Twilight: 10 Hilarious Edward Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Even fans love to make fun of Edward Cullen, the brooding vampire in Twilight and Robert Pattinson's portrayal sparked a ton of funny internet memes.

When one mentions a “true fan,” that doesn’t strictly mean being a fan of just the one fandom. People take a liking to multiple types of media, and as it happens, The Twilight Saga has similarities to other fandoms like Harry Potter

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In fact, there’s an entire Twilight fandom who are solely fans because of the memes that have come out of the movies. Taking all this into consideration, it means that a “true” Twilight fan is one who enjoys multiple fandoms and gets a good laugh out of the memes too. So, we’ve brought these 10 memes for you to enjoy about a certain Edward Cullen, so that you can remember the series.

10 Easy On The Make-Up, Edward

While the novels did describe Edward as someone who glowed, there was no denying everyone was taken by surprise when the first sight of the hero was shown in trailers. The reactions for these previews were hilarious, which makes it a shame Twitter wasn’t really a thing back then.

Even diehard Twilight fans had to accept that Edward’s make-up had been overdone to the point of ludicrousness. Fans became accepting of his complexion when they watched the film, but everyone’s opinion was the same as this meme when the early previews came out.

9 A Second (Strange) Life

Robert Pattinson sort of disappeared after Cedric Diggory’s death in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and reemerged as Edward in Twilight; this led to meme enthusiasts claiming he might have been reborn. 

In some fans’ head canon, Cedric and Edward are the same, and it was Cedric’s dead body that Carlisle reanimated as a vampire. As the canon states that Edward’s mother requested him to be brought back, maybe it was Mrs. Diggory who made that request. In any case, Pattinson is now being “reincarnated” as Batman too, after another few years out of the spotlight.

8 Lesser Of Two Evils

For a long five years or so, detractors of The Twilight Saga claimed that the series really had to be the worst display of a love story out there — with the advent of the “still a better love story than Twilight” meme emerging from this belief.

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However, Fifty Shades of Grey made these people downright miss the Twilight days, as the popular belief was that the former series was way worse than the latter ever had been. Due to this, it appears that the Twilight love story is now infinitely more preferable.

7 Can't Help But Laugh

The defining moment of Edward’s beauty was seen when he took Bella out in the woods and showed himself shining in the light. It was a hotly anticipated moment for the fans, but the execution was hit-and-miss. 

A majority of the people found the direction of the scene laughable, as it seemed to come out of something a B-movie would offer, with Bella proclaiming Edward as “beautiful” when the awful CGI only made the scene even funnier. And so it sparked a thousand glistening memes that still survive to this day. Let's hope Pattinson's Batman has more chemistry with Wonder Woman in the DCEU

6 "Those" Fans

Sure, there’s no denying that the Cullen family is very attractive to look at, what with each one of them having the bone structure that makes them all look like supermodels, but this meme pokes fun at the fangirls who went crazy after them.

At a time where dialpad cellphones were the norm, teenagers texted one another using broken “cellphone language” English, and sentences like the one you see in the above meme were sent out on a daily basis. You really couldn’t talk to a single teenage girl who didn’t text this way at the time.

5 Selfish Edward

Edward and his family are meant to be centuries old, with his adoptive father being around three centuries of age; yet, these guys waste their time in teenage drama fantasies. Edward in particular was a loner, so what the heck did he do in his free time?

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Since he knew firsthand what it was like to die of a disease, you’d think he would put his immortality to good use and try to eradicate diseases and ailments entirely. After all, the guy literally has all of the rest of life to use his powers for the betterment of humankind. But it seems studying in high school forever sounds more fun to him.

4 Why Not Both?

People in their 20s will definitely remember when there was the whole “Harry Potter vs Twilight” ridiculousness going on, wherein both sides of the fandom would throw insults at one another. 

However, there were those who played both sides, in that the fangirls who were madly in love with Edward, but were unable to let go of the magical world Harry Potter offered. We can understand that, though; when you’ve got awesome actors like Daniel Radcliffe or Emma Watson playing such great characters, it was hard to turn away from Harry Potter.

3 Guy Can't Catch A Break

It was fitting that Michael Sheen and David Tennant came together for Good Omens, as they had already had their interests align beforehand when their characters from The Twilight Saga and Harry Potter wanted to kill Edward. 

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David’s Barty Crouch was the reason why Cedric got killed in the first place, as it was his plan to transport Harry Potter to Voldemort that inadvertently led to Cedric’s demise; then, Michael’s Aro took the reigns to antagonize Edward in The Twilight Saga. Who knows, maybe these two might reunite to become dual antagonists in The Batman too.

2 Football Fans Will Understand

It might well be a never-ending debate, with the questions being whether Edward has bitten more people or if the footballer Luis Suarez has more victims. The Barcelona striker is famous for biting opponents on the football field on multiple occasions, which might as well mean he’s Edward’s football counterpart.

It makes sense too, since both of them have around the same features and have a particular liking for using their teeth. Are we certain Luis Suarez wasn’t the inspiration behind the Edward character?

1 Every Potter Fan

After he reemerged as Edward, every Harry Potter fan was taken aback by Pattinson’s appearance. This was because nobody was certain if the guy was the same actor who had portrayed Cedric or not.

That’s why, when it became common knowledge they were one and the same, reactions from the Harry Potter camp were the same as Professor Quirrell’s when there was a troll in the dungeon — they thought we all ought to know about this piece of information. Now, over a decade since the news came out, this one meme does take you back in an instant. 

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