20Carlisle Hoped They Would End Up Together

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Despite all of the Cullen's living under one roof, they are not technically related. Carlisle may have sired each of his “children” as vampires, but they are not actually from the same family. That is why each of the Cullen children have a pair in the family. While Twilight introduces

Emmett and Rosalie together, Carlisle initially envisioned Rosalie ending up with Edward as, given their similar ages prior to turning, he thought it was a natural fit.

As the Twilight saga unfolds, it becomes clear that this not to be. Not only are Edward and Rosalie very different people, their hearts belong to others. Once Emmett and Bella come into the picture, these two would never end up together, especially in a romantic way. Sorry Carlisle, looks like your match-making skills were wrong this time.

Rosalie Twilight
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