Twilight: 20 Wild Revelations Behind Edward And Rosalie’s Relationship

Edward Cullen and Cullen siblings in Twilight

The Twilight Saga focuses mainly on the relationship between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. As the story's main love interests, their relationship is prioritized and shown off, however, there are so many more relationships that are not explored as much as they should be. The entire Cullen family is full of interesting characters that Stephanie Meyer only scratched the surface on. While she was sure to develop a rich backstory on each of them to help craft the characters, fans wanted even more from some of the other vampires in the series.

While characters like Rosalie contribute to the novels, her relationship with her brother Edward is particularly interesting. Both Edward and Rosalie have such strong personalities and each interaction fans do get to see is electric. Whether they are at odds about Bella, teaming against the Volturi, or mutually disliking Jacob, their relationship is chock full of interesting moments. Although their respective relationships with Bella and Emmett are both interesting, the family dynamic between these two is too great not to explore further. Thankfully, due to companion novels like Midnight Sun and The Official Illustrated Guide, the Twilight series could be explored further and characters like Rosalie were given additional opportunities to shine (no pun intended). This gave great insight into her relationship with Edward and provided fans with information that only true Twihards know about. Here are 20 Wild Revelations Behind Edward And Rosalie’s Relationship:

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20 Carlisle Hoped They Would End Up Together

Rosalie Carlisle Edward Twilight

Despite all of the Cullen's living under one roof, they are not technically related. Carlisle may have sired each of his “children” as vampires, but they are not actually from the same family. That is why each of the Cullen children have a pair in the family. While Twilight introduces Emmett and Rosalie together, Carlisle initially envisioned Rosalie ending up with Edward as, given their similar ages prior to turning, he thought it was a natural fit.

As the Twilight saga unfolds, it becomes clear that this not to be. Not only are Edward and Rosalie very different people, their hearts belong to others. Once Emmett and Bella come into the picture, these two would never end up together, especially in a romantic way. Sorry Carlisle, looks like your match-making skills were wrong this time.

19 He Has Always Annoyed Her

Rosalie Twilight

While Carlisle had envisioned they would end up together, he did not foresee one important part of their relationship: Rosalie finds Edward very annoying. When Bella learns that they were first supposed to be together, Rosalie responds by saying “I don't want Edward that way, Bella. I never did ― I love him as a brother, but he's irritated me from the first moment I heard him speak.” While others have had the same reaction about Robert Pattinson's character before, it was surprising to hear Rosalie's true feelings.

Thankfully, vampires do not have to deal with imprinting like shape-shifters do. If that were the case, and Edward had imprinted on Rosalie, he would have had his heart broken very quickly because she could not stand him.

18 Edward Has Been A Vampire Longer

The Cullen family has certainly grown over the years. While Twilight introduces the family in its full state with Jasper as the newest addition, it used to be much smaller. In fact, the Quileute legend about “the pale ones” only mentions three vampires during their meeting. While Carlisle and Esme are the founders of the family, the third was Edward. This means that by vampire standards, Edward is actually one of the oldest members of the Cullen family.

Due to the length of time since he turned, Edward also seems to have a better grasp over his abilities and hunger. While Rosalie is certainly a strong woman, even she finds herself unable to control herself at the sight of Bella. It seems that Edward may be the most mature Cullen child of the group.

17 Rosalie Disliked Bella

Rosalie's feelings about Bella were obvious. She made it very clear that she was not accepting of Bella becoming a part of her family and did not want a human around. While the true reason for her feelings would eventually be revealed, she still didn't want her around. Throughout the series, Rosalie would make her feelings known as she would make fun of Bella every chance she got, even when Edward would persist that she stop.

She would eventually come around and accept Bella, but she did not condone her wanting to become a vampire. Rosalie feels very strongly about wanting to become a human again and would have chosen differently if she were Bella. They may eventually become sisters, but Rosalie will always harbor negative feelings underneath it all.

16 Rosalie Has Limited Powers

Rosalie In Wedding Dress Twilight

Each of the Cullens have their own special powers as vampires. For example, Emmett is incredibly strong and Alice has the ability to see the future. Edward can even read minds, but Rosalie certainly drew the shorter straw in this regard. The only “power” that Rosalie has to offer is that she is incredibly beautiful. On her own admission, she was not gifted with anything else when she turned.

Each of their powers makes them very useful in battle during Twilight, but Rosalie only has the standard strength and speed that comes with being a vampire. Her powers would likely help her talk her way out of a speeding ticket. And while being a vampire does have its physical advantages, she would have likely preferred to have something a bit more useful when compared to her family members.

