10 TV Shows We had No Idea Andy Cohen Had His Hands In

You truly don't need to watch Bravo to know who Andy Cohen is. This TV personality is known for being the Executive Producer of the Real Housewives franchises but he's much more than one franchise.

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As the former Executive Vice President of Development and Talent for Bravo, Andy is also the Executive Producer and host of his weekly talk shows What What Happens Live and SiriusXM's Andy Cohen Live. But that's not all, Cohen seems to have his hands in just about everything when it comes to the Bravo network and it's paying off big time. Aside from the Real Housewives franchises, writing three books, and hosting multiple shows, we found 10 other works of reality TV art that the King of Bravo had his paws in at one time.

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Tabatha's Salon Takeover ran from 2008 to 2013, producing five tension-filled seasons. Tabatha Coffey is a hair salon guru who traveled around the US, trying to help struggling salons with their overall business plan. This Australian native was strict, thorough, and took no one's negative backtalk. For the viewer, it was amazing to see Tabatha and her team do such amazing work on struggling businesses.

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And to think that Andy Cohen had something to do with the show's success is another nod to his perfection. For 50 episodes, Cohen was the executive producer of the show!


For four years, we fell in love with Ted Allen, Kyran Douglas, Thom Filicia, Carson Kressley, and Jai Rodriguez — the original five from Bravo's Queer Eye. After the show was canceled in 2007, Netflix decided to revive it, bringing us the Queer Eye show we're all familiar with today.

But back then, Andy Cohen was actually the executive producer of one episode: "Taking the Stuffing Out of the Lovebirds" in 2006. In the episode, the gang helped a couple try to find their love for clean eating and fitness while also revamping their homelife.


Who can forget Patti Stanger's show Millionaire Matchmaker! Stanger was a matchmaker to the elite. She connected with wealthy millionaires who were trying to find the love of their lives. Patti stepped in to help if the millionaire in question didn't have time to date or the game to hit on someone they found attractive.

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The show was a hit and lasted eight seasons, making Patti a star in her own right. We should have known that Andy Cohen had his hand in the show somehow; the show screams everything Andy loves. A mouthy woman (Stanger), millionaires, and relationships. For 41 episodes Cohen was executive producer and was later segment producer for 17 episodes back in 2011.


The Rachel Zoe Project was part reality TV and part documentary. Showing the life of designer Rachel Zoe, we saw exactly how her life works. From designing a new collection to fashion weeks to her relationship with her husband — Rachel doesn't sleep.

And thanks to Cohen, he was the executive producer for nine episodes in the 2009-2010 season.


Karlie Kloss, Christian Sirianoto on Project Runway Season 17

Project Runway has a long, successful history — dating back to 2004. With a series of celebrity judges, a group no-name designers go head to head to become the next "it" designer. Now on season 17, Project Runway is still going strong.

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Although Cohen is no longer the executive producer o the show, he was in charge of nine episodes back in the 2009 and 2010 season, which is a cool tie-in with such a successful show.


If you don't remember The Fashion Show, it's because it only lasted for two seasons on Bravo. And yes, it's pretty much the same premise as Project Runway, which is why The Fashion Show took its place when it left Bravo for a short time. That was a poor move, however, because Project Runway was the better choice.

Nevertheless, former Destiny's Child star, Kelly Rowland, was host before supermodel Iman took over, and throughout it all, Cohen was the executive producer for 20 episodes and segment producer for one.


Andy Cohen has a close relationship with many celebrities —Anderson Cooper being one of his best friends. Kathy Griffin (comedian) is also one of his better pals, even though she's landed herself in some hot water through some of her political stunts.

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Back when Kathy was relevant, respectfully, Andy was the Executive Producer of Kathy Griffin's standup's Tired Hooker, Gurrl Down, 50 & Not Pregnant, Kathy Griffin Does the Bible Belt, Balls of Steel, and her Bravo Reality-TV show My Life on the D-List.


For three seasons, Sheer Genius took over Bravo from 2007 to 2010. And for the last season, Cohen was an executive producer for eight episodes. The show was based around top hair designers who had to go head-to-head, competing in challenges set by the show's hosts: Jaclyn Smith and (later) Camila Alves.

As you can see, Bravo pushes what sells, and that was competition shows revolving around beauty and lifestyle.


If you watched The Hills, you would remember Lauren Conrad's time working with Kelly Cutrone. Kelly owns one of the top PR firms in the fashion industry and back in 2010, Bravo did a little docu-series on her life as a boss, an icon, and a single mother. Cutrone was known throughout the industry for being tough to with but if you succeeded, you're pretty much set.

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With only eight episodes to its name, Cohen was the executive producer of seven of them. For whatever reason, the show was canceled but something tells me this show would really succeed in 2019.


Miami is a hotspot for TV shows. With the warm weather, party atmosphere, and luxury that awaits on every corner, cameras are bound to catch some good content.

This is why Bravo tried pitching Miami Social; a show about friends living their life and getting into trouble while in South Beach. Cohen was the executive producer for six of the seven episodes that took place in the first and only season.

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