Twilight: 25 Things That Makes No Sense About Edward

When Twilight became a bestselling hit, most of that fame was attributed to its leading male character, Edward Cullen. He dazzled readers with his dichotomous persona: a bloodthirsty vampire with the heart of a poet. Like Bella, many fans fell in love with him. They stayed enrapt with him throughout all four books, and watched the human-vampire romance earnestly. The books' popularity only soared when the movies came out, tossing Robert Pattinson into the role of a heartthrob caked with pale makeup and vampire fangs.

However, with time, fans and naysayers alike started to see cracks in the romantic series -- especially when it came to Edward. Yes, he could play piano and tell Bella he'd do anything for her, but he also was controlling and angst-ridden. He made a lot of decisions without giving Bella any choice in the matter. As their relationship lost its sheen, so did his dream boy status.

Years later, anti-Twilight hype has quieted and truly dedicated fans have remained in love. Unfortunately, though, it wasn't just Edward's romantic gestures that were a little off. There's a lot wrong with him as a person, too. There are a lot of things about the vampire that don't add up.

With that said, here are the 25 Things That Makes No Sense About Edward.

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Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) becomes a vampire in Breaking Dawn Part 1
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25 His Reluctance About Turning Bella

Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) becomes a vampire in Breaking Dawn Part 1

One of the biggest arguments between Bella and Edward is about her humanity. She wants to turn into a vampire, while he insists that she stay human. On Edward's end, there is a nobility about wanting to preserve life. However, Bella this is his girlfriend and she doesn't want to grow old or pass on. She wants to spend forever with him.

In concept, Edward's just being a nice guy. However, in reality, he's treating his girlfriend rudely just because he thinks he knows what's best for her. Also, turning her into a vampire would mean that they would always be together. He should have let her turn in the first book.

24 His Ability To Have A Kid

In Breaking Dawn, Bella and Edward get married and, somehow, Bella becomes pregnant. Even crazier, Bella's pregnancy only lasts a few weeks and, before they know it, the baby is ready to burst out of her. Then, once born, the kid is a super-speed aging half-vampire.

Without a doubt, none of this makes any sense. After all, he's been immortally deceased for almost 100 years. Everything about his body should be frozen in time. With that aside, though, there is still no explanation about how quickly Renesmee grows. If there's anything about Edward and his genetics that's particularly boggling, it's this.

23 The Cullen's Immense Family Wealth

Carlisle has been alive for hundreds of years. During that time, he's accumulated quite a bit of wealth. He's a doctor, after all, and in the past few decades, doctors are paid well. The Cullen family owns a bunch of fancy cars (that they drive around a lot), a great house, and an island.

However, they almost seem too wealthy. They do have a six person household that moves around quite often. Having to uproot every five years or so takes a toll on the bank account. While they should still be well-off, their money seems a little exaggerated.

22 Sucking The Venom From Bella

At the end of Twilight, Bella is bitten by James and Edward has to decide her fate: let her turn or try to remove the venom. With Bella desperate to become a vampire, the easy answer is for the Cullens to support her through her transition.

However, at this point, Edward is still very hung up on her humanity. Instead of letting Bella turn, he decides to risk her life and suck out the venom. More stupidly, though, he decides that he should be the one to suck it out. Considering his trouble with self control around her blood, the plan is idiotic. It doesn't make any sense for him to risk almost losing her just to get the venom out himself. Carlisle is a doctor, so it would make more sense if he did it.

21 His Inconsistent Blood Vulnerability

Robert Pattinson as Edward and Kristen Stewart as Bella Twilight

Throughout Twilight and its subsequent sequels, Edward has to overcome his attraction to Bella's blood. After all, it would be pretty awkward to drain the love of your life dry. However, Edward's ability to resist is fairly inconsistent.

Holding her close and being centimeters away doesn't seem to affect him. Conversely, a bit of a kiss makes him go wild. Furthermore, in the dance studio, he's the only one losing his mind with Bella starts bleeding. In early New Moon, though, he's able to keep his cool while others hold Jasper back. It seems like his attraction to her blood is purely based on plot convenience, and not logic.

20 His Hatred Of Rosalie

When Carlisle brought Rosalie home for Edward, it made sense that he wouldn't be interested in her. They're both very different -- he was depressed, she's a traditionalist while he's more an idealist, and he's hardly the type to like things forced on him. However, what doesn't make sense is how cold he was towards her, and vice versa.

True, the pair are very different. However, they've lived together for about 50 years as siblings. They should sympathize with each other better and at least have a familial understanding. Instead, they act like their personalities make them incompatible. You'd think that the two vampires who value being human most could at least figure out how to be friendly.

19 Living In Forks

The vamipre covens in North America are well aware of the situation in Washington. They have dominion over everywhere else, but in LaPush, a Native tribe adapted to deal with them and the vampires couldn't tread anywhere near their lands.

Despite knowing where this tribe originates, the Cullens decide to settle in Forks, a city right next to the old tribe's lands. Unsurprisingly, this awakens a group of young Natives and marks the return of the protective shapeshifters. Since the Cullens are non-confrontational, it doesn't make sense that they would settle so close to people who don't trust them or agree with them. Yes, they had a pact to remain peaceful, but isn't that still too close for comfort?

