20 Twilight Fan Redesigns Way Better Than The Movies

Twilight has been both revered and mocked since the first book was released. After the movies began to come out in 2008, the series only grew in popularity.

Whether people hated it or loved it, they certainly couldn’t escape it. Vampires and werewolves were everywhere.

Fans of the book series are always really passionate about the choices that were made when the book is inevitably turned into a movie. A lot of adaptations get little details wrong that the book-readers will simply never get over.

Not only do the directors sometimes overlook certain details, but every fan reading the book has a different interpretation of characters in their mind.

This has caused arguments over physical appearance and characterization of beloved characters like Edward and Bella for years, even after the movies came out.

Regardless of what people expected in their heads, the movies certainly had their own set of issues that were entirely different from just what the characters looked like.

From lack of chemistry to the details of someone’s hair, a lot of fans were disappointed with what the movies and have created their own version of Twilight through fan art.

How do your expectations measure up to these 20 Twilight Fan Redesigns Way Better Than The Movies?

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20 Jasper and Alice

Alice and Jasper are one of the most popular couples in Twilight, aside from Edward and Bella, of course.

While they were very romantic and had a lot of chemistry in the book, in the movies, Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone didn’t quite have the romantic passion fans expected.

In this redesign, they evoke a lot more of the elegance and beauty that people expect from an alluring, vampire couple.

Alice’s hair is also a lot more wispy and whimsical, similar to how it’s described in the books.

Jasper looks a lot more relaxed with Alice in this drawing, unlike in the movies, where he’s always on edge and looks like he's in pain.

It shows a softer side of their relationships that's not shown enough in the movie.

19 Jacob as a werewolf

In the Twilight books, it’s easy to imagine how the werewolves may look. Some fans even embellished a little, picturing the wolves as a bit more brutal and scary than they were described to be. It certainly would have made the story a bit more interesting.

In the movies, they look like regular, run-of-the-mill wolves, just a lot larger.

If the werewolves were this intense, the Cullens would never have stood a chance during their showdown during Breaking Dawn, and the Volturi would have been much more intimidated standing next to Renesmee.

18 Bella and Renesmee:

Fans have always been torn about how they feel about Renesmee. For one, her name is awful and can never be properly explained.

However, on top of that, the CGI was incredibly strange in the final movie. While they eventually switched to using an actress, young Renesmee was pretty cringeworthy.

Instead of looking creepy, Renesmee is adorable in this piece of fan art.

Bella looks a lot more radiant and has more vampire-like beauty than Stewart does after her transformation.

Stewart never showed motherly-love in quite a believable way, despite the way the story was written, but in this image, it’s clear how much Bella cares for her daughter.

17 Rosalie and Bella

Bella and Rosalie aren’t the most popular pairing in Twilight. For most of the story, Rosalie seems like she can’t stand Bella and actively insults her.

By the final film, however, they’ve bonded over the birth of Bella’s daughter Renesmee.

This artist makes them seem like they’ve been sisters their entire lives.

In the movies, they are rarely seen touching, let alone hugging.

Not only that, but Rosalie appears to be smiling in this image, which is hard to come by in the movies.

Maybe this takes place after Breaking Dawn: Part 2, as it seems like they’ve had plenty of time to bond.

16 Edward Cullen

When reading a book, the readers always have their own personal picture of the main characters. When those characters are presented differently in the movie adaptation, it can be a little daunting at first.

While Robert Pattinson certainly had a lot of fans, others weren’t so sure about his portrayal of Edward.

In the books, Edward is described as impossibly beautiful. It's also mentioned that he has skin like marble. This artist definitely nailed both aspects.

His hair is also perfectly messy and a reddish color, like in the book.

While Pattinson’s eyes do look nice in the movie, this drawing captures the mesmerizing, golden smolder that Edward is described as having in much more detail.

15 Vampire Bella

Vampires are always more exciting than humans. It’s just a fact of the genre. This is why fans are so much more obsessed with vampire Bella than human Bella.

While the concept was great, the execution in the movie wasn’t so exciting.

A lot of fans wanted to see her with a little more mystery and a little more blood.

