Twilight: 20 Wild Details Only True Fans Know About Esme Cullen

Everyone knows about the Cullens from Twilight. They're the center of the story, after all. A group--well, more like a family--of "vegetarian" vampires who live in Forks, Washington. A small town that is not remarkable at all, except for the Cullens' presence in it.  Everyone knows that Carlisle is married to Esme and they take care of Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, and Jasper. Everyone knows that they are vampires and therefore cannot have a biological family. At least, not with other vampires. So the Cullens are each other's family. Carlisle and Esme are the parents while Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, and Jasper are their adopted children.  Yet there are many things that fans may not know about the Cullens, including Esme, the matriarch of the family.

True fans, however, will likely know this information due to their dedication to the story. They will know things like Esme's name as a human. How old she was when she met Carlisle. How old she was when she got married as a human. What caused her to flee from her human husband. How old she was when she was turned into a vampire. Her enhanced ability. What caused her to worry about Edward. Her reasons for believing in the Cullens' "vegetarian" lifestyle. And more.

For those who are not hardcore Esme fans, get ready. Because after this you will know just as much about her as the most dedicated Twilight fan.

Welcome to: 20 Wild Details Only True Fans Know About Esme Cullen. 

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20 her real name is Esme Anne Platt Evenson

What a long name. Esme Cullen sounds a lot better. Though her middle name of Anne is nice. Perhaps she should have kept that as a vampire. Then again, perhaps she wanted to leave her old life behind her. Esme has a rather tragic backstory, as you will see. Her parents didn't support her, her human husband was a jerk, no wonder she was glad to be with Carlisle and become a vampire.

As a vampire, as a Cullen, her life is much better. She has a loving husband in Carlisle and has adoptive children who love her in Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, and Jasper. She eventually even has a grandchild in Bella and Edward's daughter, Renesmee, who is partially named after her.

19 She is originally from Columbus, Ohio

She lived with her two not-so-supportive parents in Ohio and later with her human husband. Sadly for Esme, neither experience was exactly a good one. She was probably glad to leave Ohio when she did. And it's most likely a place she wouldn't want to revisit due to the bad memories she has of it.

Though she probably has some happy memories as well, at least from her childhood and teenage years. She was an adventurous and athletic girl who liked to climb trees and have all kinds of adventures. Hopefully, the happy memories remain as well as the sadder ones. It is important to remember the good times, especially those of your childhood years.

18 She met Carlisle at the age of 16

She was climbing a tree, a hobby of hers at the time, when she fell out and broke her leg. The local doctor wasn't around, so her parents took her to the hospital in Columbus. She was treated by a Dr. Cullen, who of course was Carlisle. This was an experience she never got over. She developed a crush on Carlisle which never truly went away.

That works out well for Carlisle, of course, but it's kind of weird if you think about it. Most of us wouldn't be likely to marry our teenage crushes. It's good that it worked out for Esme and Carlisle but it's not something that would work for everyone. Especially those who were more impulsive and had some regrettable crushes in their teenage years.

17 She was the last of her friends to marry

Perhaps due to her teenage crush on Carlisle, no human man could measure up. So Esme Anne Platt was the last of her friends to marry at the seriously old age of 22. All jokes aside, people did get married earlier back when Esme was human in the 1910s. No doubt she was considered an old maid at the time. She was a young woman with a lot of dreams.

She wanted a family and a loving husband. Sadly for Esme, these dreams would not come true for a long time. She had to wait for her happily ever after because it did not occur when she was human. It is only as a vampire that her dreams came true and she got the fairytale ending she was hoping for.

16 She wanted to move West to be a teacher

However, this is another dream that was not to be. Her father talked her out of it because he did not think it was respectable for a woman of her age to live alone in such a wild part of the country. This shows how her father--and her parents in general--wanted to have control over her life. Esme was a strong, independent woman but she was--and is--open-hearted and loved her parents.

She most likely wanted to please them, so she gave in to her father's demands. And so yet another dream of hers was put on hold for some time.  This lack of support from her parents most likely disappointed her and made her somewhat upset. Yet she persevered through it all.

15 She got married at 22

As was mentioned before, she was the last of her friends to marry. And her parents wanted to control her life. So it's no surprise that they picked out who Esme would marry. Her father especially pressured her to accept the proposal from Charles Evenson, the son of a family friend.

