New TV Spots & Photos For Harry Potter 6

[UPDATE: Now we have hi-res versions of all three Tv spots! Enjoy!]

The last items we reported on for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince were a set of four TV spots from back in May. Since then, the only news we had was not very good news for Harry Potter fans: the IMAX release of the film would be delayed a few weeks because of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’s exclusive IMAX run.

It feels like it was so long ago when this movie was coming close last Fall then out of nowhere the epic delay came to bring it to this summer. Now, you have to wait another two weeks if you wanted to see it on the big big screens.I wonder what’ll happen with the last film. Maybe they’ll charge you twice as much to see it or something… oh wait. It’s being split into two movies so we are paying twice as much. Hopefully they’ll come out as scheduled and not delayed again, I’m not sure the fans would be happy about that after all of this.

To cheer you up, we have three new TV spots and some behind the scenes photos for the sixth Harry Potter film. Watch and enjoy:


When high-quality videos are made available, we’ll post them for you to see. Think of these as teasers for the… real teasers. If you’re going by the numbering scheme to keep track of the TV spots, I believe these are #9-11.

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