15 Edward Was Never Attracted To Her

Rosalie Hale Twilight

Carlisle's plan for Edward and Rosalie to become a pair certainly did not go according to plan. Carlisle thought that Edward would have been excited with such an attractive pairing, but he had other thoughts. Edward did not appreciate the thought of being paired with someone else. In fact, he didn't find himself attracted to Rosalie at all.

Perhaps this was part of the reason that Rosalie was dismissive towards Bella. While she ultimately found happiness with Emmett, she must have been hurt knowing that Edward was the only man not to be attracted to her. Even before she turned, she was incredibly beautiful. This must have been one of the first times she heard that someone did not find her attractive enough to be with.

14 She Wasn't Attracted To Him Either

While she must have been hurt by Edward's admission, Rosalie must have taken solace in not finding Edward attractive either. Rosalie may not have had a successful relationship prior to turning, but she had been with more attractive men than Edward Cullen.

Rosalie was beautiful before becoming a vampire and certainly had men fawn over her for a long time. The reason she became so upset at him for not being attracted to her was because she had never experienced that before, not because she had feelings for Edward. If the roles had been reversed, she likely wouldn't have wanted him as a mate either.

13 Rosalie Was Older Than Him When She Turned

Rosalie and Royce Twilgiht

Becoming a vampire distorts the aging process as people stop aging once they turn. Thankfully, each of the Cullen family members were mature enough as humans before becoming vampires and are now stuck as adults forever. When it comes to the Cullen children, there are a variety of ages in the group, and while Edward has been a vampire for much longer than Rosalie has, she is technically the older human.

When Edward was turned following his fight with Spanish Influenza, he was only 17 years old. On the other hand, when Carlisle found an ailing Rosalie, she was 18. By this time, Edward had already been a vampire for close to fifteen years on his own, which is why Edward is considered the older vampire between the two.

12 Is Possessive Of Edward's Daughter

Rosalie and Baby Twilight

Rosalie has pined for becoming a mother even since she was a human, but once she was turned into a vampire it became impossible. While there are many things she likely misses about being a human, having the opportunity to have a child is at the top of the list.

However, once Renesmee is born, she has the chance to care for the child by proxy. Even before Bella gives birth, Rosalie is very protective of the baby and stands by side. After she is born, she is one of the first people to hold her and helps take care of her alongside Edward and Bella. When there is any danger present, Renesmee is the first thing Rosalie thinks to protect. Thankfully, Rosalie now has the opportunity to be a great aunt to her niece.

11 They Both Dislike Jacob

While there are many things that Rosalie and Edward disagree on, there is one thing they will always be on the same page about: they both dislike Jacob Black.

Each of their reasons extends beyond the regular vampire and shape-shifter rivalry, though. Edward has been directly feuding with Jacob due to his relationship  with Bella. Rosalie has never appreciated Jacob being around, and even refers to him as “Fido” and a “[distasteful] beast.” While none of them come to blows, they would all have preferred to be kept apart. Begrudgingly, they all end up working together to protect each other, but there is a lot of pent-up feelings about how each of the Cullen children really feel about Jacob.

10 Numerous Fan Fictions Dedicated To Them

Edward and Rosalie Twilight

One quick Google search reveals how Twilight fans really feel about this potential couple. While there are many odd things on the depths of the Internet, Twilight fans have gone the extra mile when it comes to Edward and Rosalie.

Knowing that Carlisle's initial intention was for them to be together, fans have taken that ball and run with it. There are numerous fan fictions dedicated to an Edward and Rosalie relationship, with many of them not even including Bella Swan as a factor. Legions of Twilight fans would have much rather cut out the human factor and just had Edward and Rosalie pursue a relationship together.

9 Rosalie Yells At Edward Through Her Thoughts

Edward's thought-reading ability is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, if he wants to find out information from someone, he is able to easily get it for himself, but on the other hand, he also has to deal with the direct thoughts of those around him without any filters.

While Edward is mature enough to deal with negative thoughts of those around him, Rosalie takes it a step further. Instead of just telling Edward what she is thinking, she yells at him through her thoughts knowing that he will hear them. While it is not out of the ordinary for siblings to annoy each other, this takes it to the next level. There is little that Edward can do to stop Rosalie's thoughts, particularly if there is something she really wants him to hear.

8 She Is As Strong As Edward

Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen in Twilight

Rosalie may not have developed additional powers when she turned as a vampire, but she does have similar strength when compared to the other Cullens. While Twilight does not fully explore life before Bella, some of their backstories are known.

