New TV Spots For 'Resident Evil 4' & A Clip From 'Devil'

New clip from Devil Night Chronicles M. Night Shyamalan

September is nearly upon us and with it comes the arrival of two horror movies of a different breed - the 3D action-packed Resident Evil: Afterlife and the suspenseful thriller Devil.

A couple of new TV spots for the fourth Resident Evil flick have been released, with less than two weeks left before the movie arrives on the big screen - in addition, a clip from the first entry in the Night Chronicles trilogy has made its way online for viewing as well.

The fourth entry in the successful video game adaptation franchise, Resident Evil: Afterlife once again stars Milla Jovovich as Alice, a girl more than capable of wielding a sword, gun, or both if necessary.

Ali Larter will reprise her Resident Evil: Extinction role of Claire Redfield, while Wenworth Miller makes his series debut playing Chris, brother to Claire and an iconic hero of the original Resident Evil games.  Shawn Roberts is also a new recruit and stars as Albert Wesker, a creation of the sinister Umbrella Corporation who was played by Jason O'Mara in Extinction.

Two new TV spots for the zombie actioner are now online and can be watched below.  Moviegoers who love stylish but bleak visuals and 3D fight sequences shot in slo-mo could very much enjoy Afterlife - assuming this new footage accurately reflects the nature of the film. That being said, the buzz wasn't too positive coming out of the Resident Evil panel presentation at San Diego Comic-Con.




Devil looks to be a far more tense affair than Afterlife.  The film revolves around five strangers trapped in an elevator who slowly begin to suspect that one of their number is either possessed by the actual Devil or is the demon himself in disguise.

Regular Screen Rant readers know by now that - despite his name being featured front and center on everything Devil-related - M. Night Shyamalan is only responsible for the film's story.  The Dowdle Brothers actually directed the movie, which Shyamalan also produced.

The film has a brisk 80 minute run time and looks to sustain an unsettling atmosphere throughout its entirety - whether it will refrain from too many cheesy "jump scares" remains to be seen.

Check out the scene from Devil below (NOTE: The clip contains some graphic - albeit black and white - imagery and should be considered NSFW):

Resident Evil: Afterlife makes its way onto 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D screens in the U.S. on September 10th, 2010.  Devil will arrive in regular theaters a week later on the 17th.

Source: Screen Gems, MTV

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