Walking Dead Midseason Finale: [Spoiler]'s Death & NEW Villains Explained

"You Are Where You Do Not Belong"

Even though they've been teased over the past few episodes, the Whisperers are officially introduced in The Walking Dead season 9 midseason finale. And while audiences have already heard them whisperer amongst each other when Eugene and Rosita attempted to escape the herd of walkers, the first time that audiences truly hear them as humans is when one of the Whisperers kills Jesus in the cemetery. Since he was whispering, the Whisperer told Jesus, "You are where you do not belong."

It's a strange thing to whisperer into someone's ear before killing them, but The Walking Dead fans have seen stranger things - both in comics and on television - by now. As previously mentioned, this same scene plays out in the comics as well, but the result is entirely different. In The Walking Dead issue #134, Jesus hears one of the Whisperers speak and then questions what they are. That's when one of the Whisperers says, "We are Whisperers... and you are where you do not belong." Jesus ends up killing all of them except for one person - Lydia, who is joining The Walking Dead season 9 in 2019.

The phrase, "You are where you do not belong," can be taken literally in this instance, rather than assuming there's a hidden meaning behind it. The Whisperers are an almost barbaric group of people, but they don't attack others unless they are provoked or if another group of people - in this case, Eugene and Rosita, and then later Aaron, Daryl, and Jesus - enter their land. Alexandria and Hilltop crossed into the Whisperers' territory, and they are now retaliating with deadly force; it's as simple as that.

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Walking Dead Season 9 Time Jump

Anything can happen in The Walking Dead, that's one thing that audiences have come to realize over the years. However, looking to the comics, there are a number of things that may happen in order to progress the story forward and completely bring the Whisperers into The Walking Dead. Since the remaining survivors are surrounded in the cemetery, it would seem plausible that they will be taken captive. However, judging by the season 9 midseason premiere trailer, it looks like they make it out of the cemetery alive... and with a prisoner!

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Considering that the Whisperers' leader, Alpha, is scheduled to appear later in season 9, then it seems The Walking Dead is at least moving parallel to the comics. Since Lydia is going to be introduced sometime in season 9 as well, perhaps she will be traded from Hilltop in a future episode, similar to what happened in The Walking Dead comics. Of course, things may not happen just as they did in the comics (which happens to be the case quite often, actually), but the source material is at least a guideline upon which The Walking Dead TV show follows.

Plus, the writers and producers need to deal with Negan's escape from prison in Alexandria. What he does next remains to be seen, but, again, given what happens in the comics, it stands to reason that Negan's next moves will eventually lead him down a path towards the Whisperers. However, considering that he's made at least some progress towards redemption in The Walking Dead TV show, there's always the chance that he may join Alexandria in their fight against the Whisperers. Sure, it's a small chance, but it's there.

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