In this redesign, she’s clearly been feeding, something that viewers of the movies didn’t really see. There’s more of an allure to her in this imagine than in the film.

Stewart just doesn’t evoke the mysterious vibe that vampires are supposed to have.

The artist said that they tried to forget about Stewart and drew Bella the way they envisioned her from the books.

14 Volturi

The Volturi are supposed to be the most intimidating, ancient vampires in the world. Their features are said to be perfect and their skin was meant to be almost translucent.

While they did look powerful and pale in the movies, they could have been better.

Their eyes seem to pierce right through the viewer. The creator of the fan art paid extra attention to the way Stephanie Meyer described the three villains and drew them as accurately as possible.

Marcus is drawn with the bored expression he’s described as always possessing, Caius is drawn with the white hair he’s known for, and Aro is in the middle because he’s seen as the leader.

13 Edward and Bella:

Every fan has their own version of Edward and Bella in their head. While the characters are described with certain hair colors and personalities, sometimes people will tweak them in their own mind.

Rather than his messy, bronze ‘do that Edward is said to have in the books, he has white hair here.

His eyes are also red, which means that he’s been feeding on human blood rather than animal. Bella has golden locks rather than dark brown.

This art proves that Twilight can be whatever fans want it to be. It’s up to their own interpretation.

Viewers can always come up with their own redesigns if they aren’t satisfied with what they got in the adapatation.

12 Cullen Family

The Cullen family is obviously the main focus of The Twilight Saga. The family could be considered a bit too involved in each other’s personal lives, but Bella is accepted right into their crazy family.

While fans have always liked the Cullens, the movie versions of the characters could have looked a lot better.

Their facial expressions are intense and compelling, and their faces look more angular and perfect, as described in the novels.

They just look at lot more threatening and alien here than fans ever saw in the movies.

11 Bella and Jacob in Breaking Dawn

Bella and Jacob are supposed to have a strong connection and amazing chemistry, even though Bella ultimately chooses to be with Edward. 

However, this strong bond never quite made it into the movies.

While they attempted to show their close friendship in the movies, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart never had quite the electric connection that fans expected.

In this drawing, not only are Bella and Jacob extremely close, but they also look completely different than the actors.

The artist drew them based on the descriptions in the book. Jacob still has his longer hair and Bella even has the bracelet on that he gave her.

This moment has an intimacy that the movies never captured. He’s holding her in a gentle way that Bella and Jacob fans would love.

10 Edward and Bella Beauty and the Beast version:

Twilight has a lot in common with Beauty and the Beast. Edward is clearly dangerous for Bella, but she falls for him anyway.

Charlie even tries to keep Bella away from Edward after the events of New Moon, like Maurice tries to keep Belle from the Beast, initially.

One artist saw the comparison between the two stories and drew a version of Edward and Bella as Beauty and the Beast.

In this redesign, Belle’s Dad Maurice is Charlie, Gaston is James, Belle is Bella, and Prince Adam is Edward.

This crossover would certainly be an interesting version to watch.

The addition of James as Gaston adds another layer to the crossover. The fight between Edward and James is a lot like the fight Beast and Gaston have, with the same tragic ending for the villain character.

9 Alice and Jasper

Alice and Jasper have quite the fanbase. A lot of fans consider them to be the most romantic couple in Twilight, aside from Edward and Bella, of course.

This has lead many fans to create their own redesigns of the pair.

Jasper’s hair is different too, and he looks a lot more relaxed. In the movies, he’s constantly uptight and on edge.

The beauty and grace in this drawing is a lot more realistic to how many fans think a vampire would look.

They’re more alluring and likely to draw people in to them.

8 Jacob and Bella

Jacob and Bella fans have always felt like like they got the short end of the stick in Twilight. They can never get enough of the pair together.

While they had their romantic moments in the movies, Jacob and Bella could have had more chemistry than what fans were shown.

In this redesign of the pair, their size difference is a lot more true to the book. Not only is Jacob much taller than Bella, but he’s also extremely muscular.

Many fans were upset that he wasn't portrayed as tall in the movies.

It’s clear how much the pair needs each other, as Bella takes comfort in Jacob’s arms.

She looks a lot more innocent here than Kristen Stewart did in the films.

