Twilight: 10 Fan Fiction Relationships We Wish Were Real

Regardless of how anyone feels about Stephenie Meyer's smash hit book and film series The Twilight Saga, one thing that cannot be argued or denied is the fact that it is one of the most popular romance stories of all time. Edward Cullen and Bella Swan are at the center of this Romeo & Juliet style love story, and despite the fact that the Twilight world exists with a supernatural backdrop it is undoubtedly a story that is first and foremost about love.

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However, the many romances that exist within The Twilight Saga are pretty firmly established, and nothing much changes throughout the story. The characters who start out the tale in love with each other stay in love with each other. So then, it comes as no surprise that the fans of The Twilight Saga loved to let their imaginations run wild and consider what kind of relationships could have developed between the characters who weren't together. And here are 10 of those relationships that we wish were real.

10 Jasper & Edward

Crackships are always a funny thing, so it is simultaneously very surprising and not surprising at all that one of the most popular fanfiction relationships for Twilight that didn't actually happen in the books or films is a relationship between Jasper Hale and Edward Cullen.

They honestly seem like they might be a bit of a wet blanket together, but it's possible that all of their emo boy energy would cancel each other out and they could have been relatively happy individuals if they were together. At least they would truly understand their tortured soul thing, which they both really need as people.

9 Edward & Jessica

Jessica Stanley is quite obviously positioned as the vapid, shallow, popular girl who doesn't understand the appeal of Bella Swan and who both longs for the approval of the Cullen family and desperately needs to pretend that she doesn't.

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But what makes Jessica so appealing is that she is actually relatable. Honestly, her kind of attitude may have brought out the best in Edward. Edward Cullen could really benefit from lightening up, but his relationship with Bella is always at the most extreme heights of drama. If Edward just wanted a normal life with a normal girl, then maybe he could have given Jessica a chance.

8 Esme & Charlie

Don't get us wrong; Esme and Carlisle Cullen are great as the matriarch and patriarch of the entire Cullen family. However, they seem like kind of an odd mismatch too. Esme seems to be a very down home, family oriented kind of woman, whereas Carlisle used to be a member of the Volturi.

Obviously Carlisle is the one who saved her and she is understandably grateful, but it would have been really interesting to see Esme with someone who is equally as enamored with a normal life. Charlie Swan could have truly brought out the best in her, and she likely would bring out the best in him too.

7 Aro & Caius

Michael Sheen as Volturi elder Aro in The Twilight Saga: New Moon

So Stephenie Meyer is Mormon, and therefore her writing tends to shy away from anything that is overly sexual or violent. However basic common sense would dictate that Aro and Caius, two of the leaders of the Volturi, have almost certainly been hooking up on the regular for at least a few centuries now.

Aro is crazy, Caius is crazy, and they both love embracing the most sinful sides of vampirism. They have undoubtedly embraced that sins by embracing each other at least once, if you catch our drift. It still would have been neat to see the two kings of vampire kind ruling the world together in canon, though.

6 Jasper & Bella

Well, Jasper Hale and Bella Swan are both professional mopers, so it makes sense that they would embrace their inner sad children together. And no disrespect to Edward, but many Jasper and Bella fans make the argument that it's pretty much certifiably insane that Bella Swan somehow fell head over heels with Edward Cullen when she had a brother with Jasper's face, body, and personality.

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Granted, Jasper was already taken, but Alice's light and airy disposition seems to clash a bit with Jasper's nature. Jasper and Alice seem to naturally counterbalance one another, but sometimes opposites shouldn't always attract, and it can be great to have someone who is on your same wavelength instead.

5 Bella & Alice

Although a story about a romance that just works out fine might be a little boring, there is something to be said about not trying to force something if it might literally get you killed. Edward and Bella had that whole star crossed lovers thing going on, but honestly there isn't a lot of narrative explanation or character development to demonstrate why exactly they even like one another.

Alice and Bella, on the other hand, were best friends from the jump. Alice was the first member of the Cullen family to embrace Bella completely. She loved Bella even before Edward did, so maybe they both would have been better off with each other instead.

4 Leah & Jacob

Leah Clearwater Feature Image

In a fictional universe with fans that are as passionate as Twilight, it is very difficult to get people to agree on anything unanimously. But what is probably the most easily agreed upon thing in all of Twilight Saga history is that literally any relationship in the world would have been better and less creepy than Jacob's "romance" with Renesmee.

It's also exceptionally stupid that Jacob had to fall in love with a literal baby when there was someone like Leah Clearwater right there. Leah is an absolute badass and just as special and unique as Nessie, and two werewolves would undoubtedly be stronger together.

3 Bella & Rosalie

If there is truly a thin line between love and hate, then clearly Bella Swan and Rosalie Hale are standing on the precipice of one of the greatest love stories of all time. And to be frank, Bella Swan's mystique is a bit of a mystery.

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She constantly describes herself as the dullest girl of all time, but every single person around her seems to be fawning over her every second of the day. That is, with the notable exception of Rosalie. Rosalie doesn't spend all of her time blowing smoke up Bella's ass, and that might just be exactly what Miss Swan needs.

2 Emmett & Alice

Although Alice is permanently loved up with Jasper and Emmett is eternally head over heels for Rosalie, it seems like Alice and Emmett would have made a near perfect couple. For the most part the Cullens are very self flagellating vampires who can't come to grips with what it means to be immortal bloodsuckers, but Alice and Emmett aren't wasting time beating themselves up about their own reality.

They're actually fun people to be around, and they like to keep it light and fresh in their day to day lives. They can't force everyone else in their family to lighten up, but they could at least stick together and stay happy.

1 Jacob & Edward

So in a saga that revolves entirely around a love triangle, it is not surprising in the slightest that the most popular fan fiction ship that never actually became a reality is the relationship between the two parts of the triangle who never came together. In this case, we're talking about Edward Cullen and Jacob Black.

Honestly, they seem like a perfect match for each other. Their weirdly controlling natures and obsessive need to treat Bella like a child as well as their object of affection are identically creepy, so why not direct all of that negative relationship behavior towards each other instead of towards an innocent bystander?

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