Twilight: 10 Facts About Bella They Leave Out In The Movies

There's definitely a love/hate relationship when it comes to Bella Swan in the Twilight movies as opposed to the novels. The Twilight Saga rocked the world when it was first published and sparked even more excited when it was turned into a series of movies. However, not all fans were thrilled with the way Bella was portrayed.

Her character varies pretty significantly in the books as opposed to the movies and this is something that many fans can't let go, even to this day. While Bella was a lip-biting, almost silent protagonist many times in the movies, she had far more to say in the books. Additionally, she had some attributes that made her appear more human and much more like an average, teenage girl.

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10 She's Much More Emotional (And Angry) In The Books

This is a well-known fact. In the books, Bella admits that she feels everything and oftentimes, can't help but cry over things that are upsetting to her. Her emotions are just one thing which the movie lacked, although they did progressively evolve as the movies went on. While on-screen Bella was a bit awkward and unemotional, albeit confused, in-book Bella was sure of herself despite the fact that she felt like she didn't 'fit in'.

9 She's Not Completely Pro-Marriage

Whereas in the movie, Bella agrees to marry Edward almost without hesitation, the book version of Bella is very much against it. She has concerns about being married so young and argues the fact that marriage isn't always one-hundred percent.

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Her hesitation toward legally binding herself to her true love isn't conveyed very well (if at all) in the movies until she's walking down the aisle and is seen getting visibly uncomfortable.

8 She's Somewhat Of A Feminist

While the movie portrayed this as much as it could, Bella is quite feisty in the books. Despite the fact that she's not nearly as strong as the Cullens, she never ceases her demands to be part of whatever battle they're fighting. Additionally, she does hold the reigns fairly tightly in her relationship, matching Edward mostly wit-for-wit. She doesn't let things go easily and makes sure that her voice is heard, even when it's something she knows she'll get resistance from.

7 She Can Cook And Does It A Lot

In the movies, Bella and Charlie are seen eating out every chance they get. They do it so much, in fact, that everyone knows them in the local diner. In the books, they hardly ever eat out or go for take-out. Bella knows how to cook and she does, for Charlie, almost every night. This small yet important detail is something that would have helped develop Bella's character and cement her relationship with her father.

6 In The Book, Bella Carries A Parka, Not A Cactus

Understandable, the cactus Bella carries in the first movie is more of a metaphorical reference than an intentional change. Since there's no internal monologue as there is in the books, Bella holds a cactus when she first comes to Forks to symbolize where she came from.

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This drastic change in environments is something that's very important to the plot, although she is carrying a parka in the books.

5 She Forgets Her Pepper Spray At Home In The Books, Conflicting With The Final Fight In Twilight

The final scene in the first Twilight movie differs very much from the final scene in the first book. While Bella is able to spray James in the face to get away from him in the movie, in the books, this doesn't actually happen. Stephanie Meyer makes it clear that Bella has forgotten her pepper spray at home, a seemingly minute detail but one that makes sense by the end of the book. This forgetfulness is part of in-book Bella's personality.

4 She Actually Dresses Up To Meet The Cullens

The books are wildly descriptive when it comes to everyone's appearance, something that fans truly love about them. This includes detailed descriptions of what everyone is wearing at key points in the story, including when Bella meets the Cullens. As opposed to the movie, Bella actually dresses up a bit, wearing a khaki skirt rather than the average jeans she's seen wearing in the movie. For the prom, Bella is dressed up much more than in the movies as well, wearing stilettos rather than a pair of Chucks.

3 She's Far More Intelligent Than The Movies Give Her Credit For

There are some moments in the movies when Bella surprises everyone with her brilliance and while it's implied, this is much more detailed in the novels. While in-book Bella is emotional, she's also rational.

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Her internal monologue is something that's crucial to understanding her personality. There are many times -- especially when she's slowly realizing what Edward is -- in which she works problems out in her head and deals with them rationally.

2 It's Implied That She's Connected To Edward On An Inhuman Level

Something that never happens in the movies is Bella's unusual sleep habit. In the books, it's stated that she actually says Edward's name in her sleep. It's also implied that Edward stays with her every night, something he admits in the books later on, as opposed to the movies when he says 'only for the last few months'. This subconscious connection implies that they're connected on a far deeper level, something we don't always fully grasp in the movies.

1 She Faints At The Sight Of Blood, Unlike Her Clumsy On-Screen Character

A major quirk when it comes to Bella's character is the fact that she can't deal with the sight of blood. Her aversion to it is almost ironic, considering the fact that she's in love with someone who needs to ingest it in order to survive. It's even more ironic, considering she wants to become a vampire, herself. This fun fact wasn't included in the movies and is something that's almost charming about her character, as it plays into a crucial scene between her and Edward. During a school blood drive, she actually faints, revealing a weakness Edward finds amusing.

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