Twilight: 10 Most Hated Supporting Characters

Not every character in the popular film franchise Twilight, about a girl falling in love with a vampire, is well-liked. These are the most hated.

Twilight is a supernatural young adult novel that was turned into a movie series. It involves vampires and werewolves, as well as some supporting characters fans love to hate. These characters often annoyed us or had as feeling on edge every time they came on screen as we wished for them to leave for eternity.

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We have compiled a list of some of the Twilight supporting characters that fans hated the most. Some were evil and some were good, but in our opinion, they all had the intention for us to hate them. Keep reading to learn about the 10 most hated supporting characters!

10 Aro

Aro is probably an obvious choice because he is the main villain toward the end of the series. He is the leader of the Volturi and his outlook on the world and how he treats humans is horrible. We will never forget when the tour group was being led into the main chambers for them to feed and the screams followed Edward and Bella out.

He is power-hungry and doesn't like anything that threatens his legacy, especially when they discover that Renesmee is an immortal child and he wants her dead.

9 Mike Newton

Mike Newton is an all-around good guy, but his only flaw is that he has an insane crush on Bella Swan. You would think it would be flattering to be liked by the most popular guy in school who wants to dote on your hand and foot, but fans hated it.

He doesn't understand what the word "no" means as he tries to gain her interest even after she and Edward start to date. Bella makes her feelings clear and even goes so far as to invite Jacob to what he assumed was going to be a date.

8 James

James was a coven leader who had a superior tracking ability, which he, unfortunately, used to hunt down Bella. His idea of fun was the hunt, and Bella would be his most difficult one yet. Fans wanted him to leave with the rest of his coven and never return, but he had other plans, and they almost worked.

James was able to bite Bella and infect her, which made Edward have to suck out the venom which was one of the hardest things for fans to watch. They just wanted their happily ever after, and James was the one who destroyed that as they both realized just how dangerous their relationship could be.

7 Renée Dwyer

This was Bella's mother, and from the start, you learn not to like her. She chooses to move south with her new husband and makes Bella feel like she has to move someplace she knows she is going to hate. Bella also never left her before because she knew her mother needed someone there to help take care of her.

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Renée had a habit of making big decisions with little thought, which is why so much pressure was put on Bella from a young age. Bella leaving for Forks was probably the best option for her in hindsight, but we still wish her mother had shown a bit more responsibility when it came to caring for her daughter.

6 Jessica Stanley

Jessica Stanley was Bella's friend, but she wasn't a very good one. She hangs out with Bella and invites her to things, but already we can tell that something is a bit off. It becomes clear that Jessica wants to be the center of attention, like Bella, and uses her to get it.

She even goes so far as to voice her jealousy at times and doesn't care when Bella seems to wallow after Edward's disappearance. Jessica doesn't like how she is acting, especially when she approaches the bikers, and soon decides that it is better not to associate with her at all.

5 Jane

Jane is a member of the Volturi guard, and the pain she inflicts on our favorite main characters is unbearable. Her short stature, combined with ruby red eyes makes us fear and hate her even more. She has a twin brother named Alec who we are not a fan of either, but Jane definitely takes the cake for the worst sibling in this family.

She also hates Bella for not succumbing to her powers, which doesn't put her any higher on our totem pole. She holds onto this vendetta for the remainder of the series as she tries to find a way to hurt Bella and her family.

4 Leah Clearwater

Leah grabbed the short end of the stick when she turned into a werewolf for the first time. She is always bitter and distant, especially toward Sam who left her for her cousin Emily. It seems irrational to hold onto the hatred and pain when what he did was out of his control, but she never grows to understand and accept that.

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She uses the telepathic connection with the pack for her own sadistic reasons as a way to punish Sam. Leah does forgive them eventually, but it is always evident that a small part of her still holds that grudge, and another part blames Bella for her father's death.

3 Jasper Hale

Some might say Jasper is a main character as he is a part of the Cullen family, but his role is minimal. We know he can change alter emotions and that he is the newest member of the Cullen family, and we will only remember him for trying to kill Bella at her birthday party.

He is always quiet and by himself, even though we can tell he is thinking something. His knowledge is useful when it comes to the newborn army and how to fight them. When he dies in the last movie in Alice's vision, we feel more sorrow for Alice, then we do for Jasper himself, which is never a good thing when you think of a character.

2 Billy Black

Billy Black is constantly trying to control Bella's life by convincing her and Charlie to keep her away from the Cullens. He never holds back from sharing his opinions.

Bella obviously doesn't listen when he tells her to stop dating Edward, and even goes so far to pay Jacob to find Bella at prom. He is a man stuck in his ways who refuses to change with the times and see the good in the vampires. It causes issues that never should have existed in the first place and created more chaos in Bella's already hectic life.

1 Irina

Irina was a member of the Denali coven, and she is the one who ratted out the Cullens for having an immortal child in their possession. This is the point where Renesmee's life is touch and go as they try and evade the Volturi.

They want their daughter dead and it was all because Irina didn't have the nerve to come and ask before snitching on them. The Volturi killed Irina after she renounced her proclamation upon seeing the child in person as her sisters looked on in anger.

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