It's really a shame that the main thrust of The Twilight Saga is the love triangle between Bella, Edward, and Jacob, because the side characters in Twilight are really the most interesting characters in the series.

Rosalie Hale is an iconic character in a lot of different ways, but one of her most charming attributes is her absolute zero-tolerance policy for pretty much everyone and everything in the world. She's certainly no fan of Bella Swan, but she also isn't a fan of anyone else either. She ostensibly loves Emmett, but even he gets the kind of treatment that makes it seem like Rosalie is just barely tolerating him.

6 Teens Shouldn't Procreate

On its face this is a meme that seems especially judgmental and mean. However, on second thought, it's a pretty fair thing to say about Twilight fans. And that's not because Twi-hards are stupid or their interests are embarrassing, it's simply because most of the people who were caught up in Twilight mania were teenagers at the time.

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And despite what the conclusion of Twilight may have told its audience, it's actually a pretty terrible idea for teenagers to have children. Luckily it's been quite a while since the Twilight books and movies came out though, so presumably all of the fans are now grown enough that having children is not such a terrible idea.

5 An Upset Win

Many people might be able to figure out what exactly this meme is referencing just from the context clues, but for those of you who don't have an encyclopedic memory of completely inane pop culture awards that were given out almost ten years ago then we can explain what's up with this.

So, for some inexplicable reason, fans of Harry Potter and Twilight seemed to place actual value on an MTV movie award, and the Harry Potter squad was understandably upset when Eclipse won the award for best movie over HP.

4 Shocking

In retrospect it really seems like all of the Twilight fans should have been team no one, since Edward let Bella nearly kill herself to incubate their child and since Jacob promptly fell in love with said newborn child the minute Edward literally ate her out of Bella's stomach.

But, also, there was clearly no chance of Bella choosing Jacob anyway. He was probably the least bad out of two terrible options, but this girl went completely insane and nearly killed herself multiple times when Edward bailed on her. Obviously she was never, ever going to choose anyone over Edward.

3 He's Taken, But Still

The drama of The Twilight Saga makes a lot of sense because the three main players involved in the big love triangle are all stage 5 clingers who don't seem to have an ounce of common sense to share between them, but it's worth repeating that the side characters in the series really were the best characters that the saga had to offer.

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Alice and Jasper were an undeniably perfect match, but it's kind of hard to see how Bella would be so single-mindedly obsessed with Edward when Edward had brothers that looked and acted as Emmett and Jasper do.

2 The Original Is Better Than The Fanfiction

Well, it's pretty rare that a fanfiction based on a certain story actually surpasses that story in terms of its quality. In case anyone didn't know already, 50 Shades of Grey is literally Twilight fan fiction. The author E.L. James just changed the names of the characters when her fanfiction blew up and attained enough popularity that it actually warranted a print publication.

And it's pretty ironic when you think about it, but James (possibly by pure accident) nailed all of the creepiest and most abusive parts of Edward Cullen as a character with her characterization of Christian Grey.

1 Revenge For The Ages

It might seem like this entire meme list has been a total roast of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and the entire saga in general, but that's only because – with the benefit of time and maturity – the massive amounts of problematic issues within The Twilight Saga have become virtually impossible to ignore.

While the representation of women in the series is a little icky, we think one thing that everyone can agree on is that Rosalie Hale's revenge on the men who attacked her and nearly killed her is absolutely worthy of icon status. She went straight Kill Bill before Kill Bill existed, and it truly was poetic cinema.

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