7 Esme and Carlisle:

Esme and Carlisle are every Twilight fan’s favorite fictional parents. While they’re great at leading the Cullen Clan, fans didn’t get to see a lot of their softer, romantic side in the movies.

In the movies, they’re constantly dealing with some kind of crisis, so they don’t have much time for casually spending time together.

Esme’s hair is a bit messy and Carlisle is letting his hang down instead of carefully slicking it back.

They look a bit younger in this drawing, but it’s much more accurate to the books. They shouldn’t actually look that much older than their “children.” They’re forever in their 20s, afterall.

However, their ages in the movie version probably raises less suspicion in the town.

6 Jane

Jane is one of the easiest characters to hate in Twilight. She revels in causing others pain, and her targets often include members of the Cullen clan.

While she may be evil now, she came to Volturi after a traumatic experience, nearly burning at the stake.

Despite how old she is in the movies, Jane and her twin brother Alec are meant to be only 12 or 13 years old.

The age is much more appropriate to her character’s history and she would have most likely look this afraid in a new environment after almost losing her life.

5 Edward Cullen

Fans have always been torn over the casting of Robert Pattinson as Edward. While some adore him, others think that Edward should have looked much different, which led to the creation of a lot of fan art.

In this fan redesign, Edward's eyes are certainly mesmerizing. His hair is more of a reddish-bronze shade than Pattinson’s and he has the constantly-messy look described in the book.

His facial expression is much more alluring than Edward’s ever was in the movie, but there's also a hint of danger.

He’s even drawn with the crooked-smile that Bella is constantly talking about.

Edward just looks more like a vampire here than he ever did in the films.

Before the movies were even out, this is how a lot of fans would have imagined him to look.

4 Cullen Boys

The Cullen men are loved by both women in the Twilight universe and women and men in real life.

Carlisle, Jasper, Emmett, and Edward are considered to be extremely handsome vampires.

While the casting has always been heavily debated, a lot of fans have their own version of the men in mind.

This artist drew them looking a little different than what we saw in the films.

For one, their hair is much shaggier than what fans are used to, aside from Jasper’s.

Emmett’s hair is described as curly in the book, so this redesign is much more accurate.

They also all look like their actual ages. While Edward is supposed to be seventeen in the movie, Pattinson looks a lot older in the movies.

This is a much better version of the Cullen men at the wedding from Breaking Dawn than what fans received.

3 Vampire Bella

One of the most long-awaited moments among Twilight fans was the reveal of vampire Bella. While it does eventually happen, it isn’t exactly the groundbreaking transformation that fans expected to see.

While her eyes turn red and Kristen Stewart wears a little more makeup, she’s pretty much exactly the same as human Bella.

Most newborn vampires have more bloodlust, and while her immense control is explained away, it’s still nice to see a little blood when someone transforms.

Some fans wish that they had seen Bella get her hands - or fangs - a little dirtier than they did.

In this redesign, fans get to see what a thirsty vampire Bella would look like. She’s definitely a bit darker, dirtier, and scarier.

2 James And Victoria

James and Victoria were the main villians for a large part of The Twilight Saga. While James lost his life in the first movie, Victoria came for revenge on those who had claimed her beloved.

It was said that the two were mates, but viewers never got to see much of the couple together in the movie. We only really saw Victoria’s crazy revenge plan.

James is clearly protective of Victoria since he's hovering over her, ready to move as soon as he senses danger.

They both seem to be warning whoever is looking at the image not to mess with either of them, which Edward and Bella clearly didn’t realize.

1 Jacob and Bella

The Team Edward and Team Jacob debate has been going on for years. While Bella obviously ends up choosing the vampire, many fans were left wishing that she would have chosen the werewolf instead.

In this “happy ending,” as described by the artist, Bella is still human and is gently resting on wolf Jacob’s back.

They could have spent every day this relaxed and comfortable. This ending is an extremely different concept than the one that Stephanie Meyer wrote.

Bella never has Renesmee and therefore never turns into a vampire. The weird imprinting scenario that a lot of fans dislikes would have never happened.


What do you think? Would you have prefered to see some of these Twilight redesigns on the big screen? Let us know in the comments!

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