15 TV Stars In Scenes That Made Their Off-Screen Partners Jealous

While many people may say they would love to be in a relationship with a famous movie or television star, those same people would likely admit that they wouldn’t be fond of their famous partner having to kiss or do steamy scenes with others for the world to see. Yet that is exactly the life that the partners of many television stars choose to live.

While there are certainly some people who are fine with their TV-star significant other smooching or sharing romantic scenes with their co-stars, other have a tougher time with it. Interestingly, those who do enjoy a Hollywood relationship where their partner does kissing or love-making scenes with other people handle it in different ways. Some simply avoid or ignore those moments when they come on the television, while others get frustrated and go on wild online rants. Still others choose to make the most of the situation and enjoy the scenes (sometimes alongside their Hollywood star significant other playing in the scene), and may even ask their partner to bring home that same passion that viewers see on TV.

So, while viewers may enjoy the romantic and steamy love scenes in television shows, it's not hard to understand the frustration and jealousy of those actors' partners.

Here are 15 TV Stars In Scenes That Made Their Off-Screen Partners Jealous.

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15 Jenna Dewan Tatum - Witches of East End

Jenna Dewan Tatum, known for her roles in Witches of East End and American Horror Story, first met her husband Channing Tatum when they both starred in Step Up. Since their marriage, Jenna hasn’t shied away from steamy roles, including the love triangle from Witches of East End’s first season.

However, she’s admitted that Channing doesn’t like her to be in intimate scenes and was a bit jealous about such scenes in Witches of East End. While one can certainly sympathize with Channing's feelings, it's hard not to be aware of how things work on the other side of the relationship. Channing himself has done numerous similar scenes in both Magic Mike movies, Dear John, and The Vow.

14 Thomas Jane - Hung

When an actor agrees to star in a show on HBO titled Hung, there’s little doubt that actor will be in many steamy scenes. So it comes as a bit of a surprise that Thomas Jane’s wife, Patricia Arquette, was okay with Jane having so many love scenes in the show.

That said, Arquette has admitted that she can’t watch those scenes and turns away when they play. She told Ace Showbiz "And I don't like it. I can't look at it. That's my love - I can't look at that. But I do know that he's an amazing actor, and I trust him." That trust wasn’t strong enough to keep the two together though, as they have since divorced, claiming irreconcilable differences.

13 Anna Paquin - True Blood

Anna Paquin’s role in True Blood meant numerous steamy scenes with co-star Alexander Skarsgard, something Paquin’s husband Stephen Moyer wasn’t too fond of - and he had to direct it! Celebitchy revealed that Moyer kind of freaked out because he thought “Anna was way too enthusiastic about fooling around with Alex, who is fresh off a split from Kate Bosworth.”

Likely in an effort to help ease Moyer’s mind, “between scenes, [Paquin] seemed to make a point of walking over to him to whisper something in his ear or grab a quick kiss." Considering the two made it through those True Blood years and are still together today, it seems those simple moments to reassurance were enough to keep the duo’s bond strong.

12 Nicole Kidman - Big Little Lies

Like the previously mentioned Stephen Moyer, Keith Urban wasn’t too pleased when Nicole Kidman shared love scenes with fellow Big Little Lies actor Alexander Skarsgard. In fact, Kidman admitted that seeing their spouse with Skarsgard is something no woman wants. She shared with Daily Mail that “…No one wants to see their wife with Skarsgard, let me tell you that — no one!”

In Kidman’s case, the scenes went beyond just love-making, as the role meant she had to get a little beat up. She revealed that Urban did his best to be there for her and support her. “Because it was, you know, tough doing the role, and I would get really bruised and battered particularly as it goes along, so he was actually emotionally protective.”

11 La La Anthony - Power

When La La Anthony agreed to play in Power, it meant she would have to be nude in the show, something her husband Carmelo wasn’t too pleased with. Despite her husband’s reservations, La La decided to move forward with the project. That said, La La also revealed that Carmelo refuses to watch her intimacy scenes in Power.

La La shared with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club that “On Power this season, I have my first love scene. Have you guys seen Power scenes? [Carmelo said] he understands that it’s my job, but he doesn’t want to watch it.” It’ll be interesting to see how it affects their relationship going forward and if Carmelo ever caves in to watch the scenes with his wife.

10 Chris Fountain - Coronation Street

Chris Fountain

Chris Fountain’s character in Coronation Street, Tommy Duckworth, spends a lot of time flirting with Michelle Keegan’s character, Tina McIntyre. And while the scenes between the two may not be on the same level of steamy intimacy as other television shows, Fountain's girlfriend still wasn’t too pleased with the on-screen romantic tension.

Fountain spoke about his girlfriend's feelings, revealing to RTE that "There's going to be a lot of sexual tension between Tina and Tommy and it's definitely good fun getting to flirt with Michelle. My girlfriend [Jessica Derrick], who is in London, is not too happy, though. But at the end of the day she knows it's a job and there's a lot worse things I could be doing."

9 Ewan McGregor - Fargo

Ewan McGregor has been known to play opposite very beautiful and talented actors, many of whom McGregor has kissed or shared steamy scenes with. However, it was the Fargo actor’s role in Trainspotting that got his wife, Eve, most upset.

In fact, after McGreggor’s intimate scene with Kelly McDonald, Eve revealed that for some time she was unable to look at McDonald without getting upset. Granted, Eve admitted to the Daily Mail that “I was pregnant with Clara, and Kelly, who is delightful, was a beautiful fresh flower. Maybe it was my hormones, but it took me until after the birth not to tremble when I saw [Macdonald].” At least McGreggor now knows to avoid any such roles anytime his wife is pregnant.

