Twilight: 10 Hidden Details About The Main Characters Everyone Missed

The Twilight films definitely have their flaws, but when fans re-watch them, they tend to notice lots of interesting little details that they might not have noticed before. Some of those details include some pretty weird things, such as the fact that Bella keeps dolls on her bedroom wall, and they don’t have legs.

Bella also keeps random stuffed animals that look like dogs in various places in her bedroom. Another weird detail most people don’t notice when they watch these movies is that Bella’s dad, Charlie Swan, doesn’t park his car in his driveway. There are lots of details fans might have missed about the main characters in the Twilight series. Here are a few of them.

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10 Bella Has A Picture Of A Wolf On Her Wall

In the first Twilight film, a picture of a wolf can be seen on one of the walls in Bella’s bedroom. Those who have really paid attention to the story know how significant wolves are to the story, since one of the main characters in the series, Jacob Black, is a wolf himself.

Perhaps the photo of the wolf was meant to be a foreshadowing of what was in Bella’s future. While she doesn’t become a wolf herself, she does become rather close to Jacob, as well as some of the other wolves that he hangs out with later on in the series.

9 In The Cafeteria, All Of The Cullens Match Except For Edward

When Bella’s friends are telling her about the Cullen family members when they are entering the cafeteria, Edward does not match the rest of the Cullens. While the rest of the Cullen family members (aside from Esme and Carlisle) are wearing shades of white and grey, Edward is seen in very dark clothing, which makes him stand out a lot.

This actually makes a lot of sense, though. Edward has a great deal of angst, so he probably would wear some dark clothing. But it’s also a bit odd, considering the fact that the Cullens try so hard to fit in with other people.

8 Edward Does Not Always Sparkle

Edward is supposed to sparkle when he is in the sunlight, but he doesn’t always sparkle. A great example of this is the fact that he does not sparkle when he and Bella are seen walking into school after they start dating in the first film.

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Apparently, it is sunny enough for him to wear a pair of sunglasses, but not sunny enough for him to sparkle. According to the story, the Cullens chose to live in Forks, Washington because it rains a lot, which means that the sky is usually full of clouds. But clouds don’t block out the sun completely, so the fact that the Cullens aren’t sparkling more often doesn’t make sense.

7 James Is Not Wearing Shoes During The Ballet Scene

There is a scene in Twilight that shows James walking around without any shoes on his feet for some reason. At the end of the first Twilight movie, James gets Bella to come to her old ballet studio so that he can murder her.

There is a lot going on in that scene, so some details are hard to notice, and one of them is the fact that James is not wearing shoes. This is little detail is so strange, especially when one considers the fact that lots of glass gets broken during that part of the film. Some fans have also noticed that Bella crosses her eyes when Edward is saving her after the attack happens.

6 Victoria Can Be Seen In The Crowd At The Prom

One of the main villains in the series, Victoria, can be seen at the prom at the end of the first film before most fans realized it. If a viewer pays a lot of attention during that part, they’ll surely spot Victoria amongst the crowd.

It’s not that easy to spot at first, since she easily blends in with everyone else in the scene. But the white fur she wears around her shoulders makes it a bit easier. This scene is kind of strange, since the Cullens definitely should have been able to tell that she was there. But it seems as though this scene had to be filmed so that viewers knew there would be a sequel.

5 Edward Has Warm Breath

There are multiple scenes in the Twilight film series that show Edward’s breath, indicating that he is not always cold. The fact that this film series features vampires that breathe is already a bit weird, but Edward does explain that to Bella.

Edward breathes out of habit. But that does not explain why his breath is visible when it should not be. If he were the cold vampire that is described in the books and the films, his breath would not be visible in the cold, because that indicates that he has warm breath. This was probably a mistake, but it’s an interesting detail in the movie series nonetheless.

4 Edward Holds An Apple Similar To The Hands On The First Book Cover

In the first film in the Twilight movie series, Edward can be seen holding an apple, and it looks a lot like the original cover to the first book in the series. But that is not the only time the movies referenced the cover of one of the books.

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The original cover of the book version of Breaking Dawn is an image of a chessboard with two chess pieces on it. When Bella visits Edward’s house for the first time in Twilight, she walks by a table that has chessboard on it. The pieces are even the same colors as the one on the book cover.

3 Bella Took Down The Photos Of Edward And Her Friends

In New Moon, it is implied that Bella has lost interest in keeping any pictures that remind her of the relationship she shared with Edward, since photos of her friends disappear off of her wall. But at this point in the film series, Edward left her, so she is going through depression, which makes this kind of understandable.

This scene shows months passing by as Bella sits by a window and awaits the return of Edward. Every time a month passes by, there is at least one less picture on the wall than there was before, and eventually, they are all gone.

2 In Breaking Dawn – Part 1, Bella Uses A Quilt She Made With Her Mom In The Third Film

In Eclipse, Bella and her mother can be seen making a blanket that actually pops back up later in the series. In Breaking Dawn – Part 1, Bella is dealing with a tough pregnancy, and there is at least one scene where fans can spot her using the blanket she made with her mom the previous film in the series.

There are a lot of things that can make it hard to enjoy the Twilight movies, but interesting little details like this one kind of make up for it. It is fun to watch each movie and spot things like this.

1 Bella Isn’t A Great Friend

Bella’s friend Jessica hangs out with her after she and Edward break up, and this actually makes it pretty obvious that Bella is not a great friend. She does not seem to care that she is not the only one in the world who is going through a tough situation, since she walks away from Jessica while she is talking to her about some personal issues she is having with her own boyfriend, Mike. What makes it worse is the fact that Bella was not even listening to her in the first place since she was too focused on doing dangerous things so that way she could see an imaginary version of Edward.

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