Twilight: 10 Facts About Esme Cullen They Leave Out In The Movies

Twilight was the kind of phenomenon you see once every generation. Gathering as much adoration as it harnessed hate, the series of films inspired by Stephenie Meyers' books made a mark on a lot of people's lives. And whether or not you were a fan of the franchise, there's a 99.9% chance you've heard of Team Edward and Team Jacob. While the movies had their own merits though, there is always something lost in translation.

Many fans of the original source material felt that major details were left out of the big screen. And particularly, details surrounding the lives of characters outside of the main love story between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. One of these characters was Esme Cullen, the mother figure to the whole Cullen clan. You know she's a kind, loving, beautiful soul. But if you haven't read the books, what else do you know? Let's take a look at ten facts about Esme they left out of the movies.

10 Esme's Relationship With Carlisle Is Special

When we're introduced to the lives of the vampires that make up Meyers' story, we soon start to realize there's a pattern. Aside from the brooding teenager-looking Edward, every single one of the members of the Cullen family has a partner. And as we start to dive deeper into the narrative, we see that even nomad vampires have a tendency to choose a partner with whom to share their eternal lives.

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Many of these relationships are based on love, but Esme and Carlisle are different. Their relationship doesn't only involve love, but it's also rooted in incredibly spiritual magic. They share a deep connection, and they are constantly in tune with each other's thoughts and feelings.

9 She Was 26 When She Became A Vampire

We love to imagine an alternative timeline where the cast of the movies complied with what is described in the novels. No hate here - all the actors did a spectacular job! But it doesn't quite have the same impact when we remember Edward was turned at 17, and Carlisle, the father figure, was only 22. The actors playing the "older" Cullens were already in their thirties.

Esme was actually the one who got turned at a later age. She was 26, which is still very young but not quite like all the other members of the clan. This explains why it was so easy for everyone to look at her as a mother - this and, of course, her ability to love so deeply. More on that later!

8 She Lost A Child When She Was Human

While the movie goes into deeper detail about how Carlisle, Rosalie, Jasper, and Edward were turned, very little is revealed about Esme's life when she was still human. And nothing at all is said about why Carlisle choose to turn her in the first place! As fans know, Carlisle would never turn anyone who still had a chance to remain human, so why Esme?

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Well, when she was still human, Esme was pregnant. But soon after she gave birth, tragedy struck, and she lost her child. Heartbroken, and finding no reason to remain alive, she threw herself off of a cliff, and that's when Carlisle found her. Knowing there was no chance she could make it, he turned her into a vampire.

7 She Ran Away When She Got Pregnant

Esme's human life was not a very happy one. In fact, this seems to be a common pattern amongst the Cullen family - Carlisle became what he most despised, Rosalie was raped and murdered by her fiancé, and Edward lost his mother to Spanish influenza. And we don't know much about Alice except for her time at an asylum, which doesn't sound great.

Even before she lost her baby, Esme didn't live a happy life. Her husband abused her constantly, there was no love, and once she got pregnant, she knew her baby would suffer as much as she did at the hands of that man. So, she ran away to try and escape a terrible fate.

6 She Didn't Choose Her Human Husband

Esme was born back in the 1910s. And as we all know, in that time, women were expected to do nothing but find a husband who would provide for them, birth children, and take care of the house. Esme's parents weren't exactly nice people, and they wanted to control every aspect of her child's life since they wouldn't accept a spinster.

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This lead to them pushing Esme to marry a man she didn't love, and who later would prove to be a horrible person. Charles Evenson was the son of a family friend, and he married Esme when she was only 22. As we've already mentioned, the marriage was far from being happy. She would only find happiness with Carlisle.

5 She Wanted To Be A Teacher

Back when she was human, Esme had aspirations to do more with her life besides being a wife and mother. Esme dreamed of becoming a teacher, and she was very passionate about this particular dream. Her father, however, wasn't very happy with this. He didn't think it was appropriate for a woman to choose such a profession and was quick to talk her out of it.

When she ran away from her husband, she briefly achieved her dream while living in a small town. Unfortunately, this little bit of happiness didn't last long. Once Esme lost her baby, she lost her will to live. We have Carlisle to thank for showing her she could have more.

4 She's Into Architecture And Design

Any fan of the books knows that each member of the Cullen family has their own specific interests, which is often how they stay entertained throughout the life of sleepless nights and eternity. For instance, Alice and Rosalie are all about fashion and buying clothes, Edward enjoys music and languages, Emmett likes to fight and hunt, and so on.

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Esme, on the other hand, has her own hobbies. She loves everything that has to do with architecture and design, and she often has a hand on giving a special touch to the homes of the Cullens. In Breaking Dawn, she's the one who renovates and designs the little home in the middle of the forest for Bella and Edward.

3 She Loves Like No Other

One of the most interesting aspects of Stephanie Meyers' vampires is the fact that some of them have special abilities that defy all logic. Edward reads minds, Alice sees the future, Jasper has the ability to make a person feel a certain way. It has been theorized by Carlisle that these are traits that one used to have as a human that are highlighted once they become immortal.

Just because Esme can't shoot lightning bolts out of her eyes, it doesn't mean she doesn't have a special gift. In fact, Esme can love so passionately and intensely, that it's nothing short of a special ability. She lacked so much love and care when she was human, it's impressive how seamlessly she was able to bring it to her new life.

2 She Met Carlisle At Only 16

Let's give some credit to Stephanie Meyer here. If anyone knows how to come up with a compelling narrative filled with fairytale love stories, then she's the one. It's not an accident that pretty much every single teenager at the time was crying while reading the new novel of the series.

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And we're not just talking about Edward and Bella! We've already established that Esme and Carlisle's relationship is special. But get this - when she was only 16, Esme suffered an accident while climbing a tree. She was treated in Columbus by Carlisle Cullen himself, and she instantly got a crush on him. Because this is Twilight, she was actually lucky enough to spend eternity with the love of her life. Who just so happens to be her teenage crush as well.

1 She Fell In Love Almost Instantly

Let's forget for a second that we're talking about vampires and a fictional story here. What are the odds that you are saved by the man you had a crush on when you were a teenager? And he just so happens to gove you eternal life? Plus, he's probably the most caring and compassionate person that exists? Slim to none, probably.

Esme and Carlisle were both struggling souls, with tragic pasts of their owns. Their respective loving natures and the longing for companionship brought them together in a spectacular recipe for true love. These two fell in love almost instantly, and they've been together for centuries, celebrating not just their love, but their family as well.

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