18 Watching Bella Sleep

Fascinated with her mortality, Edward quickly starts to form a creepy obsession with Bella's human habits. For example, he's marveled by her organic breathing and he becomes very interested in her eating. However, above all else, he adores watching her sleep.

Things get a little uncomfortable and weird, though, when Edward admits that he's been watching her sleep for several nights. He sneaks into her window and spends all eight glorious hours next to her bed. While a little intimate glancing can be cute, spending hours watching someone you barely know sleep is pushing it. For someone who has lived 100 years, he missed out on the basic "don't be creepy" etiquette.

17 His Mind-Reading Powers

According to Twilight lore, vampires can sometimes get powers after they turn. These powers are based on their skills when they were human. For example, Alice can see into the future because she was already tied to premonitions and the supernatural during her mortal life.

Edward's powers, however, make less sense. The books vaguely talk about him being "good at reading people" before turning. However, this kind of vagueness doesn't explain why Edward has the ability to read all thoughts at all times, or why other mind-readers are different. Aro can read minds, but he can only do this when he is touching someone, even if his reads are more in-depth. This power would make more sense for a detective, but for introverted young man? Not really.

16 Still Going To High School

The Cullens, to avoid suspicion, move to different towns every five or so years, give or take a couple years. They enroll the younger vampires in high school and stay until they start looking like they're too young to be graduates.

However, going to high school and wasting their days by avoiding other teenagers doesn't make much sense. It would make more sense for the five of them to be "home-schooled" by Esme, and instead do whatever pleases them during the day. After all, they don't really get anything out of repeatedly going to high school. The entire process would be easier, and it might even last a little longer if they just kept even more to themselves.

15 Saving Bella From The Car

When Bella and Edward first meet, he does everything in his power to avoid her. She smells delicious to him, after all. However, things change one day when she almost gets crushed by a car. Out of nowhere, Edward suddenly feels compelled to save Bella. In the process, though, he crushes the side door of the car and risks exposing his entire family.

After years of passive existence, and after deliberately avoiding Bella, it doesn't make sense for Edward to risk his and his family's lives for her. It would've made more sense if he had just quickly left the area so that he wouldn't be affected by her blood.

14 His Maturity Levels

Edward is an enigma, at least in terms of his maturity. Parts of him have the wisdom of a much older man. His hobbies and courting ideas are traditional and very dated . However, when it comes to self-control and impulsive decisions, he's just as much a teenage boy as he looks.

It's understandable for him to be wise despite his appearance. He has lived over a century, after all. However, this doesn't excuse his rash, youthful behavior when it comes to love. It makes sense for him to feel despair about losing Bella, but trying to get the Volturi to destroy him? A reaction like that is very moody and emotionally unstable.

13 Bella Is His First And Only Girlfriend

Despite living well over 100 years, Edward has been more than a little chaste. He was so focused on studies and music when he was human that he didn't date. After turning into a vampire, he seemed even less interested. After all, crippling depression and brooding can do that to a person.

Then, Edward meets Bella. This doe-eyed, also emotionally troubled girl becomes the love of his life very quickly. For a guy with no dating experience, it's a little wild that his first romantic interest is a human who could risk his entire family's existence. He couldn't find other moody, brooding vampires to date?

12 Accepting Carlisle

Edward makes it very clear that he struggles with vampirism. Living forever as a monster weighs heavily on his soul. With this disposition, it makes it hard to believe that Edward ever accepted Carlisle. After all, he was the one who turned him into a monster.

As a person so repulsed by immortality, it doesn't make sense that he would forgive Carlisle so readily. He took away the choice of humanity that Edward never wanted Bella to lose. Instead, Edward remains devoted and stays by Carlisle's side, only angry at the situation, and no at Carlisle. However, this seems a bit too mature for a person who stalks teenage girls and turns vigilante out of angst.

11 His Interest In Bella

There are many reasons why Edward's incessant obsession with Bella doesn't make much sense. Not only is she his "singer," someone whose particular blood appeals to a certain vampire, but she's also human. She's a danger to his vegetarianism and his family. Not only that, but being close to him could also endanger her own life. However, for better or worse, he's irrevocably drawn to her.

The only reason why this makes some sense, though, is the fact he can't hear her thoughts. She's a mystery to him. During their time together, he gets to listen to what she says and isn't drowned out by what she thinks. However, this hardly makes a good enough case for risking one's entire existence.

10 His Initial Dislike Of Jacob

As the Twilight series progressed, it's safe to say that both Edward and Jacob, Bella's combating love interests, did not get along. Not only were they both vying for her affections, but they also were from opposite sides of a supernatural war. Jacob is a werewolf, while Edward is a vampire.

Before they find out any of that, though, and before Jacob realized his love for Bella, Edward still didn't like Jacob. It makes sense that Jacob doesn't like Edward -- after all, he knows that he's a vampire. However, at best Edward just knows Jacob is a family friend with ties to a tribe they have a pact with.

