TWD: 5 Characters Who We Hope Never Get Killed Off (& 5 We Would Be Fine With Seeing Gone)

Many characters from The Walking Dead have lost their lives since the show began. Here are 5 we hope never suffer that fate and 5 we don't care about.

The Walking Dead is a zombie apocalypse TV show that has been on since 2010. Based on the setting and the premise, the characters have faced many difficulties over the years, and in these challenging and frightening situations, many have lost their lives.

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Down below, you can find the names of five different characters from TWD who we hope never get killed off on this show. We need them and like them! And also down below, you can find the names of five different characters from TWD that, in all honesty, we would be fine with seeing gone, one way or another. 

10 Never: Rick Grimes 

Rick Grimes is the main star of this television series, and though he is currently not being featured in this season, he is the one that fans have been going through all of this with, ever since he woke up in the hospital.

He is a leader. He cares. He is a fighter. And he already had to deal with losing his wife and his son, so let’s just hope he keeps leading and caring and fighting and surviving!

9 Fine: Jadis 

Jadis is the leader of the Scavengers, and she is also not on the show right now, since her and Rick are off somewhere.

The main characters have had their ups and downs with her, causing some people to maybe not be sure if she is a friend or a foe. She even had a relationship with Gabriel for a bit! But as soon as she was introduced, she left a bad taste in many fan’s mouths; from her home and her haircut to some of the not-so-nice decisions she made, we would be fine with never seeing her again. 

8 Never: Daryl Dixon 

With his bike, his crossbow, his greasy hair, and his dog, Daryl Dixon is a fan favorite, and we will just say it: The show could not continue without him!

He is one of the few originals in the group, and he is needed for so many reasons. He is helpful in keeping everyone safe and alive. He is a true friend who is really there for those close to him. And he has endured so much since all of this started, yet he has stayed strong. 

7 Fine: Lydia

With the Whisperers came Lydia; she is a teenager, she is Alpha’s daughter, she fell in love with Henry, and she is now living with the good guys. Who her mother is… That is one reason not to fully like or trust her.

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It is hard for the main characters and loyal fans to accept new people, especially when they have done some shady things in the past. When it comes down to it, as bad as it may sound, she is another one who can be gone. 

6 Never: Maggie Greene

Another character who has been around for quite some time is Maggie Greene, and she is also another who has not been seen in a while.

Despite that, she is a strong and smart leader, a mother and a friend. She displays a good mixture of compassion and toughness, and it is nice to see her take charge. Furthermore, she lost her father, her sister and her husband, making her a fighter who deserves a long and happy life. 

5 Fine: Eugene Porter

Back in the day, everyone thought Eugene Porter had the answer to the zombie problem. After the truth came out about that, he ended up working with Negan.

Now though, he has proved that he really is a good guy and is using his brainpower and friendship to help lead the new communities. He has come a long way… but if a sort of main character had to go… it could be him, and that would be okay. 

4 Never: Connie

Connie is a fairly new member, she is deaf, and she possibly has a thing going on with Daryl! As mentioned, it can be hard to fully welcome newbies, but her group is a good one.

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It is also nice to see more diversity on the show, as Connie and her sister sign back and forth. And the fact that she brings a smile to Mr. Dixon’s face is reason enough to keep this cute and kind character around forever.

3 Fine: Gabriel Stokes

Gabriel Stokes was a priest who let his church members get taken out by zombies. He then did not like to take out anyone, including walkers, after that. He ended up getting an infection in his eye at one point. And he has had relationships with Jadis and Rosita.

He is another one who has had ups and downs, showing off good traits and bad ones. He is someone who is part of the main, good group and who plays a role. But he is on the list of characters we would not really miss. 

2 Never: Siddiq 

Everyone met Siddiq through Carl, and now, he is the main doctor on the show, he advises even Michonne on important matters, and he is the father of Rosita's baby.

Remember that speech he gave after the Whisperers took out several of the good guys? The fact that Carl accepted this guy, that he literally keeps people alive, that he is a smart leader and that he has a child to raise… Yes, please keep him around, too.

1 Fine: Alpha

And, of course, there is Alpha. She leads the Whisperers. She took her husband’s life. She is not very nice to her daughter, Lydia, and has disowned her now. She put a bunch of main and important characters’ heads on spikes. Oh, and she dresses up like a zombie, making her hard to look at, as well.

So, out of all of the people who are left on this television show and out of everyone who has ever been on it, she is the one we want to go. 

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