Prior to the events of Twilight, Rosalie had the chance to show off her strength. When she initially came across Emmett as a human, he was being attacked by a bear. Rosalie was strong enough to fight off the bear to save Emmett and brought him to Carlisle to be turned. While Rosalie is sometimes considered to be just “the pretty one” of the group, she has just as much power as the other Cullens.

7 Rosalie Debated Taking Bella's Life

Rosalie's taunting of Edward is one thing, but how she originally felt about Bella is something entirely different. As a human coming into a family of vampires, Bella Swan was already facing an uphill battle. However, as her relationship in Twilight unfolds with Edward, it's clear that Rosalie detests having her around.

While disliking someone new introduced to the family could be condoned, Rosalie's feelings go far beyond that. In fact, Rosalie even thought about taking Bella's life at one point. When Edward saves Bella from a runaway car in Twilight, Rosalie revealed that she would have preferred for the car to hit her. While her and Edward were not together at the time, it was a surprising thing for her to reveal.

6 Both Want To Be Humans Again

Given Rosalie's dislike for Bella's wanting to become a vampire, she obviously pines for wanting to become human again. If given the choice, Rosalie would have likely chosen to pass away rather than become a vampire. As she says to Bella, “you have the choice that I didn't have, and you're choosing wrong.” What most Twilight fans do not realize at first is that Edward feels the same way.

Both Edward and Rosalie were very young when they turned and had their whole adult lives ahead. They missed out on having a true adult-hood as well as experiencing many things about growing up. Frankly, they are perennially stuck in high school, which must absolutely suck the most. If given the choice, both would become human again in a heart-beat (no pun intended).

5 Rosalie Is Jealous of Edward For Having A Baby

While she was a human, Rosalie had very little to complain about. She was a beautiful woman from a wealthy family and was living a happy life. It was not until she was introduced to her friend Vera's young baby, Henry, that she realized what she was missing. Unfortunately for her, Rosalie would become a vampire only days after realizing this and would never have the opportunity to have children.

This is why Rosalie has so much animosity towards Bella once she is pregnant; she is jealous of her. Rosalie says that once she saw Vera with Henry that “it was the first time she felt jealous of any one else,” and she carries those feelings over to Bella. Thankfully, those feelings of jealously wind up turning into feelings of love for her niece Renesmee.

4 Both Came From Wealthy Families

They both may have wound up being Cullens, but Rosalie and Edward were not related before becoming vampires. However, their human lives did share similarities: they have been privileged enough to come from affluent families their entire lives.

Rosalie has always come from money as her father was a banker. Since she was born in 1915 New York, this was a very wealthy profession. Considering that they both wound up the son of a doctor, they have been able to maintain their upper-class lifestyle. Edward's father was a lawyer, which has always been a respected and well-paying profession. This afforded them many advantages in life, which have further been put to use in the after-life.

3 Edward Is Annoyed With Rosalie & Emmett's “Togetherness”

Rosalie Smile Twilight

It is well established how strong vampires in the Twilight universe are, but Stephanie Meyer's books are also quick to note that this translates to physical affection. While most of the novels do not include Edward and Bella being intimate together because she is human, this eventually changes once she is turned in Breaking Dawn.

Since they are now both at similar strength levels, it gives them the opportunity to be intimate together. In a moment of awkwardness, Edward lets Bella know what it was like when Rosalie and Emmett first got together. He says “Rosalie and Emmett were so bad, it took a solid decade before we could stand to be within five miles of them.” Talk about ruining a moment with a very strange story. It seems that smoothness is not one of Edward's super powers.

2 Bella Considers Both Of Them Beautiful

Edward Cullen and Cullen siblings in Twilight

There is no denying how attractive the Cullen family is. As if being vampires not only preserved them perfectly, but also heightened their beauty. In the case of Rosalie, this is exactly what it did, but the other members of the family are also easy on the eyes.

When Bella Swan first meets the other members of the Cullen family, she can't believe how attractive they are. While she is certainly already smitten with Edward, she is also taken with the other members of the family, especially Rosalie. The way that she describes Rosalie is similar to how she describes Edward – as captivatingly beautiful. In fact, there are very few people who would disagree with her.

1 Both Are Accomplished Musicians

Bella Edward Twilight Piano Scene

While most people remember their vampiric qualities, it is important to remember that both Edward and Rosalie were humans once, too. Like other humans, they both had hobbies before becoming vampires and even maintained them afterwards.

Prior to turning, Edward's family ensured that his interest in musical instruments was well-maintained. He became an accomplished musician as a teenager and he can even be seen playing the piano for Bella in Twilight. On the other hand, Rosalie used her immortality to better herself and took up learning instruments in her spare time. Since Emmett is more likely to spend his time athletically, this was something that Edward and Rosalie could bond over.


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