9 His Flirting Capabilities

Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen in Twilight

While attractive and romantic, Edward has never been in a relationship. He's never even interacted with a girl like that before. However, he still manages to be suave and flirty with Bella.

Some may make a case that his mind-reading and observational skills have given him the tools to flirt, but that's a gross overestimation. After all, tons of people read, listen to, or watch romantic movies and TV shows, but this hardly means that they're any good at being in a relationship. Considering his past and his lack of experience, he shouldn't be nearly as suave when it comes to flirting and showing his affection.

8 His Distance From Fellow Students

If the Cullens are sending their youngest members to high school, they should have purpose, right? However, this means that it makes even less sense why the five immortal teens would keep a staunch distance from their classmates. After all, the only good reason for them to attend school would be to interact and learn more about humans. It could create less of a disconnect between them and the world around them. They would get a daily, friendly reminder about why they choose to feast on animal blood instead of human blood.

Instead, they're practically removed from the student body. They might as well be home-schooled if they're not getting anything out of going to school with humans.

7 His Inconsistent Personality

Edward has a fairly confusing, contradictory personality, especially in the movies. One moment he's super serious and overprotective, but in the next, he's encouraging Bella to get out of her shell and stop making stupid jokes. While serious people can definitely still have humor, the change is just so erratic and mismatched when it comes to Edward. Dryer humor would make more sense for his character, and lower levels of hyper-protection would be an improvement.

Instead, though, he jumps from one extreme to the other. There's only so much personality whiplash a real person can take. It is extremely unrealistic for a person to be a patchwork of completely opposing personalities.

6 Staying Near A "Singer"

Edward is all about protection and safety. He habitually makes decisions for Bella in order to protect her. He tries to get her to go with a human boy to the dance and fall for him. In New Moon, he even breaks up with Bella because he thinks it will be better for her. However, how did such a protection-obsessed guy think that dating a "singer" would be a good idea?

Singers are a serious danger to vampires because their blood "sings" to them. As a vegetarian, this is especially dangerous for Edward, and even Bella. The overprotective lurker he normally was turned into a pile of love-struck teenage mush.

5 His Overprotective Hypocrisy

Kristen Stewart as Bella in The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1

Throughout their entire relationship, Edward is hyper-protective of Bella. He buys her expensive, bullet-proof cars, sends her away when she's in danger, and even breaks up with her when he thinks it's better for her. Conversely, he doesn't let Bella become concerned about him. Whenever she says that she's worried about him, he brushes her off and negates her concerns. She's just a weak human, after all.

If he wanted her to be safer, he should just let her become a vampire in the first book. If not, he should realize that caring about someone is double-sided and she should feel free to worry about him too. She did almost lose him once purely because he thought she passed on, so clearly he isn't good at solving problems on his own.

4 His Low Hobby Count

Bella Edward Twilight Piano Scene

With over 100 years under his belt, Edward is quite proficient at the things he loves. He's a great pianist, an avid reader, and is absolutely mad about cars. However, considering that he's had such a long time to explore these hobbies, it's strange that he only appears to have three hobbies.

In less than a hundred years, mere humans enjoy countless more than three hobbies. As mortals who have to sleep, that's impressive. Why can't an immortal accomplish just as much, if not more? It doesn't make much sense. He should at least consider selling his piano compositions or something.

3 His Vigilante Phase

A few decades after vampirism set in, Edward turned away from Carlisle's vegetarian philosophy. He was too brooding and angsty and obsessed with the darkness of the world to see any good in it. Because of this, he became a vampire vigilante. He drank from humans, but only bad people who he found doing awful things. His first victim was Esme's abusive husband.

Eventually, Edward returned to Carlisle and all of the Cullens acted like it never happened. If he's as gentle, shy, and well-meaning as he's said to be, though, this doesn't make sense, especially several years later. This phase would have made most sense if it happened immediately after he turned.

2 Dating Bella

Suspending all logical thinking, Edward's attraction to Bella can, in some way, make sense. Even his weird lurking can make some sense. He's looking, but he never touches. However, full-on dating Bella? That's too dumb of an idea, even for a naive teenager.

Edward has openly admitted to wanting to suck her blood. Her mortality puts her in constant danger around vampires. He's putting a lot of faith in his self-control, not to mention the self-control of his family. On almost every front, not only is it a bad idea but it's also very dangerous for both parties. Even if love made him blind, it didn't make him stupid. His decision to keep seeing her doesn't make any logical sense.

1 His Untreated Depression

In a family led by a doctor and several emotionally adept people, someone should do more to address Edward's crippling depression. Since his turning and the loss of his mother, he's been moody, brooding, and has secluded himself from others. It isn't just "normal teenage stuff," either. He feels a general hopelessness in the world and sees himself as a wretched monster. The other four Cullen youths don't think that, and one of them took part in a bloody war.

It doesn't make any sense for the other Cullens to ignore this issue. Edward was willing to end his life over a girl he deliberately broke up with. The young vampire needs a lot of help. However, the Cullens don't seem to be very concerned.


Are there any other things about Edward in Twilight that don't make sense? Let us know in the comments!

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