8 Jamie Dornan - The Fall

Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele and Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey

Jamie Dornan has played numerous roles in which the actor had steamy scenes. One such role was from The Fall, where Dornan played a serial killer who would assault his victims. Obviously, that can’t be enjoyable to watch as a spouse.

Yet, it was Dornan’s role in the Fifty Shades movies that Amelia Warner was seemingly most jealous at. Dornan explained to USA Today that "She doesn’t want to watch this. She wants to support me and my work. I won’t be able to sit there myself.  I am not going to put any pressure on her either way. It’s her decision. She’s well aware that it’s pretend, but it’s probably not that comfortable to watch.” Considering how well Dornan has played these parts and the attention he’s garnered among fans, it’s likely the actor will continue to play in steamy scenes and that his wife will continue to avoid watching them.

7 Boris Kodjoe - Code Black

Boris Kodjoe and wife Nicole Ari Parker are aware of the types of work sometimes required of actors in Hollywood, so the duo set out to make a few rules when playing in movies and shows that had love scenes. The couple revealed to ET that a couple of those rules include “the 'no tongue' rule, and then there's the 'no nipple in the mouth' rule."

Since both are actors who have found themselves in situations where they have a love interest, they make sure to review the script and discuss the situation before taking on the role. It’s a solid strategy that seems to have served them well so far, considering the impressive work they’ve each done over the last few years.

6 Harry Hamlin - Graves

Some celebrity spouses have been outspoken about their jealousy to their partner’s love scenes, such as Graves' star Harry Hamlin’s wife, Lisa Rinna. In fact, Rinna once went on a Twitter rant about the scenes her husband was doing. She revealed “Why did I wake up cranky? Could it be the full on Love scene my Husband is shooting today. Hmmm....”

However, she followed up by acknowledging that she is aware of the lifestyle she has chosen and the work her husband does. "Yes I do get jealous. I don't like it one bit. But hey that's the deal." Still, if she’s going so far as to rant about the situation publicly, it’s likely Hamlin’s roles have had an effect on their marriage.

5 Nick Jonas - Kingdom

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas’s shift to move serious roles after his stint on Disney have led to numerous kissing and steamy scenes on camera. During the last few years, he’s dating quite a few fellow stars, including Kendall Jenner, Olivia Culpo, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus.

However, it seems it was Culpo who was most jealous with Jonas’s love scenes. Speaking to Celebuzz, Jonas admitted that  “Naturally, it makes her uncomfortable. When you really care about somebody and they have to do something like that for their job, it’s uncomfortable. But she’s understanding and she’s pursuing a job in acting as well, so I’m sure there will be a situation in time where I’ll have to be on the other side of that.”

4 Dakota Johnson - Ben and Kate

Like with Jamie Dornan, Ben And Kate star Dakota Johnson’s boyfriend wasn’t too happy with the scenes she had to do in Fifty Shades of Grey. In fact, one source claims that her boyfriend at the time of the first movie's release, Jordan Masterson, got very jealous at the idea of her playing the role. The source claimed that “The attention she is getting bugs him.”

Apparently Masterson wasn’t the only romantic casualty of Johnson’s career choice. After Masterson, Johnson dated Matthew Hitt, but the two broke up shortly after Johnson’s popularity exploded with the growing success of the Fifty Shades movies. It’ll be interesting to see if she can stick with Chris Martin now that she’s hoping to shed the Fifty Shades franchise and move on.

3 Pierce Brosnan - The Son

Pierce Brosnan as James Bond

For some Hollywood spouses, the best way to combat jealousy is to find a way to make light of the fact that their husband or wife has steamy scenes with others on film. This is certainly the case with The Son star Pierce Brosnan’s wife, Keely, who’s called Brosnan’s scenes (especially those he did in the Bond movies) as “legal cheating”.

That said, Brosnan has shared that “my wife is very cool. She has a great sense of humour about it, a great sense of who she is as a woman and security and faith within me." That’s good, considering the fact that Brosnan doesn’t show any signs of slowing down his acting, with at least four movies slated to be released in the next year, along with his work on The Son.

2 Scott Foley - Scandal

While some Hollywood spouses on this list choose to avoid or ignore the love scenes their partners have in movies and television shows, others find ways to embrace those moments and make them fun. This is exactly what Scott Foley’s wife did after his first steamy scene on Scandal.

Foley explained to Ellen DeGeneres that “We actually had a viewing party of the first episode that I was in and Kerry [Washington] and I had to make out. And we had a viewing party and my wife was there. After the love scene, it was sort of quiet because no one knew how Marika [Domińczyk] was gonna act. And she broke the silence and said, ‘Why don’t you bring some of that home?!'” Hopefully Foley learned a few things on set he can share with his wife.

1 Matthew Morrison - Glee

Matthew Morrison in Glee

When an actor makes his living wooing beautiful people on the big screen and earning the hearts of viewers around the globe, sometimes it’s best for their partner to just set their feelings aside and support their significant other. This seems to be the tactic of Matthew Morrison’s wife, Renee Puente.

Morrison told Loose Women about Puente, “I have a supportive wife. When there’s a love scene, she tells me, ‘You better make it look good. Go for it.'” There are undoubtedly many actors who wish their partner felt the same way. Still, it's hard to imagine that Puente doesn't get at least a little jealous at the numerous kissing and intimate scenes Morrison has shared on the big and little screen.


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