10 Shows To Watch If You Love American Horror Story

With the recent season of American Horror Story: 1984 wrapping up, a lot of us are left wanting something more to fill the void until the next season.

Everyone knows what it’s like to hit a show hole. With the recent season of American Horror Story: 1984 wrapping up, a lot of us are left wanting something more to fill the void until the next season. This season was packed with some amazing characters and a complex plot along with a colorful cast of characters.

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It’s incredibly hard to match up with Brad Falchuck and Ryan Murphy’s popular series. Finding the perfect mix of comedy and horror is an almost impossible chore. Here are some titles to hold you over until next time. 

10 Scream Queens

Scream Queens

This show is another of the American Horror Story creators, so the overall feel of the series is similar. If you love everything about American Horror Story then this is the show for you. It has the same elements from AHS but takes the comedy a few steps further.

Unfortunately, it was canceled after season 2, but you know what that means? It's an easy binge-watch. It's perfect for an in-between shows bridge. The series has an all-star cast of Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Keke Palmer, John Stamos, Jamie Lee Curtis, and many more big names. It pokes fun at horror movie cliches while maintaining well-balanced comedy and horror levels.

9 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2 Trailer

The new Sabrina was met with a lot of criticism. It got some heat in the first season because of its controversial take on witches and religion. However, this show pushes the boundaries of horror. Some moments of the show are truly terrifying. This is not the same Sabrina we remember from the 90s. If you want a show that uses modern magic and blurs moral lines, this is the show for you.

Sabrina experiences high school, witch school, romance, and heartbreak in this compelling Netflix original. This series is a phenomenal drama that follows the life of Sabrina Spellman, her family, and friends as she pushes back against Satan. Will she be able to defeat the devil himself?

8 Black Mirror

Black Mirror is very similar to AHS in the way that it re-casts actors in various seasons and episodes. It is fun to guess what kind of part the actors will play in the next episodes. It also uses some big-name actors and actresses which is a great way to draw in extra viewers. The most recent season features an episode with Miley Cyrus as a pop singer.

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The show uses a lot of science fiction to address the fears of the future and technology. The episodes stand alone and you can watch them in chronological order or as you read the descriptions and pick the ones that interest you.

7 The Magicians

If you loved the magical aspect of American Horror Story: Coven, The Magicians is a wonderful fantasy television series. The new season is coming out in January 2020, so there is still some time to catch up on it.

The Magicians approaches magic in a new and fresh way, exploring fantastical worlds full of adventure. The story follows a group of college-aged students and their misadventures through their prestigious school, Brakebills. The show is similar to AHS because of its shocking twists and turns.

6 Penny Dreadful

penny dreadful poster artwork

Penny Dreadful brings all of the horror monsters you've heard about in the legends to life. Dr. Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, Mina Harker, and many other characters are explored.

The show tells their origin stories with a dramatic flair.

5 Umbrella Academy

This Netflix original is an easy binge-watch. It is only one season long and action-packed. It is an apocalyptic drama-filled story heavily featuring superheroes and the horrors of what will become of the world when it ends as we know it.

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Seven children born suddenly and mysteriously to women with no signs of pregnancy are bought by a millionaire. He raises them as his own children, turning them into super-heroes. They each have a unique power and use them to fight against evil in their adolescent years. As they grow older, they grow apart, but one thing brings them back together again. The death of their father unites the remaining six Hargreeves children

4 The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone

This show is a throwback. The Twilight Zone was recently added to Netflix and is a classic when it comes to horror and drama. It is a good watch for anyone interested in a wide variety of genres. This show has everything from sci-fi to horror to comedy.

There was recently a remake of the series, but it is not met with as much praise as the original. If you don't mind watching black and white then the 1963 show is a great watch.

3 True Blood

This drama-filled vampire series was popular back in 2008. The characters are complex and the plot takes you for a wild ride. This show is perfect if you are looking for a longer show with emotional ups and downs.

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Sookie Stackhouse, a waitress at a local diner is already outcast by most townsfolk because of her special ability. She can read people's minds. Sookie starts dating a 173-year-old vampire, Bill Compton and enters the vampire scene. Can the humans and vampires co-exist with the new development of synthetic blood?

2 Wayward Pines

This M. Night Shamalan series is an interesting watch from start to finish. The unpredictability of this show is the best reason to watch it. Every episode leaves you with a cliffhanger.

The show follows FBI agent, Ethan Burke after he has a car crash. He wakes up in a seemingly normal town, except the phones only call the other houses in the neighborhood, large walls are surrounding the community, and the sheriff is kind of weird.

1 Channel Zero

This Sy-FY series is the most similar to American Horror Story. It has less comedy, but a little more horror to make up for it. It is an anthology-style series. There are four equally awesome seasons - Candle Cove, No-End House, Butcher's Block, and The Dream Door. Each season only consists of six episodes each.

The show is a thought-provoking and scary watch, the best kind of combination.

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