10 TV Siblings, Ranked 

Family comes first for these TV siblings, whether they be as kids or as adults. They may not get along all the time, but they support each other.

There are tons and tons of TV shows out there, which means there are tons and tons of made-up siblings that have been introduced over the years. Some of these family members were close, others fought all the time, some are super popular, and some deserve more credit, to be honest.

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When it comes to the top ones, though, we think the 10 groups and duos that are mentioned down below are the winners. They may not always get along or have it all together, but these relatives truly love each other and have provided some amazing entertainment for fans. 

10 Lucas & Erica

Stranger Things landed on Netflix and blew everyone away, as it is full of sci-fi, thrills, and awesome relationships. One of these relationships is between Lucas and Erica Sinclair, who are brother and sister. As fans know, Erica loves to speak her mind and bring the attitude, which can annoy her older brother. In the latest season, though, she was part of the action and using her smarts and skills to help in saving the day. We can’t wait to see what is next from these kiddos!

9 Morty & Summer

Another brother-and-sister duo that does not always get along but that does team up for adventure would be Morty and Summer Smith from Rick and Morty. They have very different personalities, as Morty is usually trying to be cautious and almost like the voice of reason, while Summer is just being… a basic teenage girl. Even when their grandpa brings about the crazy (as he always does), they put their family first, stand up for each other, and give viewers a one-of-a-kind entertainment. 

8 Ross & Monica

Some very iconic siblings are Ross and Monica Geller from Friends. These two were all grown up during their show, so they were past the hormonal fighting that is seen between many other brothers and sisters on TV. In fact, they were true friends, and they shared their group of other best friends, which was super special and helped make this series so popular and wonderful. They took it even further, too, by marrying friends and making this unit even closer. 

7 Tia & Tamera 

Tia and Tamera Mowry are actually twin sisters in real life, and from 1994 to 1999, they played twin sisters on the Disney Channel; on Sister, Sister, Tia Landry and Tamera Campbell were separated at birth and adopted by different parents. They reunited, though, when they were teens, joining these two families together and making for a very memorable show. Twins have such a neat bond, and these two have it in reality and showed it off on TV, too!

6 Carl & Judith

Since The Walking Dead is set during a zombie apocalypse, many characters have lost their lives in sad, sad ways. The ones who survive, though, are even closer and are truly like family, as they have gone through so much together.

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Unfortunately, Carl Grimes suffered a bite and is gone now, and his little sister, Judith, is as old as he was back in Season 1. She seems much older, since she is super mature, smart, and grew up quickly. Her parents and her brother are not around, but she learned some great lessons from Carl and really looked up to him. 

5 Dean & Sam

Dean and Sam Winchester are some more popular siblings on TV. They are usually in scary situations, which brings them closer together. On Supernatural, these brothers hunt monsters and creatures, so they really have to rely on each other and trust one another. They are often seen having a good time together, and they are not bad to look at either, which helps in making them some of the top relatives on television!

4 Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby, & Cindy 

From 1969 to 1974, The Brady Bunch was on the air. As the theme song says, it was about a mom with three daughters (Marcia, Jan, and Cindy) who married a dad with three sons (Greg, Peter, and Bobby). It took awhile to adjust to their new life, but these six ended up being super close. Sure, there were arguments… After all, they had to share one bathroom, and there were incidents like the football hitting Marcia's nose! But there were lots of good moments, too, such as singing songs together and going on trips. 

3 D.J., Stephanie, & Michelle

Another notable group of siblings from back in the day would be D.J., Stephanie and Michelle Tanner from Full House. These three had a unique home situation, as they were raised by their dad, their uncle, and their dad’s and uncle’s friend. There were also cousins and neighbors who were like family, and this plays out even more in the sequel show, Fuller House (just minus the Olsen twins as Michelle).

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The pep talks these sisters were given, the memories they made together, and the bond they share helps in making them some of the best out there!

2 Kevin, Kate, & Randall

One of the most celebrated shows that is on right now is This Is Us, which focuses on the Pearson family and makes fans laugh out loud and then cry, cry, and cry some more. This series really goes there, tackling some big issues and showing relatable family dynamics (the good, the bad, and the ugly). Through it all, however, these three siblings (which are triplets… just with a unique story) always put family first, always have each other’s backs and always give viewers all the feels.

1 Prue, Piper, Phoebe, & Paige

Last but not least is Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige, the Charmed Ones off of Charmed. First off, these women were the most powerful witches in the world, which certainly made them intriguing. Secondly, like others on this list, they faced actual danger, which always brought them closer together. And thirdly, they were best friends. They really loved each other. They taught those around them and those who were watching what was important in life and how to make the most of every situation... even when a sister stole clothes or a warlock was on the loose. 

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