He was thought of as someone with good prospects yet he was not all he appeared to be. The marriage was not a happy one. In fact, Charles Evenson abused Esme all the time. She was relieved when he was drafted and had to go away. Her parents, who knew about the abuse, advised her to keep quiet. She was terrified when Charles came back from the war and she had to endure more mistreatment.

14 She fled when she got pregnant

She knew that her human husband, Charles Evenson, would treat his child as kindly as he treated her. Which is to say, not kindly at all. She didn't want to subject her child to the life she had to lead and so she ran. First, she stayed with a cousin in Milwaukee. Yet word eventually got out to her parents and she had to leave.

She fled further north, pretending to be a war widow. Her dream of being a teacher was finally realized when she got to a small town outside Ashland. Everything seemed to finally be falling into place for Esme. However, appearances, as Esme knows only too well, can be deceiving.

13 She lost her child just a few days after he was born

Poor Esme. She had all the bad luck as a human. Due to a lung infection, she is unfortunate enough to lose her baby just a few days after his birth. Feeling like she has nothing left, Esme jumps off of a cliff and is luckily saved and turned into a vampire by Carlisle. She is glad to see her old crush again and is most likely glad to be alive.

Though perhaps not at first. It might take a little getting used to on her side. She expected to say goodbye to life for good and instead is granted eternal life. That would be an adjustment for anyone. Even someone as calm and easygoing as Esme.

12 She was turned into a vampire at the age of 26

As mentioned before, Esme felt she had nothing left after she lost her baby a few days after his birth. So she jumped off a cliff and was saved and turned into a vampire by Carlisle. According to Stephenie Meyer herself, she was 26 at the time. Carlisle does remember her from when he treated her at the age of 16 and since he doesn't want anything to happen to her, he turns her into a vampire.

At least she's not 16 when he changes her. Now that would be creepy. It still is somewhat creepy that Carlisle is envisioning Esme as a 16-year-old while he's changing her into a vampire, but it's better that she is an adult when she's transformed. Although Carlisle makes the decision for her, Esme doesn't regret it.

11 She has aged the most out of all the Cullens

In fact, she aged more than her husband Carlisle, who was turned into a vampire at the age of 23. Esme, on the other hand, was 26 when she was turned into a vampire. So she has aged the most out of any of the Cullen family members. Because of this, she naturally fell into a motherly role with Edward and the rest of the adopted children.

Perhaps this makes up a little bit for her loss as a human. As a vampire, she finally has the life she wanted. She had a happy marriage and she had a loving and supportive family. She was glad to have both since her marriage as a human was not happy and though her parents loved her in their own way, they were not supportive of her.

10 She was relieved when she was turned into a vampire

This is mostly because of Carlisle, her old crush, who became the love of her life as a vampire. She never forgot him after meeting him at the age of 16, which is somewhat surprising because most people probably don't remember a doctor who treated them once during their teenage years. Then again, most people don't develop crushes on their doctors. So Esme is a bit weird for that.

Still, all is well that ends well. And Carlisle and Esme's relationship definitely ended up well for both of them. They went on to have a lovely family of adopted children, which enriched their lives and made them even happier. The happiness denied her as a human is finally hers and Esme couldn't be more pleased.

9 She and Carlisle fell in love quickly

Knowing her story, this is not hard to believe. She didn't have real love in her human life and she did have a crush on Carlisle and never forgot him afterward. That's more powerful than a regular crush. It was probably a sign that they were meant to be together. Finally, she found true love, and it almost made up for the tragedies in her life.

Esme and Carlisle most likely fell in love so quickly due to her past and Carlisle's gentle nature. She was so glad to be with someone so caring. Esme's life finally took a turn for the better and she was happy. She and Carlisle had each other and eventually, they'd have children as well and that's all that matters.

8 She and Edward pretended to be brother and sister

This must have been interesting for the motherly Esme. It's doubtful that she ever saw Edward as a brother, though of course, it was only what they said to throw off the humans in the area. The reason for this deception was that Esme and Edward looked somewhat similar. Therefore, people in the area easily accepted the fact that they were family. This charade went on for a while until it changed to what it is during Twilight, that Carlisle and Esme are the adoptive parents of several teenagers.

Due to her motherly nature, this charade must have fit Esme well. She would definitely prefer to see Edward as her son rather than her brother. And perhaps her adoptive children could fill the hole left by the loss of her baby as a human.

7 Esme's enhanced "ability" as a vampire is her ability to love passionately

Carlisle has a theory that everyone's traits as a human get magnified when they are turned into a vampire. In Esme's case, this means her ability to love. Edward explains this to Bella in Twilight. Bella takes it calmly, as she does with everything else. Even when Edward explains the more magical abilities such as Jasper's ability to control emotions and Alice's visions of the future.

Though Esme herself does not have a magical ability, it is somewhat surprising how fiercely she loves given how little love she experienced in her human life. Her parents loved her in their own way, but also pressured her into marriage and into keeping quiet about the unhappy truth of the marriage. Her husband as a human never loved her and she never loved him. So the fact that her ability to love passionately survived her transformation into a vampire is magical in a way. It shows how strong and resilient Esme is as a person.

6 She was worried about Edward being alone

Perhaps because of her own happiness with Carlisle, and the happiness she saw in her other adopted children with their loves, Esme was always worried about Edward being alone.  It's no surprise that Esme is a hopeless romantic. After all, her enhanced ability as a vampire is her ability to love passionately.

That's bound to make anyone a hopeless romantic. And she loves Edward too, although not in the romantic sense of the word. She truly cares for him and sees him as her family, as her son. So it's no surprise that she wants Edward to be happy. And to Esme, who did not experience true love until Carlisle, someone cannot be happy without true love in their life.

5 She was thrilled when Edward fell in love with Bella

This should be no surprise either. Since she was so worried about Edward being alone, she was glad when he finally met the love of his life. Though Bella was human at the time, this didn't dampen Esme's enthusiasm for the relationship. She was just glad that Edward finally found someone to love.

When Edward went away for a while to Alaska, Esme was upset and was glad when he came back to the family and to Bella. In fact, Esme is part of the reason that Edward came back at all.  She supported his relationship with Bella fully and just wanted him to do whatever he needed to stay with the family. Which, luckily for Esme, Edward did.

4 She is into architecture and restoration

Everyone needs to have hobbies, it seems. Even vampires. And Esme is no exception to that rule. She is really interested in architecture and restoration. In fact, she is responsible for the Cullens' house. She also likes to restore historical buildings and does so as often as she can.

Her hobbies have come a long way since she was a teenager. She used to be climbing trees, now as an adult--and a vampire--she's restoring houses. Seems like a very grown-up thing to do. She has come a long way in her life and now has time to have hobbies again. She's glad to have her hobbies and spend her free time doing something special that she enjoys.

3 Edward is special to Esme

You never forget your first child. Even if said child is a vampire and is actually older than they appear to be. Due to Edward being the first child Esme really got to have, he's special to her. This makes sense. She lost her baby as a human but found a new family as a vampire.

Edward was the first member of the family for her and for Carlisle and is therefore special to both of them. Esme truly loves Edward with her whole heart. She really sees him as her son. He is like the oldest child who never truly grows up because he's doted on by his parents. Though Edward is quite mature for having that status.

2 Esme and Carlisle have the most spiritual relationship of any of the Cullens

Take that Edward and Bella. Just kidding. Jokes. Don't worry Twilight fans. No Edward and Bella hate here. However, one could say that Esme and Carlisle are where Edward learned it all. They are like his parents, after all. According to Stephenie Meyer herself, Esme and Carlisle have a very spiritual relationship.

They are very spiritually in tune and intellectually linked.  Their relationship is on a deeper level than simple physical attraction. Esme and Carlisle seem to have it all. Though no relationship is perfect, of course, the two are clearly made for each other. They are just like Edward and Bella in that sense. They complete each other and truly make each other happy.

1 Esme loves humans easily

As is typical with Esme, her heart is open to love. She loves humans easily and does not look down on them like some vampires might. Instead, she loves them passionately just as she loves her vampire family. This is why she does not drink human blood. Instead, she lives on animal blood like the rest of the Cullens, and is therefore considered a "vegetarian" vampire. Her big heart makes it easy for her to do the right thing. And in the world of Twilight, the right thing to do is to drink animal blood over human blood.

Because of her love for humans, Esme most likely finds the life of a "vegetarian" vampire an easy one to adapt to. As easy as any vampire could find it, that is. There are probably difficult moments but Esme keeps going and it's because of her love for humanity in general that she does.


Do you know anything else that others might not about Esme Cullen from Twilight? Let us know in the comments!

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